Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Super Junior Comeback: Sexy Free & Single

Sexy Free & Single -
Song: This song is more laid back than their previous upbeat title songs. It doesn't mean it's not awesome. I absolutely love the song. From the title of the song I assumed it would be a catchier song, as if a guy just came out a relationship and was celebrating he's back in the market. Instead it feels that the person is single and just enjoying his freedom and not over-doing it. He's being smooth as he's going out to just have fun, not exactly to get a girl but just really enjoying his single life.
This song to me tells me, "hey, take a break, lets enjoy life! Don't overcomplicate your situation by thinking too much. Enjoy your time right now."
"Have a good time"
"Every single day I try"
"We get close to good time"
"Party time" Among the English that they sing, the most confusing is, "I'm ready to bingo." Whatever do they mean by that? Overall this song is so smooth and chill. I can't get over how great it sounds. I had my doubts when I first heard the title of it, but it has exceeded my expectations. I'm highly impressed.
The outfits arranged for the members are great. When they have the camera all to themselves the outfits are sexy. (I feel the freedom to use the word since its part of the title.) My bia's outfit looked amazing, and this time around they weren't wearing ropes around their necks. The dance fits the song with its rhythm and overall feel. The fact that they have Donghae and Eunhyuk in front dancing most of the time made my day as well, I really enjoy watching these two dance. Also I'm not sure what that geometric shape that keeps breaking is but I would like to know.

I can't wait to see them in their comeback stage!
I'm off to keep playing it, and watching it over and over.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Let me just say this teaser is spectacular I love it with all my heart. I could watch it again and again and again. Seriously, I'm excited, but I'll come back and write more tomorrow morning !!! Bye Bye !

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 members and Back !

Super Junior is back during the first week of July, and to pre-start their promotions they have released their first photo teaser featuring (one of my favorite members) EUNHYUK !!!

Concerning the teaser, I will refrain from a true opinion, because with SM disliking or liking a teaser is quite meaningless because they will probably have nothing to do with the actual MV, song, and promotion. Let us just enjoy this first teaser thrown at us and the rest to come.

Their new album will be called ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ and will be released on July 1st.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A taste of Sulli's Acting

While we wait for the release of "To The Beautiful You" in August, I'll leave you guys with Sulli's cuts from "Punch Lady" a movie she filmed in 2007 at the age of 13. In my opinion she's pretty decent :)

Back With a New Image

What do you guys think ?  

Miss a for Marie Claire

Just wanted to share some pictures from Miss A's latest photo shoot with Marie Claire.

Miss A (My new Laptop Background ^.^)
Fei & Jia 

Jia & Min
Goddess Fei

Min & Suzy

More of Girl's Generation in Japan

One of my favorite albums of a k-pop artist belongs to SNSD, but it's not actually a k-pop album but a j-pop album.  Their first Japanese album is on a whole other level compared to any of their Korean work and I love it. This is why I was excited to hear the new song SNSD would be promoting in Japan and was not disappointed.

"Paparazzi" is a good song with an awesome choreography,and I get to hear a lot of Seohyun. It always makes me happier when that is the case, her voice is my favorite in the group and gets better everyday. I also like that the distribution of lyrics is a little better than some other songs SNSD has promoted lately, specially toward Yuri who sometimes fades out.  The dance is awesome, and although their second outfits (black) are kinda strange they still look great.

Check out "Paparazzi" below !

Review: Electric Shock : Smitten with f(x)

f(x) finally surprised me with "Electric Shock" (the album). Although I have always liked the group I had never had the heart to actually love it. Something, usually the music, was pushing me away. To me their music used to sound a little too messy for my liking. It seemed like f(x) was trying to represent youth but usually came up as childish. I kept wishing someone would come in and help them polish their act and they finally seem to be getting there with this new mini.

The title track "Electric Shock" is not as catchy as some of their previous singles, but there was something less messy about it. It seemed to have become a more polished version of "Nu ABO". Although "Chu~♡" remains as my favorite f(x) tittle track, I really like "Electric Shock" specially those slower moments when their voices truly shine and build up for the real action. The MV is average, the set is pretty and the solo shots are nice. The dance has a lot of cool parts in it but I specially like the beginning where Krystal grabs Amber and Sulli, as well as when they couple up.

I'm usually fond of f(x)'s tittle tracks so I was expecting to like "Electric Shock" but what I was not expecting was to like the majority of the songs on the album. Before "Electric Shock" only a few of their non-tittle songs where on my i-pod. Now I'm practically in love with three of the songs on the album.

The first song is "Beautiful Stranger", is a collaboration between Krystal, Amber,and Luna, with a very pop-ish feel to it. Their voices compliment well together making the song a great listen.

Next comes "Love Hate", a song that speaks about the idea of not knowing if what you feel is love or hate, similarly themed to SHINee's "Up and Down".  I tried to explain the feeling it gave to me to a friend and she did not get what I mean, so I will try again : "the song seems like their yodeling...." yeah ... I really like that it's young and fresh but not childish.

The last spot goes to "Let's Try", a slower song with an upbeat and catchy chorus, and a lot of actual singing from the members. This is a perfect time to point out that we get to hear a lot of Amber on this album, most of which is actual singing (thank you SM). Amber has a really nice voice that contrast with that of the other members, making songs much more interesting. This is why I constantly hope for Minho to have longer parts in SHINee songs, there are so many possibilities.

