Monday, August 29, 2011

Praise To JYP

I know all the Idol companies are bashed all the time, and many of those times the fans have reasonable resons to do so, but this post is not for that.

Today I am praising JYP Entertainment for their business skills.

Thanks, JYP Entertainment for subbing  the videos from your artist on YouTube. It helps the foreign fan to know the lyrics of your songs without having to go to other channels to look for them. Also, it is smart, because it allows you to accumulate official views on your YouTube channel, instead of at a fan channel, which will not help your artist :)

As an Example here are two songs from JYP Entertainment.

Junhos song sung by 2PM -"Give it to Me"
Junsus song also sung by 2PM - "HOT"
(edit: these songs are really good !!)

Random: One Girl Five Guys 0.0

I want an MV where each member of the group has his own love interest !!! Why does it have to be the same girl for all five, six seven, or the same guy for all four, five, six ??? Even when the song is not about cheating !!!! Is there a lack of available young men and women, or are the companies that cheap ???

By the way I have nothing against the the kpop groups that have these MV's, I just think it would be much more ectertaining to see a variety like in the MV below !!!
 (Not to mention that this song is really good ^^)

Dalmatian - The Man Opposed

So ... Kara's Coming Back !!!

Kara will be having a comeback on September 6th, with their full album "STEP."They have already revealed the track list  but here is the MV teaser.

 I have to say that DSP did well, because the teaser is beautiful. The girls look like women with many charms. I was specially surprised to see that ALL members have a reddish tone in their hair, and they look good !!!

I don't consider myself a fan of Kara, but I do love these girls and their music, so I will keep updating on their comeback as well as U-kiss's comeback !!!

Here is the MV teaser !!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

K-pop Guy of the Week - Kim Jaejoong♥

Kim Jaejoong 
Best Known for being a former member of the original TVXQ, and a current member of JYJ. He has also taken part in acting, and producing.

  • Stage Name: Hero Jaejoong
  • Nickname: Umma
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Position: Lead Singer
  • Hobbies: listening to music, composing, playing the piano, cooking
  • Fun Facts: Hero has a dog named Vic, and a cat named Jiji
Family Background
  • Born January 26, 1986
  • Born in Gongju, South Korea
  • His original name was Han Jaejun
  • He was given in adoption by his mother at a young age
  • His new family, the Kim's changed his name to Kim Jaejoong
  • He has 7 adoptive sisters
    TV Shows
    • Filmed Dating on Earth(2007) along fellow TVXQ members
    • Filmed Japanese-Korean movie Heavens Postman (2009)
    • Filmed Japanese drama Hard To Say I Love You (2010)
    • Currently Filming Korean Drama Protect the Boss (2011)

      Who do YOU want for K-pop Guy of the Week

      Who would you like for K-pop guy of the Week ??? 
      Post your recommendations here.
      K-pop guy of the Week will be back next Monday !!!

      Recommendations for top ten list's are also welcome !!!

      Oh, and a treat for those SuJu fans, below, since it makes me feel sad to waste a post :P

      Henry, Ryeowook, Heechul, Zhou Mi <3

      Flaxton St. in Korean media !!!

      So everyone who watches Simon and Martina know about the infamous FLAXTON ST. It's a street that constantly appears in k-pop videos, probably due to the way they reuse props. So here is a little compilation because I just found another example in Song Joong Ki's and Im Soo Hyung's Pizza Etang Promotions.
      By the way, I find this extremely funny.

      Thursday, August 25, 2011

      U-kiss Releases MV Teaser for Neverland

      U-Kiss has pleasantly impressed us with this MV Teaser. We are expecting much from them, and hope that they won't disappoint !!! The MV shows the members looking extremly handsome, and they are back to the "dark" concept we love. The song seems modern, and I am happy they left the (crazy) cutey boy image of 0330 at home. We will keep updating on U-Kiss's activities, and hope for an epic song and MV!!!

      U-Kiss Fighting !!!

      Wednesday, August 17, 2011

      ZE:A ?.?.?.

      Credit Red and Rosy
      Okay so at the moment i'm giving ZE:A a chance, because I have nothing else to do ( I know,,, I should be updating, but that's work for tomorrow,,, i'm so tired right now). At the moment I have heard two songs by them, and can recognize four members.So later today or early tomorrow, when I have evaluated the material, I'll give you an update on my status with ZE:A.  The only comment I can make right know is that I think they are cute <3
      What do you guys think about ZE:A? 

      Tuesday, August 16, 2011

      Apologies ... Again...

      I am truly sorry for not having posted last week, and this week, but school has started up once again, and I'm still not a costumed to my new schedule. 

      I will probably catch up on Friday or late Thursday. Thanks for reading our blog !!! <3

      For the mean time check out these picture ... Aren't they beautiful ???
      Credit to Red And Rosy for the screen caps !!!
      2PM-I'm Your Man MV ( Nichkhun)
      SHINee-Juliett Jap. PV (Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin)
      Kan Mi Yeon-Crazy MV (Lee Joon, Kan Mi Yeon)
      Although this MV and Pic. are creepy as well LOL

      Friday, August 5, 2011

      Super Junior Comeback!!

