Saturday, March 31, 2012

EXO and D.O.

I have a confession to make ... I'm becoming really really biased toward EXO's D.O. His picture folder on my computer is growing swiftly, and he still hasn't debuted ^^

Of course the only picture folder larger than that is Minho's (my ultimate bias) and SHINee's in general.

Yeah I'm so biased and what ?!?!?

This merits a D.O. Picture Spam ^^

Oh Yeah ! I forgot to say I also have a thing for LAY ;)

On another note, EXO will finally debut on April 9, with a mini album. I was really hoping for a full album but a mini is much better than a single. Either way I will probably become poor soon. I still have to keep in mind Infinite is having a comeback in May, and SHINee will be back again in July or something like that. My only consolation is that SM does not put songs from mini-albums onto full albums (only singles) so I won't be buying the same thing twice if I decide to buy EXO's mini album and their full album later this year ^^

I haven't really gone around to watching the showcase that took place today but I've seen the main highlight that was uploaded on SM's official YT channel and things are looking great. The last song is the rumored tittle track, "MAMA".

Friday, March 30, 2012

Scenery Change

Yay !
I finally got around to changing my blog design a little. What do you guys think ^^ ?

CHALLENGE2: DAY 29: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

There are a lot of eye-smiles in k-pop that I like, but for me Jinwoon really steals the show. He really does smile with his eyes ^^

P.S. Taeyang really made me waver here, he also has a very beautiful eye smile :P

P.S.2. With this I finish my first Challenge Yipeeee !!!! Any suggestions for another challenge ?

CHALLENGE2: DAY 28: A k-pop song you never get tired of


This song is just so cool. End of story. I can go back to this song anytime and it never gets old, well until now.

CHALLENGE2: DAY 27: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist

Day 27: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist 

Ryeowook - Moves Like Jagger

For SS4 Ryeowook stepped out of his comfort zone and gave fans an awesome number. His voice sounds as great as ever and he even flashed some abs (but that's not the point :P) Sadly Ryeowook's performance can only be seen trough fan cams.

Review: C.N Blue [EAR FUN]

One of my favorite groups in K-pop is C.N. Blue, but to be honest, I was somewhat disappointed by their first full album, FIRST STEP. I felt like most of the songs sounded the same and did not really connect with me, plus in my opinion they didn't really suit C.N Blue. After listening to their third mini-album EAR FUN, I'm glad to say that they are back on track, sounding awesome. This album has a clearer sound, the music does not drown out the lyrics and they complement each other well..

My favorite track out of the six is "Still in Love". Out of all of them this deserves to be in the ranks of the best of C.N Blue along with "Love Light" and "Love Revolution" (song tittles with "Love" where not intentional!) I specially love when Jonghyun takes the chorus in songs, his voice is just so sweet and peaceful, and makes a really awesome contrast with Jong Hwa's more distinctive and stronger vocals. Plus, Stabirabi Rapststabira is the catchiest chorus coming second only to Oetoriya Oetoriya Ddaridiriddaradu.

This song could be considered the second tittle song after "Hey You" and it's music video is very personal and actually fits the mood of the song. No flashy camera effects or lightning. We just have the guys of C.N. Blue in their practice room jamming out.

Next up is the tittle track "Hey You". This song is much more flashier than the previous mentioned, but it still follows the same "clean" sound (for lack of words). It's not as catchy as "Still in Love" but it is nice to listen to and inspires some hard core head boobing. Like usual Jong Hwa and Jonghyun sound great. All in all the song is good an easy to the ears, and fitting as a tittle track.

The MV for the song is the opposite of the MV for "Still in Love", and as a tittle track it is expected. We still see the members playing their music but in a much more glamorous way. The presence of C.N. Blues star quality in all it's glory.

Next up is song number three, "Dream Boy". The first time I heard this song, I thought "This song would have been perfect for a Drama OST." It just has that feel from the "You're Beautiful" or "Heartstrings" period. This song will probably not stay in my mind for a long time but it's nice to listen to.

"Rock n' Roll", is another of my favorite songs from the album. This song is different form the accustomed C.N Blue sound. It is much more lively and crazy but that makes it special.