I really like the dynamic of f(x) although it sometimes seems that SM placed very different people together, not giving the group a sort of coherence most of the other SM groups posses. Further magnified by the lack of recognition f(x) has as a group and not only as individual entertainers. On the other hand one thing SM has done right with f(x) since the beginning is defining their music style. Although there are many areas where the need for  improvement is clearly visible, f(x) has kept their style while progressing and polishing it, clearly evident in this album.

Rating 3.6/5 
Most of the album seems to be an upgrade of their previous work, keeping their style but showing growth. There is still room for improvement but f(x) is getting there. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

This is stuck in my head !!!

This comeback really seems to be hinting at epicness ... Wonder Girls are back !

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

COWBOYS ............. oh and B1A4 !

Okay so I finally got around to watching B1A4's latest video "Sleep Well, Goodnight", and I'm smitten. Yes, you could say they are talking about cheating but if that's the case they are the cutest cheaters out there ... not that I approve of cheating but .... it's B1A4 :P

I also have this thing for cowboys. This is probably why I think their outfits are awesome, of course sometimes they look like little kids dressing up as cowboys but that just makes them even cuter.

Moving on, the song is pretty catchy and has an awesome chorus ! Check It out below ... You are cordially invited to join my cowboy obsession :P

Friday, May 25, 2012



Credit to Owner

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is G.NA just 2HOT to Handle?

There so much hate going around for G.Na's new MV "2Hot", but I just don't see any basis for it. As mentioned before I do think G.NA has a lot of potential, and her latest tracks have not allowed her to shine as much as she should, but that does not discredit her current work. "2HOT" is not a masterpiece by any means but the song is a fun pop track, catchy and entertaining. The same thing goes for  the video and I should not need to mention that it should not be taken too seriously. She looks really cool and manages to remain classy, a la Lee Hyori, even if her dance is sexy. I mean, catchy sells, people going around calling it terrible should probably not be listening to k-pop at all because the majority of the songs out there are like this or much worse. You have to right to dislike it, but why judge it as something it is not.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thoughts on JJ Project

I really like these two boys. They are just so cute. Although their tittle track is not my cup of tea the song seems to be growing on me. The MV and choreography is very fun and charming. I like that the concept is not mature or sexy, and that the fact that they are young boys is played upon. Everything about them is young and fun.

Unlike the tittle track "Bounce", I instantly favored "Hooked" and "Before this song Ends"

"Hooked" is a little too busy for me. The background music sometimes overtakes the voices of JB and Jr., specially at the beginning, but there is something about the chorus that is just really catchy and nice to listen to. It reminds me a lot of old chick flick OST's ... you know Hillary Duff and stuff ... yeah ...

"Before This Song Ends" is a collaboration with Suzy of Miss A. Suzy has a really nice voice and I like that all three of them are the same age. It just keeps the young vibe flowing, something that might not have happened if an older JYP artist had worked with them. I just want to add that this song is awesome, my favorite song on the album, and I have hopes for a live performance !

Green Light

This is hands down, the best song on G.Na's new album.

Green Light ft. Jay Park

Although I still believe G.NA's voice is more befitting of ballads, this album is an improvement from Top Girl and the tittle track is very catchy and fun.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Miss A does Wonder Girls

Another pretty awesome cover from the same date 120428 in Bangkok. All of the girls sounded great, but Suzy really stood out, her voice really shines when the choreography isn't too demanding.

SHINee does Super Junior

Sitting here wondering why I haven't seen this before ...
I missed out on so much :'(
Okay, I'm playing, but this is one awesome "Sorry Sorry" cover !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Meaning of Happiness

I really really like the song "Satisfaction" by F.T. Island. Everything here is just superb, and therefore it is one of my favorite F.T. Island songs. Check it out below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is the type of music I like from IU.

Keeping Love Again

"Keeping Love Again" is part of SHINee's release of Sherlock in Japan. The song reminds me a lot of Kiss Kiss, a previous Japanese release, I really like it.

Ulalla Session - Beautiful Night

For those of you who haven't had the chance to watch this MV, let me just say it is plain epic. The lead actress, Park Han Byul, is sent on a crazy trip when her bag gets taken by the wedding singer. From then on things get even more outrageous !

CHALLENGE3: DAY 20: A list of your top 5 maknaes

SM Town
1. Seohyun
2. Changmin
3. Kyuhyun
4. Taemin
5. Krystal

Yay, SM Town ! This was not on purpose, it's just that SM Town has the quirkiest maknaes !

CHALLENGE3: DAY 19: A list of your top 5 dancers

Order: Interchangeable

1. Taeyang
2. Hoya
3. Eunhyuk
4. Taemin
5. Jia
6. Min

Okay, I cheated again, I couldn't make up my mind on top 5 so I did top 6. Jia and Min are some of the few girls in k-pop that actually dance. They are both awesome, and have a lot of experience dancing.