      Kpop groups beware for Super Junior is BACK!
      Here is a little backstage that they did (as every group does on their comeback stage). Yet it was amazing to hear the Mighty Mouth in their own performance to mention Super Junior's comeback! (

      Before they get to Mr. Simple they introduce themselves with "Super Man." This is an amazing song that prepares and pumps ELF's and other Kpop fans for the coming glory (yet is nowhere to be seen in the albums). Something you can spot from the very beginning is how Siwon stands out as he is the only one not wearing a suit jacket (white against all black!) but also because he is wearing suspenders that make an "X" on his back. Even if he is not your bias, he should still stand out to you. In this performance he disappears, why is still a mystery to me... (You can see him walk away at 1:19) At some point you can swear you hear Ryeowook say "super horny" (actual lyrics "supa horrig/hollik"). And it concludes with "Super Junior, the last men standing!"

      Their first comeback stage for "Mr. Simple" is out thanks to KBS's Music Bank. They've stolen thousands of girl's heart fully clothed! What can I say? You should enjoy their performance by viewing it! Actually I'd like to add that I would really want to see Donghae do Eunhyuk's dance part, he's so suave when he dances! 
      Here you can enjoy seeing Super Junior rob the stage, by getting all the attention. Since 2NE1 doesn't friend KBS (or the other way around) they get to have all that TV time for themselves. They have no shame, and are not embarrassed to just flare their popularity when its not their time! You can even see Leeteuk is just happily waving to the squealing ELF's and he continues to wave as if nothing is the matter. He even walks towards the audience to conduct some fan-service, I presume.

      Drama of the Week: Dream High

      A girl with a cold exterior + Two very handsome guys + A friend turned enemy + 
      A biased mind + The love for music+ The birth of friendships+ First Love
      = A Chance To Dream High

      Dream High is a drama with an extensive idol cast. 
      The leads of the drama are:
      Miss A's Suzy,
      2PM's Taecyeon
      and Actor Kim Soo Hyun
      Secondary rolls, which turn out to be bigger than expected at first are:
      2PM's Wooyoung,
      Solo Singer IU,
      and T-ara's Eunjung.

      The drama takes place in a school of performing arts, and revolves around a group of six teens who will do anything in order to reach their goals, and become idols. Each of them has his/her own story and problems, as well as a unique reason to be the best.

      Side Notes !!! 
      • The beginning may seem lacking but the overall story comes together and makes sense after the second episode. Don't loose fate !!!
      • Many people mention Suzy's acting, along with the words: Horrible and Lacking, but personally I don't think her acting is bad for her first gig. Her character Go Hye Mi wins the viewer over.
      • This dramas OST is awesome, and fits the story line perfectly.

      FUNNY CUT !!!

      Thursday, August 4, 2011


      I haven't talked about INFINITE as much as I would like to, but I really do LOVE this group. 

      They have: great vocals, awesome choreography, and amazing songs. 

      In order for me to consider myself a fan of a group I must like both the members and ALL of the groups songs (yes, I know I"m strict ^^). Therefore, although I like many groups, I don't consider myself a fan. 

      The only groups I'm a fan off are 1. SHINee  2. Miss A/ Infinite 3. C.N. Blue
      Shawol, Say A, Inspirit, Boice !!!

      Back to INFINITE. This group has never failed to impress me. Although I am somewhat upset that they are still not as popular, and have not won any music shows, I know their time will come.

      Here is their first comeback stage for "Be Mine", feel free to give your opinion on the group, or talk about your favorite group/ groups and why you love them ^^


      Tuesday, August 2, 2011

      The Best Kpop Songs Ever - Tier 7

      #13 - 14

      13. 8eights' "Covering those lips" 그 입술을 막아본다
      This song speaks of a person who is starting to panic because they sense they're lover is about to leave them. Seeing the signs that they don't speak that often, and when they do, its very short and meaningless, they start to have "dark" feelings. They repeat that they don't want to hear the words; they really don't want to hear them. The vocals of the song cooperate with the music and you can feel the sorrow that reality is bringing them. Truly a masterpiece that should be recognized more, but isn't. Listen to it yourself, for it really does speak for itself.

      14. Super Junior's "Mr. Simple"
      The song is simply energetic, catchy, and it makes you want to dance! The beginning sort of reminds me of SHINee's Lucifer but it becomes its own song. "Hey I'm Mr. Simple!" says Super Junior, but what could possibly be simple from Super Junior? This type of song is the type that takes your bore-doom away as you automatically jump and dance( even if you can't dance). I would like to know what the song says though, let's wait for our great subbers to release a version with them. :)

      Edit: Subbed Version 
      Credit to LyricsbyHannahh @ YT