"Run" is also pretty good, and almost took first place in this album for me, but "Still in Love" was to hard to beat. Like "Rock n' Role" this song is also lively in it's own way and just fun in general.

The last song in the album is the Korean remake of the Japanese version of the song "In My Head". "In My Head" is powerful in off to have been a Japanese single, and one that I really love. It is not any less impressive in Korean, although I do have a preference for the Japanese version, which in my mind sounds sharper.

All in all C.N. Blues album was great. What do you guys think about the album? Do you have a favorite song?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SHINee - Sherlock MV + 1st Live

So SHINee is back with their MV and 1st Live performance of Sherlock. In my opinion the MV was okay, nothing mind blowing but entertaining and easy to the eyes because all of the members look great. The story line is rather shaky and does not really have a climax, but it is much better than other S.M. MV's produced lately.

On the other hand I found the dance routine awesome. After seeing the live I have to conclude that it is one of the best routines SHINee has done to date because it is so physically demanding. It just gets you excited form just watching.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CHALLENGE2: DAY 26: Your favorite dance battle

I don't have a favorite dance battle but everything Infinite is in is cool for me. I choose this specific dance battle because we also get to see ZE:A and Dalmatian. I have a soft spot for ZE:A, and Dalmatian is cool in my book. Personally I think Infinite killed it, and I love to see so much of Hoya. Dalmatian was okay, and ZE:A's dance was a little strange but interesting.

Just to add more Infinite and Teen Top into the mix I also like this dance battle.

CHALLENGE2: DAY 25: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist

SHINee covering Mirotic by TVXQ in 2008.
This is my favorite cover of Mirotic, of course it is not as good as the original but It is still pretty good, specially for rookie singers at the time. I think that if SHINee had the chace to try it again it would be much better since both Taemin and Minho have improved a lot vocally.

I also like this really short cover of "Rising Sun".

P.S. All or any readers I may have out there, please forgive me for the load of SHINee I've been throwing at you guys, It's just that SHINee IS BACK !

Review: SHINee - Sherlock

I was out this weekend so I got to hear SHINee's album until this morning. I took my time to evaluate this album because I really wanted to hear it at least twice and really listen to the songs.

Although it is not the best song on the album Sherlock is a good tittle track. It's flashy and attention graving, and gives room for some awesome performances. All in all SHINee knows how to work the stage to a T when given flashy music and this will surely not be a miss.

Clue & Note
Last night I only had the chance to skim the songs and was feeling somewhat disconnected with Clue and Note, but today it's a slightly different story. I decided to play the album in random order on iTunes, and what do you know, it sounds much better. S.M made a horrible mistake in putting "Note" and "Clue" right after Sherlock because it feels like it's just one long extended song, and in truth it gets very annoying. After hearing the songs separately from one another I can actually appreciate "Clue" and "Note" on their own, specially "Note."

Alarm Clock
I really like this song, specially the chorus. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, and I can see myself replaying this on my i-pod.

The Reason
My favorite song on the album. I'm not often a fan of ballads but this has powerful music behind the smooth voices. In other words it is not stagnant but changing.

Stranger is a remake of the a song on the Jap. album by the same name. I actually like the original and still like it here.

This song is the jewel of the album. Firstly, it shows of SHINee's vocals. Everyone's voice sounds beautiful and really fits the mood. I really like how it seems to be just their voices and nothing else because the musical arrangement is very simple. Secondly, it was written for Shawols by Jonghyun.

In summary, I really really like the album. Of course, my opinion could be biased because of my love for this group, but I can say that it is a solid album, and shows vocal improvement from many of the members. Taemin sounds beautiful and Minho's few singing lines sound much better than before, plus he has a very nice tone. Onew and Jonghyun where as good as always, and Key was o.k., he could have been better.  
Again, the fatal mistake was that "Clue" & "Note" where placed after Sherlock. Occasional listeners of SHINee where most likely put off after listening to that and not give the rest of the album a chance. Although it was not the brightest idea to put "Clue" & "Note" on the album, they aren't bad songs, if removed far far away from "Sherlock". 