CHALLENGE3: DAY 18: A List of Your Top 5 Male Vocals

K, C, 2AM, O, H
1. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
2. Changmin (2AM)
3. Hongki (F.T. Island)
4. Onew (SHINee)
5. 2AM :P

Okay I cheated. In truth I wanted to add all of 2AM on here, because I love love  love all of their voices. They compliment each pother so well but still manage to have their own color. Changmin gets a spot on his own because I like him on Homme as well :P

CHALLENGE3: DAY 17: A List of Your Top Five Girl Groups

Miss A, KARA, Girl's Day, SNSD, Rainbow
I have to say I do listen to many girl groups, but the feeling is very different from the boy groups I follow. For girl groups, I do not get attached. I may like their music but I might not know the names of their members. As well as skip an article regarding a certain member on a news cite, without much care. There is a lack of attachment present. The only girl group that I have comes close to forming an attachment is Miss A, and even then I have not mustered the idea of having a bias.

No particular order after Miss A.

1. Miss A

2. Rainbow

3. Girl's Day
I hate ow their MV's usually ruin songs. The MV's must be funny but all those special effects just make the song awkward, and not very pleasing to the ears.

I'm not really fond of SNSD's Korean music, but I love their Japanese Album <3


CHALLENGE4: DAY 16: A List of Your Top 5 Boy Groups

SHINee, Infinite, C.N Blue, F.T Island, TVXQ

1. SHINee
I really really like SHINee. From their choreography to their voices, to their members. They are a group I can have faith in, and be sure they will deliver.

2. Infinite
I love this group for constantly giving us quality music and for those amazing dance routines. Everything about Infinite (on stage) screams perfection, and that image is really beneficial for an artist.

3. C.N. Blue
C.N Blue has some of the catchiest music around without sounding cheap, and many times that is really hard to achieve. I specially love the mixing of JongHwa's and Jonghyun's voices.

4. F.T. Island
The fist k-pop group I ever listened to. They constantly release good music and are excellent performers. Their ballads are some of the few I can appreciate, although I am not a ballad person. Hongki is specially brilliant on stage and really let's himself go.

5. TVXQ (HoMin)
For me TVXQ is HoMin. I was never attached to the original line up, because when I found k-pop they where long gone. JYJ dosn't really hit home for me because I'm not a ballad person, and if the song is the least bit stagnant I quickly loose interest. Back to HoMin, Yunho and Changmin are very impressive stage wise. Although I may not be fond of all of their songs , they always look powerful on stage, and it seems they really put experience to play. I also want to add that I love all of their Jap. music.

Honorable mention to "Boyfriend", I love this group over all the rookies in 2011, which happens to be a very unpopular opinion, but I don't really care. People only remember their debut and don't see the potential ready to be released. Like I mentioned before I need an album like now :)

Plus "Big Bang". There is something about BB that doesn't really grow on me, but I do like a lot of their music and all of their members. It's just that, when something is overly complimented it looses their shine for me... don't you think ?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 15: A List Of Your Favorite Solo Artist

G.NA, Hyori, SE7EN, Han Groo, IU
Ummmm this is hard, I don't really listen to that many solo artist so here is my list anyway...
This is in no particular order

1. Lee Hyori :
Hyori's voice might not be the best out there, but she knows how to work with what she has and always manages to sound great. She is also an awesome performer.

(this video might be really creepy, but the song is beautiful)
(i suddenly realised I hate clowns)

2. Han Groo:
Han Groo isn't very popular and is somewhat a rookie, but I happen to relaly like the few songs she's released ( like 6 ?). I hope she gets to release more music in the near future.

3. G.NA:
G.NA sometimes annoys me with her music choice (or her companies). It seems like they try to ignore the fact that she can do so much with her voice. Gladly her first mini album exist to show us all what she can do. With that said some of her new songs are to my liking, while others not so much.

4. Se7en:
Concerning Se7en, I think he's somewhat like Hyori. He doesn't have the best voice out there either, but he makes the best of it and the results are usually impressive. My favorite aspect of his music is that he really manages to show emotion, maybe this is why I prefer his ballads or pop songs compared to his more upbeat (hip hop?) music. The former actually pull me in while the later don't really hit home for me (ahem ahem Digital Bounce). Of course I'm still discovering Se7en's music, 9 years worth is a lot.

5. IU:
I have a love hate relationship with IU. Her music is a hit or miss for me, I either love it or it bores me to death. In my opinion, she's a very good singer and I am fond of some of her songs, but sometimes her voice sounds to monotonous and instead of being impressive it just sits there. I still really like IU, but I have a tendency to scout trough her songs and find those that are to my liking, and just forget the rest.

( Surprise Surprise, IU's first song, in my opinion it is flawless, although it has a very creepy video)

An honorable mention to Kim Kyu Jong, who I LOVE but decided to forgo in this list because he's only released one solo album, and he's "technically" not a soloist, but who knows. As well as to Seo In Guk, who I'm barely beginning to explore and seem to like very much.

CHALLENGE3: DAY 14: Your Bias in U-Kiss: AJ


Originally, the member that I favored in U-kiss was Kiseop, although I never got around to actually picking a bias in the group. After AJ joined I liked him as well, but I was iffy in having a bias in U-Kiss because I couldn't choose between him and Kiseop. I had already given up, when I realized I was already biased (although Kiseop still receives a percent of my attention) :P 

Anyway, AJ is very talented, he's the best rapper in U-kiss and has a decent singing voice. He's also pretty handsome, and interesting. He speaks English pretty well for someone who has never lived abroad and the most important thing ... he penned the rap for 0330. For those of you who may not know, he was the culprit who wrote "don't deny our r^2 pi" LOL

He's just awesome like that.

