Thursday, May 10, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 15: A List Of Your Favorite Solo Artist

G.NA, Hyori, SE7EN, Han Groo, IU
Ummmm this is hard, I don't really listen to that many solo artist so here is my list anyway...
This is in no particular order

1. Lee Hyori :
Hyori's voice might not be the best out there, but she knows how to work with what she has and always manages to sound great. She is also an awesome performer.

(this video might be really creepy, but the song is beautiful)
(i suddenly realised I hate clowns)

2. Han Groo:
Han Groo isn't very popular and is somewhat a rookie, but I happen to relaly like the few songs she's released ( like 6 ?). I hope she gets to release more music in the near future.

3. G.NA:
G.NA sometimes annoys me with her music choice (or her companies). It seems like they try to ignore the fact that she can do so much with her voice. Gladly her first mini album exist to show us all what she can do. With that said some of her new songs are to my liking, while others not so much.

4. Se7en:
Concerning Se7en, I think he's somewhat like Hyori. He doesn't have the best voice out there either, but he makes the best of it and the results are usually impressive. My favorite aspect of his music is that he really manages to show emotion, maybe this is why I prefer his ballads or pop songs compared to his more upbeat (hip hop?) music. The former actually pull me in while the later don't really hit home for me (ahem ahem Digital Bounce). Of course I'm still discovering Se7en's music, 9 years worth is a lot.

5. IU:
I have a love hate relationship with IU. Her music is a hit or miss for me, I either love it or it bores me to death. In my opinion, she's a very good singer and I am fond of some of her songs, but sometimes her voice sounds to monotonous and instead of being impressive it just sits there. I still really like IU, but I have a tendency to scout trough her songs and find those that are to my liking, and just forget the rest.

( Surprise Surprise, IU's first song, in my opinion it is flawless, although it has a very creepy video)

An honorable mention to Kim Kyu Jong, who I LOVE but decided to forgo in this list because he's only released one solo album, and he's "technically" not a soloist, but who knows. As well as to Seo In Guk, who I'm barely beginning to explore and seem to like very much.

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  1. Welcome back ^.^

    I agree with you about Se7en. His ballad tracks draw me in much deeper than his more upbeat tracks. He is amazing at conveying emotion in his voice.