Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CHALLENGE4: DAY 16: A List of Your Top 5 Boy Groups

SHINee, Infinite, C.N Blue, F.T Island, TVXQ

1. SHINee
I really really like SHINee. From their choreography to their voices, to their members. They are a group I can have faith in, and be sure they will deliver.

2. Infinite
I love this group for constantly giving us quality music and for those amazing dance routines. Everything about Infinite (on stage) screams perfection, and that image is really beneficial for an artist.

3. C.N. Blue
C.N Blue has some of the catchiest music around without sounding cheap, and many times that is really hard to achieve. I specially love the mixing of JongHwa's and Jonghyun's voices.

4. F.T. Island
The fist k-pop group I ever listened to. They constantly release good music and are excellent performers. Their ballads are some of the few I can appreciate, although I am not a ballad person. Hongki is specially brilliant on stage and really let's himself go.

5. TVXQ (HoMin)
For me TVXQ is HoMin. I was never attached to the original line up, because when I found k-pop they where long gone. JYJ dosn't really hit home for me because I'm not a ballad person, and if the song is the least bit stagnant I quickly loose interest. Back to HoMin, Yunho and Changmin are very impressive stage wise. Although I may not be fond of all of their songs , they always look powerful on stage, and it seems they really put experience to play. I also want to add that I love all of their Jap. music.

Honorable mention to "Boyfriend", I love this group over all the rookies in 2011, which happens to be a very unpopular opinion, but I don't really care. People only remember their debut and don't see the potential ready to be released. Like I mentioned before I need an album like now :)

Plus "Big Bang". There is something about BB that doesn't really grow on me, but I do like a lot of their music and all of their members. It's just that, when something is overly complimented it looses their shine for me... don't you think ?


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