Leaving you guys with my favorite U-Kiss interview, by Simon and Martina, they seem so natural here, and their personalities really shine trough ...

Infinite " The Chaser" Teaser ^.^

I'm really excited for Infinite's comeback later this month (May 15).

Something about Infinite I really like is that they have a trademark sound, and although there songs may be different, there is something that tells you, "that is Infinite". This is evident in the teaser for their tittle song "The Chaser" which was just released today. It is also evident that we will be getting another awesome choreography. I like the scenery and colors of the teaser, and I'm glad that they are back with an MV where their dance is evident, because although I like the song "Perfection" the MV was rather dull. The choreography for that song is one of the best Infinite has done, and it could have been showcased better ^.^

Below is a teaser for their tittle song, "The Chaser" ->

P.S. The only thing I wasn't really feeling was Hoya's hair, but he's my bias so I'm already over it :)

Back Back Back

Yay ! I'm Back ! School was too hectic these past weeks but after completing finals yesterday I'm ready to return to blogging :D

For now I'm leaving you guys with a very handsome trio...

Monday, April 30, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 13: Your bias in SNSD: Seohyun


Seohyun is my all time female bias, and I think she is awesome

I've already mentioned this in my previous challenge but she is just to awesome to pass ^.^

Seo is the all rounder of SNSD, she is a good dancer and singer, and she gets better with every come back. Many people are not very fond of her because she seems cold and a goody two shoes but in y opinion, that is her charm. On stage she may seem robotic, but I think she is improving a lot and becoming more charismatic. I was really loving her even more is TaeSiTeo's Twinkle MV because she really seemed to be in  her element.

Friday, April 20, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 10: Your Bias in T-ara


Being honest I'm not a big fan of T-ara, but I do happen to have a bias in the group. I find Eunjung very charismatic and multi talented, specially when performing and acting. She just has that extra spark a true artist should have that makes her stand out.

Eunjung is also is very funny, and gives of this very genuine vibe.

CHALLENGE3: DAY9: Your Bias in SHINee


I really considered skipping this day since anyone who reads my blog knows that he is my ultimate bias, because I mention it about once a week and I don't want to get redundant.

Anyway today I'm going to focus on Minho's voice. Being honest, it's not the best out there, and in SHINee with Taemin's voice quickly improving it sometimes seems like he can't keep up. All of this of course is true, but there's also another side, Minhos voice is truly sweet and with  more work it would be even better. I don't expect him to come belting out a song like Jonghyun or Onew but his voice has it's own charm.

I think the truth behind his lack of singing in SHINee songs is that he just can't keep up. I don't mean it in the "his voice is so bad he can't keep up way", but in the way that the songs given to SHINee are very very high, and Minhos voice is very low. Once in awhile, when we do hear his voice there is a contrast with the other four SHINee vocals, and personally I love that. I always wait for his parts in songs, even if all he sings are ten seconds. Sometimes I think SHINee's songs are made for Jonghyun, Key, but Minho gets the worse deal out of them all because no matter how much he works for it, his voice is not going to magically turn high.

EXAMPLE: SHINee's Juliette: that song just goes from high to higher.

Anyway, here is treat for myself and for you guys if you would like, a short Minho singing compilation.

CHALLENGE3: DAY 8: Your Bias is f(x)


Krystal grew on me to be honest.

Maybe it is because she gets a lot of hate, specially regarding her attitude which I see absolutely nothing wrong with. In my pinion I believe she is somewhat Americanized and people take it as being disrespectful, but I think all the hate is very undeserved. Plus Korean netizens try to blow every little incident up.

Kystal's voice is a very defining factor for people, they either hate it or love it, there is no in between, Personally I think it's pretty good and she's responsible for carrying on most of f(x)'s songs, while Luna the main vocalist does the flashy parts. The other three members aren't as good singers in off to carry the load she is responsible for. Dancing wise, she is also good so no complains there.

Plus, after watching Krystal in Kim Yuna's Ice Show and cuts from High Kick, I'm even more convinced that she's the type of person who happens to be good at everything ^.^

U-Kiss DoraDora ?

U-Kiss has been preparing fans for their comeback these past days, first with the release of one of their songs, "Amazing", and know with the teaser for their tittle track "DoraDora".

From what I can see, they are once again going to give us great quality music, following the legacy of the Neverland album. "Amazing" was an okay song for me but I'm really waiting for "DoraDora" because the clip on the teaser sounds awesome! Check it out yourself below ^.^

Anyone else happily waiting for this comeback ?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 7: Your Bias in F.T Island

Seung Hyun

Seung Hyun is the guitarist and rapper of F.T. Island.

His character can be summarized in one word: weird.
He's just awesome and I happen to be a sucker for the weird ones.

This post will be a video spam of Seung Hyun and his antics.

CHALLENGE3: DAY 6: Your Bias In Boyfrined


Kwangmin and Youngmin are twins, and are therefore marketed as twins. In terms of promotion they are Boyfriends center attraction, because they are the first thing people see when they learn about Boyfriend. It would be fairly easy to consider them the same person or "one", but unlike what it may seem at first sight these two are fairly different and add their own flavor to the group.

Personally I was instantly attracted to Kwangmin, the twin with the nice black hair. As I saw more shows and MV's with the group I've realized he's fairly comical in an unintentional way. Plus, Kwangmin may be the rapper of the group but he still has a very sweet voice, and his dance skills are great.