All that is left is to wait for the MV, I just need to see that dance ^^ Oh yeah and live performances, and my CD arriving in the mail, ect. !!! Excited !!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sherlock MV Behind the Scene Pictures

Another self-made teaser!!!
Taemin and Key dancing to "SHERLOCK" !!!
How did I miss this earlier or did it just show up ? Edit: Yeah the video just appeared ^.^

The MV outfits are so SHINee lol
I want an MV teaser NOW !!! Please ?  ^.^

SHINee is Back :P - Teaser Medley

S.M released a medley teasing the songs in the album, and It's getting me even more excited. The songs that specially sound great are the ones with Taemin's and Onew's pictures, people are inferring that the later might be a solo. The song with Key's picture is the Korean version of "Stranger" from their Japanese album, I actually really like that song. In general I think the whole album sounds exciting, can't wait to hear the whole version of the songs and watch the MV!

P.S. I pre-ordered "SHERLOCK" yesterday ^^ So Excited !!!

Jonghyun is known for uploading strange videos onto SM's official YT account once in a while. Specially videos of his dog Roo. This time he gifted us with a self made teaser. He is really cute ^^

CHALLENGE2: DAY 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Overexposed and overrated are different words that often get confused. K-pop is flooded with over exposed people but rational fans know that most of them are lacking talent here and there. That means these people who are overexposed are not necessarily overrated (talent wise).

An idol I think is overrated is Park Bom. Specially by fans of 2NE1. If I had to say it straight out 2NE1 runs on CL's fumes and her performance skills. Sometimes it seems that the concepts of 2NE1 are meant to fit CL and not the members as a group. Bom's place here is as lead vocalist but her voice is not what it is said to be. I mean, I like her tone to a point but her voice and technique are rather week.

Boom's weakness are lives, and although fans of 2NE1 usually accept it, they die making excuses (although usually legit) for her. They think people are saying that her flaws are a reason to dislike Bom, but it's not. If you like someone then go ahead and like them. There usually is no particular reason to like an idol , but it is not rational to say that they are the best singers out there (ex. my ultimate bias is Minho but I will never say he is a great singer or powerful rapper because that would be a lie).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CHALLENGE2: DAY 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated

Credit for Picture to Owner

The k-pop scene is know for overrated idols but there are many who are very underrated as well.
In my opinion, one of them is Jonghyun from C.N. Blue. I really love C.N Blue and Jong Hwa, but in truth my bias is Jonghyun. I even avidly wait for his singing parts in songs ^^

The boy is a better guitar player than Jong Hwa and a really good singer but he rarely gets the chance to shine and is very underrated. People who do not follow C.N Blue or more specifically people who only follow C.N Blue for Jong Hwa, do not see much to Jonghyun, but he is gold.

Review: Nu'Est "FACE"

Rookie male groups are flooding the scene at the start of this year and Nu'Est is not the exception. This group has five members, with four of them born in 1995, making them one of the youngest groups out there, if not the youngest.

"FACE" is a good debut song simply because it is catchy in off to keep the group relevant. The beat is awesome and the chorus is easy to follow. I am guilty of having the song stuck in my head. On the other hand, the music video is average and not very eye catching, with the use of very dark colors and week fight scenes. I specially have an issue with the obviously fake fight scenes, they are a little laughable. The dance wasn't flashy or powerful, although there where a couple of great dance moves scattered in the bunch. In regards to the fashion and looks, the concept is dark in a pretty boy way, which is befitting to this group, because they are all very pretty boys.

All in all, Nu'Est will probably be the type of group I listen to once in a while, because at the moment I am not a fan. I like the dynamic of the members, and the way they work together, as well as the overall sound and tone of the group, but I still need to see MORE to be sold.

What do you guys thin of Nu'Est and their debut single ?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another SHINee teaser image !!!

I really like this !!! They look cute.
P.S.In my opinion they look more like gypsies than hippies.

Plus pre-orders for the album are out on most sites (yessasia, kpoptown, dvdheaven) !!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

SNSD - Time Machine

SNSD in Japan is a whole different thing form SNSD in Korea. I have to say I'm a fan of their Japanese work over songs produced in Korea, because everything just seems more polished.

"Time Machine" is a song in SNSD's repackage album of their first Japanese album. The PV was released today, and I'm glad to see it is of a better quality that Mr. Taxi and that the girls are finally out of their box again.

