Monday, April 16, 2012

SHINee Ballad @ BC2

I saw this performance while watching Beatles Code 2 with SHINee, personally I really enjoyed it so here, I'm sharing it with you all. WATCH IT NOW !!! lol :P


  1. Holy crap I've never seen Minho actually sing like sing not rap! He has a sweet voice! I don't see why he doesn't sing more. It's not a mind blowing but it's definitely better than average. Taemin's voice is really growing to be my favorite out of SHINee, his tone is very pretty (lol no hints to his looks.) For some reason, it hard for me to like Jonghyun's voice, it comes off too shriek-like for me and it sounds like his straining to sing.

    1. I have always thought Minho had a sweet voice, specially after his small part in SM's winter album, but I think his real problem stands in keeping on key, and I really do think he practices a lot more than the rest to get his voice working. Anyway I really love to hear him singggg his voice makes me feel good <3

      Personally I think my favorite voice is Onew's but Taemin is catching up quickly. About Jonghyun, his voice is good in measures, to much of him is not that great, because he tends to overpower a song easily which is not necessarily good.