Lastly, he's just this generally strange person, and so I find him interesting.

Anyway, I think all of Boyfriend is funny ^.^ so go check out their show W Academy :P
* YES !!! Of course I'm Shamelessly promoting Boyfriend *

To end, am I the only one waiting for a real album from Boyfriend soon,and not just another single ?

Monday, April 16, 2012

SHINee Ballad @ BC2

I saw this performance while watching Beatles Code 2 with SHINee, personally I really enjoyed it so here, I'm sharing it with you all. WATCH IT NOW !!! lol :P

Saturday, April 14, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 5: Your Bias in Teen Top

Credit for Picture Goes to Owner
It took me a lot of time to actually gain a bias in Teen Top. I wasn't really attached to any of the members at first but suddenly out of nowhere Changjo made an entrance. Changjo is the maknae and the least noticeable member for people who do not follow Teen Top closely. He is usually in the shadows although he happens to be the main dancer.

To be honest I don't know how it happened. I was just suddenly a fan of Changjo. I find him the most attractive member of Teen Top, and his dancing is pretty good. Furthermore, although he seems serious he has a very goofy side during variety shows and he is just fun to watch !

(I was actually looking for a place to put the following videos but I think I'll just pt them here. For those of you who haven't watched weekly Idol, it is a very funny show where the MC's love to target members of groups either positively or negatively. Again the show is hilarious and I think Tenn Tops first episode is one of the best. I will probably post more episodes links of various groups later today so that you guys can go watch them.)

Credit for subs goes to 6TOTSubs (I love you guys <3)

Friday, April 13, 2012

EXO - MAMA (Tittle) Review

Yay, so I've been away for some days know, first becouse I was at my grandmas without internet, and later because I forgot my laptops charger -_-, but now I'm finally back and ready to take on EXO ^.^

This post is reserved for the tittle track, I will make sure to tackle the rest of the songs later ^.^

For starters MAMA is a song that can either be a hit or miss. You like it or you don't, as easy as that.

What I really like about the choreography is that it is complicated and flashy, but still manages to keep it's identity apart from other SM groups. The song does not seem very catchy at first but gradually gets stuck in your head. Specially the creepy and eerie chorus. Anonymous Heartless Mindless. It does happen to remind of the old SM days when ID: Peace BTriangle and Don't Don where center stage. Of course this time around the dance is all EXO.

The MV is really really flashy and entertaining. I was a little taken aback by the second half when Kai from EXO-K, and Kris from EXO-M scream, but I got over it :p

I do have to mention that the Chinese version of the song seems more wild and edgier than the Korean version. This is most probably Kris' and Tao's doing and I love it !

Overall, EXO already left an impression with History and What is Love, and MAMA is just a reinforcement of their talents. Out of all the rookies in the past months EXO has the most potential to remain relevant and reach the top.

On the other hand, I must say that although they are good MAMA does not leave the same feeling of a perfect debut that SHINee (REPLAY), CN BLUE (Loner), and 2NE1 (FIRE) left on the fans. MAMA will probably be remembered as a good song but not as an all time favorite.

Any thoughts on MAMA ?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY4: Your Bias In SS501


When I first started looking trough videos of SS501 I liked Hyung Jun instantly, and I still do, he was very charismatic, but I gradually moved on to Kyu Jong. The first thing that truly called me to Kyu Jong was his voice. His tone is really distinctive and a little strange but beautiful, even when speaking. It is really hard to actually describe his voice ^.^

Kyu Jong's solo album "Turn Me On" reinforced my liking for him. I actually consider it my favorite album out of what the members of SS501 have released as solo artist. He is good looking, a good dancer, and has a great voice, truly bias worthy in many ways. Furthermore, I've seen him act in a Taiwanese drama and he's decent, too bad his character was die hard annoying (but that's Taiwanese dramas for you, exaggerating every character since forever :P). To end, Kim Kyu Jong just seems very sweet in general.

Review - SISTAR "Alone"

Let's be honest here, SISTAR's last album sounded cheap as can get. The songs did nothing to make SISTAR stand out from the rest, specially in competition with Miss A's "Good Bye Baby". On the other hand it made them sound like every other rookie out there. To me a first album is the reinforcement that a group has been in the industry long in off to leave it's mark and be recognized, and SISTAR did not achieve that with their first album.

On the other hand, I'm happy to say that SISTAR has won my favor again after this mini-album. I finally feel like their music fits them as a group and leaves a good impression. The tittle track is by far the most impressive song in the album. "Alone" is sophisticated and shows of the members vocals. Furthermore it is a slow but dance-able track and the MV really does capture the mood of the music. My only regret is that they did not use Las Vegas to it's full potential when filming the MV.

I really liked all of the songs in this album, some more than others but they are all good quality. For the first time since "Shady Girl" I find that SISTAR's songs don't sound annoying.

"Girls on Top", is the funnest track in the album and is all about girl power.

"I Choose to Love You" is a sweet ballad (+ Hyorin's solo), and really suits Hyorin's voice.

"Lead Me" has a very catchy chorus, and is just nice to hear in general.

"No Mercy" did not leave an impression on me at first but it seems to be growing on me. I really feel like dancing when I listen to this :p

CHALLENGE3: DAY3: Your Bias in Infinite


When I first got into Infinite during the "Coma Back" era, I really liked Sungjong, and still do, but my bias gradually changed to Hoya. 