LoL Harry Potter + SHINee

I read this on tumblr and had to post it.

When the magical world of Harry Potter and the SHINee World collide LOL

This is so trueeeee !!!

CHALLENGE2: DAY 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group

I couldn't help myself and ended up posting three pictures :P

SHINee Group Teaser Picture^^

This is pretty. I like it !!!
Although I am even more lost as to the real concept behind the teasers.
I'm still not fond of Minho's and Onew's hair but I'll manage to get over it.

CHALLENGE2: DAY 21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias

So, Seohyun is up ...

Below two very different pictures of Seohyun ^^

Credit of Pictures got to owners.

CHALLENGE2: DAY 20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias

Minho is seriously really photogenic. The following two pictures are some of my favorites, because I love how neither of them come from actual photo shoots. One is from a performance while the other is a screen cap from an episode of Dream Team. 

Credit for Pic. goes to owner.

Credit for Pic. goes to owner.

Catching Up: SHINee Teaser Pics.

So I could lie and say I was anxiously waiting for Jonghyun's and Key's teaser pics this weekend while I was out of town and away from my computer, but that would be a lie. I was actually partying ... a lot (awesome, party was AWESOME LOL)

Okay, now I'm back, and this is a swift update of the teasers, and it will probably be followed by another post if SM decides to gift us with more teasers today ^^

P.S. My favorite of the bunch are Jonghyun's pictures !



Saturday, March 10, 2012

CHALLENGE2: DAY 19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

I really like this SHINee interview a lot it's just so funny how the members call each other out 
and are very playful ^^

CHALLENGE2: DAY 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

I really like Boyfriend and although he is not my favorite member, Minwoo always stands out to me. The kid is so unbearably cute and has a gorgeous smile, plus he is a talented dancer. After living 15 years of my life with a younger brother whose joy lies in annoying people, some cuteness would be nice, so it would be awesome to have him as a younger brother.
A disclaimer: I do I love my own brother endlessly (most of the time :P).

CHALLENGE2: DAY 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

Zhou Mi is one of my biases in SuJu, he is interesting, good looking, a good singer, funny, a shopaholic, and very caring of the members in SuJu-M. He would make an awesome older brother, specially for a girl since he's a fashionista and all. Plus Zhou Mi needs more love <3

Credit for Pic. goes to owner

Friday, March 9, 2012

SHINee Onew - Sherlock Teaser Photo

Yay so the third teaser picture is out and we are closer to the comeback date !!!

This time around it's Onew our leader and he looks so beautiful ^^

CHALLENGE2: DAY 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)

After starting this challenge It's become more evident how wishy washy I am in terms of favorites. I can never pick my favorite anything apart form favorite groups :P

For this day I will be choosing two songs I really like that have beautiful and powerful lyrics ^^
Disclaimer: It was not my intention to spam this post with SM songs ^^
The two songs I choose also happen to be debut songs ^^

SNSD "Into the New World"

BoA "ID: Peace B" 

CHALLENGE2: Day 15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss

This song was actually going to be part of day "Day 7: A k-pop song that makes you cry", because in actuality it does make me tear up a little after knowing the meaning of its lyrics.

Then I thought that the song actually makes me cry because it reminds me of my grandfather who passed away a little less than five months ago. A lot of this song represents what I felt when we lost him, even though "Blankly" could be interpreted as more of a breakup song.

Anyway, this is a very lovely ballad by Miss A that reminds me of someone I really miss ...


So I've been seeing a lot of people actually hate on SHINee because of two teaser photos. Guys ... WTH ... SHINee hasn't comeback in more than a year and you guys are complaining. I mean, It's okay to have an opinion and voice it (I do it myself all the time it's FUN, I did it for Taemins Teaser too), but why outright hate on them. I think that's plain stupid. I'm not asking you guys to like everything (because that's just being hypocritical no one can like everything) but at least stop saying that SHINee is producing porn, or that they are ruined, or that Taemin is a slut, or that their comeback is a failure, when we aren't even into 10% of the promotion -_-

Anyway, we all know S.M. is a troll when it comes to teasers (remember the Mr. Simple promotions and The Boys). So take the pictures as they come but remember the meaning behind them,
  SHINee is finally back!