Personally I think Hoya is one of Infinite's most talented members. He is the all rounder of the team, and although others are also great at what they do, he is pretty good at everything. Of course, his specialty is dancing, since he is the main dancer, but his singing is good, and his rapping has so much potential.

Inspirits call Hoya, hogod on stage for his charisma, and hobaby of stage because he seems very sweet and calm. I think that really sums up his personality ^_^ 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012



I'm very very fond of Changmin. I think he's awesome. From his singing, to his looks, to his charisma. He's the type of person you like just because, without needing a reason. If I had the chance to meet only one person in all of K-pop I would most likely choose Changmin.

Changmin is a great performer and he really does shine on stage. His high notes never fail to leave me in aw, and I love to see him dance because unlike other tall people, he doesn't seem a tad bit awkward. I could easily keep on going, complimenting Changmin, but I rather just stop and leave you guys with a video ^_^

Top 20: Girl Group Songs

Personally I listen to a lot of girl groups, although I do follow guy groups much more. When I saw a list on a blog I was reading I decided to make my own list of top 20 girl group songs. I hope that trough this list the people who only listen to guy groups can find a group or at least a song they really like, and give girl groups a chance.

P.S.This time around I purposely omitted collaborations, solo singers, songs in Japanese, songs in English, and duets, although there are many I like.

Monday, April 2, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY1: Your Bias in Big Bang


Since the first time I listened to Big Bang Taeyang won the number one spot in my heart. There was something so distinctive about his voice that made him so easy to identify, even in a group where every member stands out dramatically.

He is undoubtedly my bias in Big Bang, because he is a good singer and a great dancer. I've said this before, but I love when he gets to sing the chorus for Big Bang songs, it makes the song 100 times better for me. I am 99.9% sure that I would not listen to Big Bang as often as I do if I was missing Taeyang's beautiful voice.

Plus, his solo work is some of my favorite music in k-pop. Who doesn't love "Wedding Dress" and that gorgeous eye smile ???

CHALLENGE3: 20 Day Kpop Bias Challenge

CHALLENGE3: 20 Day Kpop Bias Challenge

This here is my next challenge, and I'm excited to start. I've made several changes from tho originals, and made it my own ^.^ You can find the place where this come from here.

I only added groups for which I had a sure unwavering bias. That is why this challenge mostly consist of male groups since I don't really have biases in girl groups. I don't even have a bias in Miss A, my favorite girl group.

Start Date: 4/2/2012

End Date:

Day 1: Your bias in Big Bang: Taeyang

Day 2: Your bias in DBSK: Changmin

Day 3: Your bias in Infinite: Hoya

Day 4: Your bias in SS501: Kyu Jong

Day 5: Your bias in Teen Top : Changjo

Day 6: Your bias in Boyfriend : Kwangmin

Day 7: Your bias in FT ISLAND: Seunghyun

Day 8: Your bias in f(x): Krystal

Day 9: Your bias in SHINee: Minho

Day 10: Your bias in T-ara: Eunjung

Day 11: Your bias in CN Blue: Jonghyun

Day 12: Your bias in 2AM: Jinwoon

Day 13: Your bias in SNSD: Seohyun

Day 14: Your bias in U-Kiss: AJ

Day 15: A list of  your favorite solo artists:

Day 16: A list of your top five boy groups:

Day 17: A list of your top five girl groups:

Day 18: A list of your top five male vocals:

Day 19: A list of your top five dancers:

Day 20: A list of your top 5 maknaes:

EXO "MAMA" Teaser

Credit for Picture goes to Owner

I finally got around to watching the teaser for EXO's MAMA that was revealed at their showcase and i love it. SM is going with the outer space and super power concept which is fine with me, specially because some of the members have a  really mysterious image. Specially KRIS. I'm a fan of his eyes and that stare, and playing all that up with fire and burning things was smart of SM. Plus KAI's power is very very relevant, because he appears anywhere and everywhere by will (just like the teasers ^.^). In conclusion, I'm really hipped for EXO's debut COMING SOON !!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

EXO and D.O.

I have a confession to make ... I'm becoming really really biased toward EXO's D.O. His picture folder on my computer is growing swiftly, and he still hasn't debuted ^^

Of course the only picture folder larger than that is Minho's (my ultimate bias) and SHINee's in general.

Yeah I'm so biased and what ?!?!?

This merits a D.O. Picture Spam ^^

Oh Yeah ! I forgot to say I also have a thing for LAY ;)

On another note, EXO will finally debut on April 9, with a mini album. I was really hoping for a full album but a mini is much better than a single. Either way I will probably become poor soon. I still have to keep in mind Infinite is having a comeback in May, and SHINee will be back again in July or something like that. My only consolation is that SM does not put songs from mini-albums onto full albums (only singles) so I won't be buying the same thing twice if I decide to buy EXO's mini album and their full album later this year ^^

I haven't really gone around to watching the showcase that took place today but I've seen the main highlight that was uploaded on SM's official YT channel and things are looking great. The last song is the rumored tittle track, "MAMA".

Friday, March 30, 2012

Scenery Change

Yay !
I finally got around to changing my blog design a little. What do you guys think ^^ ?

CHALLENGE2: DAY 29: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

There are a lot of eye-smiles in k-pop that I like, but for me Jinwoon really steals the show. He really does smile with his eyes ^^

P.S. Taeyang really made me waver here, he also has a very beautiful eye smile :P

P.S.2. With this I finish my first Challenge Yipeeee !!!! Any suggestions for another challenge ?

CHALLENGE2: DAY 28: A k-pop song you never get tired of


This song is just so cool. End of story. I can go back to this song anytime and it never gets old, well until now.

CHALLENGE2: DAY 27: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist

Day 27: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist 

Ryeowook - Moves Like Jagger

For SS4 Ryeowook stepped out of his comfort zone and gave fans an awesome number. His voice sounds as great as ever and he even flashed some abs (but that's not the point :P) Sadly Ryeowook's performance can only be seen trough fan cams.

Review: C.N Blue [EAR FUN]

One of my favorite groups in K-pop is C.N. Blue, but to be honest, I was somewhat disappointed by their first full album, FIRST STEP. I felt like most of the songs sounded the same and did not really connect with me, plus in my opinion they didn't really suit C.N Blue. After listening to their third mini-album EAR FUN, I'm glad to say that they are back on track, sounding awesome. This album has a clearer sound, the music does not drown out the lyrics and they complement each other well..

My favorite track out of the six is "Still in Love". Out of all of them this deserves to be in the ranks of the best of C.N Blue along with "Love Light" and "Love Revolution" (song tittles with "Love" where not intentional!) I specially love when Jonghyun takes the chorus in songs, his voice is just so sweet and peaceful, and makes a really awesome contrast with Jong Hwa's more distinctive and stronger vocals. Plus, Stabirabi Rapststabira is the catchiest chorus coming second only to Oetoriya Oetoriya Ddaridiriddaradu.

This song could be considered the second tittle song after "Hey You" and it's music video is very personal and actually fits the mood of the song. No flashy camera effects or lightning. We just have the guys of C.N. Blue in their practice room jamming out.

Next up is the tittle track "Hey You". This song is much more flashier than the previous mentioned, but it still follows the same "clean" sound (for lack of words). It's not as catchy as "Still in Love" but it is nice to listen to and inspires some hard core head boobing. Like usual Jong Hwa and Jonghyun sound great. All in all the song is good an easy to the ears, and fitting as a tittle track.

The MV for the song is the opposite of the MV for "Still in Love", and as a tittle track it is expected. We still see the members playing their music but in a much more glamorous way. The presence of C.N. Blues star quality in all it's glory.

Next up is song number three, "Dream Boy". The first time I heard this song, I thought "This song would have been perfect for a Drama OST." It just has that feel from the "You're Beautiful" or "Heartstrings" period. This song will probably not stay in my mind for a long time but it's nice to listen to.

"Rock n' Roll", is another of my favorite songs from the album. This song is different form the accustomed C.N Blue sound. It is much more lively and crazy but that makes it special.

"Run" is also pretty good, and almost took first place in this album for me, but "Still in Love" was to hard to beat. Like "Rock n' Role" this song is also lively in it's own way and just fun in general.

The last song in the album is the Korean remake of the Japanese version of the song "In My Head". "In My Head" is powerful in off to have been a Japanese single, and one that I really love. It is not any less impressive in Korean, although I do have a preference for the Japanese version, which in my mind sounds sharper.

All in all C.N. Blues album was great. What do you guys think about the album? Do you have a favorite song?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SHINee - Sherlock MV + 1st Live

So SHINee is back with their MV and 1st Live performance of Sherlock. In my opinion the MV was okay, nothing mind blowing but entertaining and easy to the eyes because all of the members look great. The story line is rather shaky and does not really have a climax, but it is much better than other S.M. MV's produced lately.

On the other hand I found the dance routine awesome. After seeing the live I have to conclude that it is one of the best routines SHINee has done to date because it is so physically demanding. It just gets you excited form just watching.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CHALLENGE2: DAY 26: Your favorite dance battle

I don't have a favorite dance battle but everything Infinite is in is cool for me. I choose this specific dance battle because we also get to see ZE:A and Dalmatian. I have a soft spot for ZE:A, and Dalmatian is cool in my book. Personally I think Infinite killed it, and I love to see so much of Hoya. Dalmatian was okay, and ZE:A's dance was a little strange but interesting.

Just to add more Infinite and Teen Top into the mix I also like this dance battle.

CHALLENGE2: DAY 25: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist

SHINee covering Mirotic by TVXQ in 2008.
This is my favorite cover of Mirotic, of course it is not as good as the original but It is still pretty good, specially for rookie singers at the time. I think that if SHINee had the chace to try it again it would be much better since both Taemin and Minho have improved a lot vocally.

I also like this really short cover of "Rising Sun".

P.S. All or any readers I may have out there, please forgive me for the load of SHINee I've been throwing at you guys, It's just that SHINee IS BACK !

Review: SHINee - Sherlock

I was out this weekend so I got to hear SHINee's album until this morning. I took my time to evaluate this album because I really wanted to hear it at least twice and really listen to the songs.

Although it is not the best song on the album Sherlock is a good tittle track. It's flashy and attention graving, and gives room for some awesome performances. All in all SHINee knows how to work the stage to a T when given flashy music and this will surely not be a miss.