Plus, complaining so much just gives the impression that you guys are in it only for the appearances and not the music, which is what really counts. Those who are worried about the music following the trend of their teasers can calm down, SHINee always produces solid albums. Come on, let's appreciate their hard work even if you find it outrages.

1. This is going around tumblr as the track list, I don't know if it's official but I'm excited !!! Does anybody know when the pre-orders are going to start on or ?

2. The third Taemin teaser photo, he's so beautiful here. Seriously, I know he doesn't like being called beautiful but that's what he is O.O Plus, his hair is so long and pretty, longer than Lucifer days ^^

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SHINee Taemin - Sherlock Teaser Photo

I'll blame myself, why did I have to say that nothing could get worse than the Super Junior teaser photos, I guess I was wrong :D
Seriously who corrupted our maknae, because this doesn't look right :P
Plus is everyone going to be half naked ????

END of complaining because all that matters is that SHINee is BACK !!! :D <3
and that Taemin's hair is pretty ^^

CHALLENGE2: DAY14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

I really really like this MV. When I watch it I just naturally smile ^^
The guys of SS501 are so funny ^^

CHALLENGE2: DAY 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

Seriously I don't think I can actually name a group. Dislike is a very strong word and I'm the type of person who brushes of something if it is not to their liking. There isn't a k-pop group relevant in off in my mind to deserve dislike. Usually I may not like a groups musical style but I like the members, or I don't like a member but I can tolerate their music. In truth I have not liked certain people in k-pop but after time I've come to see some of their charms.

In summary I can find the good points in every group I find relevant to me, and therefore no hate. Plus I have no energy to dislike people I don't know :P I'm Lazy like that.

Usually dislike for groups comes from not knowing much about them or never really exploring their music. Giving groups a chance is the best way to know if they are your style or not and just get over the dislike and decide to like them or move on.

SHINee Rant #2

SHINee's SM Town page changed background.
I think it's pretty cute and hints at a colorful comeback.
I'm really really excited for their comeback, and at the moment I'm just checking online k-pop stores to see when "Sherlock" goes on pre-order ^^

Plus extra MINHO picture !!! <3 <3 <3

P.S. Sorry to my readers who will probably be loaded down with SHINee stuff until and after the comeback, it's just that they are my favorite group and Shawols really do miss them ^^ 

EXO - History

EXO's second prologue "History", was not exactly what I was expecting but I am not disappointed. In truth I expected to see a smooth dance video but this is not bad. It shows a fiercer side to the boys.

Many say that EXO has already debuted because they have released two full songs and MV's but If you ask me, a real debut is a song intended for promotion. What EXO has released until now are songs that had the purpose of showing fans the groups diversity and talent. "History" is not single material at all when talking about S.M because it is not catchy in off.

Concerning the MV, the setting was a little strange, but these guys are from outer space so whatever. The dance was really nice and powerful. The singing voices of the members are pretty good along with the rapping. Although the set was strange, it was nice to see something a little less polished from S.M. and not the normal spiffy clean backdrop. Something else I must point out is that the camera effect on their crotches was just plain weird. ^^

What do you guys think ?

I like how both groups have their own feel when singing the exact same song. EXO-K is smooth and charming, while EXO-M is mysteriously charismatic.

Infinite Back in May

Woollim Entertainment already trolling fans with a teaser for a MAY comeback :P
Excited for Infinite's return ^^

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SHINee is back Baby !!!

SHINee's Coming Back !
Yes Yes Yes !
Okay I don't know what to think about this teaser or the fact that SM is making them release a mini album and not a full album, but I'm just so glad they are back !!!!!

Fan girl moment over

WTH did they do to Minho ... yeah .... I don't like the picture or his hair, but I like the guy so, I will let it go.
Check out Minho's <3 Teaser picture below !!!

P.S. Whoever has been asking where his abs are ... ummm ... I think they are right there but this time around he's not flexing unlike the picture in the "Lucifer" album, plus the lightning is fixed on the center of his body so they're kind of invisible, but I can still get a glimpse in the first picture ^^ 

Album release on the 21st !!!