Clue & Note
Last night I only had the chance to skim the songs and was feeling somewhat disconnected with Clue and Note, but today it's a slightly different story. I decided to play the album in random order on iTunes, and what do you know, it sounds much better. S.M made a horrible mistake in putting "Note" and "Clue" right after Sherlock because it feels like it's just one long extended song, and in truth it gets very annoying. After hearing the songs separately from one another I can actually appreciate "Clue" and "Note" on their own, specially "Note."

Alarm Clock
I really like this song, specially the chorus. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, and I can see myself replaying this on my i-pod.

The Reason
My favorite song on the album. I'm not often a fan of ballads but this has powerful music behind the smooth voices. In other words it is not stagnant but changing.

Stranger is a remake of the a song on the Jap. album by the same name. I actually like the original and still like it here.

This song is the jewel of the album. Firstly, it shows of SHINee's vocals. Everyone's voice sounds beautiful and really fits the mood. I really like how it seems to be just their voices and nothing else because the musical arrangement is very simple. Secondly, it was written for Shawols by Jonghyun.

In summary, I really really like the album. Of course, my opinion could be biased because of my love for this group, but I can say that it is a solid album, and shows vocal improvement from many of the members. Taemin sounds beautiful and Minho's few singing lines sound much better than before, plus he has a very nice tone. Onew and Jonghyun where as good as always, and Key was o.k., he could have been better.  
Again, the fatal mistake was that "Clue" & "Note" where placed after Sherlock. Occasional listeners of SHINee where most likely put off after listening to that and not give the rest of the album a chance. Although it was not the brightest idea to put "Clue" & "Note" on the album, they aren't bad songs, if removed far far away from "Sherlock". 

All that is left is to wait for the MV, I just need to see that dance ^^ Oh yeah and live performances, and my CD arriving in the mail, ect. !!! Excited !!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sherlock MV Behind the Scene Pictures

Another self-made teaser!!!
Taemin and Key dancing to "SHERLOCK" !!!
How did I miss this earlier or did it just show up ? Edit: Yeah the video just appeared ^.^

The MV outfits are so SHINee lol
I want an MV teaser NOW !!! Please ?  ^.^

SHINee is Back :P - Teaser Medley

S.M released a medley teasing the songs in the album, and It's getting me even more excited. The songs that specially sound great are the ones with Taemin's and Onew's pictures, people are inferring that the later might be a solo. The song with Key's picture is the Korean version of "Stranger" from their Japanese album, I actually really like that song. In general I think the whole album sounds exciting, can't wait to hear the whole version of the songs and watch the MV!

P.S. I pre-ordered "SHERLOCK" yesterday ^^ So Excited !!!

Jonghyun is known for uploading strange videos onto SM's official YT account once in a while. Specially videos of his dog Roo. This time he gifted us with a self made teaser. He is really cute ^^

CHALLENGE2: DAY 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Overexposed and overrated are different words that often get confused. K-pop is flooded with over exposed people but rational fans know that most of them are lacking talent here and there. That means these people who are overexposed are not necessarily overrated (talent wise).

An idol I think is overrated is Park Bom. Specially by fans of 2NE1. If I had to say it straight out 2NE1 runs on CL's fumes and her performance skills. Sometimes it seems that the concepts of 2NE1 are meant to fit CL and not the members as a group. Bom's place here is as lead vocalist but her voice is not what it is said to be. I mean, I like her tone to a point but her voice and technique are rather week.

Boom's weakness are lives, and although fans of 2NE1 usually accept it, they die making excuses (although usually legit) for her. They think people are saying that her flaws are a reason to dislike Bom, but it's not. If you like someone then go ahead and like them. There usually is no particular reason to like an idol , but it is not rational to say that they are the best singers out there (ex. my ultimate bias is Minho but I will never say he is a great singer or powerful rapper because that would be a lie).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CHALLENGE2: DAY 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated

Credit for Picture to Owner

The k-pop scene is know for overrated idols but there are many who are very underrated as well.
In my opinion, one of them is Jonghyun from C.N. Blue. I really love C.N Blue and Jong Hwa, but in truth my bias is Jonghyun. I even avidly wait for his singing parts in songs ^^

The boy is a better guitar player than Jong Hwa and a really good singer but he rarely gets the chance to shine and is very underrated. People who do not follow C.N Blue or more specifically people who only follow C.N Blue for Jong Hwa, do not see much to Jonghyun, but he is gold.

Review: Nu'Est "FACE"

Rookie male groups are flooding the scene at the start of this year and Nu'Est is not the exception. This group has five members, with four of them born in 1995, making them one of the youngest groups out there, if not the youngest.

"FACE" is a good debut song simply because it is catchy in off to keep the group relevant. The beat is awesome and the chorus is easy to follow. I am guilty of having the song stuck in my head. On the other hand, the music video is average and not very eye catching, with the use of very dark colors and week fight scenes. I specially have an issue with the obviously fake fight scenes, they are a little laughable. The dance wasn't flashy or powerful, although there where a couple of great dance moves scattered in the bunch. In regards to the fashion and looks, the concept is dark in a pretty boy way, which is befitting to this group, because they are all very pretty boys.

All in all, Nu'Est will probably be the type of group I listen to once in a while, because at the moment I am not a fan. I like the dynamic of the members, and the way they work together, as well as the overall sound and tone of the group, but I still need to see MORE to be sold.

What do you guys thin of Nu'Est and their debut single ?