Tuesday, December 27, 2011

EXO Teasers 2 & 3

After making us wait 5 long days for the next teaser, they finally came out with it and I was super excited for it! It's actually pretty cool so check it out! In this one we have Kai and the new member that was introduced, Lu Han, dancing a nice dance number.

Now, today they release the 3rd Teaser where the third member Tao is introduced! In this teaser he does
some martial arts which are pretty cool! I'm not good at explaining so without further ado, watch it below.

I don't know about you guys but they are some talented kids. Although they are talented in different areas, they haven't showed them singing. I mean, if you want to be an idol, isn't that one of the biggest requirements? As of now, the first teaser is my all time favorite. Which one of the three is your favorite?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Potpourri

Happy Holidays everyone!! I wanted to greet you guys this holiday so I found some things that might entertain you for a while. There were so many things I wanted to post that I just decided to put it all in one post to save time. I guess you could call it an SM special.

Looking around I found someone that put the Exo Teaser 1 Chinese Version online on Youtube.

It basically looks the same but the song has been changed into Chinese, and from what I've been reading, really heavily accented Chinese. Seems like they need to practice it more!

MBC's "Music Core X-Mas Special" was on last night and it seems like Super Junior had a lot of fun because they appeared in Donghae's and Eunhyuk's "Oppa has Arrived" performance. Very nice touch by the way, really cute, which is why I thought I should share it for those who have not watched it yet.

On Youtube SM uploaded a video of Amber and Henry giving their holiday greetings and it was quite nice. Amber and Henry's voices are so nice, and it makes me wish that they would give Amber actual singing parts instead of just raps.

Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas!! Spend it with your family or other loved ones and remember to have fun! Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Evidence against SM for Obstructing JYJ's Activities

Palm TV broadcasted a segment today which was much anticipated, as they had announced it hours before. They claimed to have evidence on how SM Entertainment was obstructing JYJ's activities. I was skeptical at first when I heard about it. I was thinking that maybe it was just a hoax or that SM would pull it before it was aired, but it I was proved when it was aired a few hours ago.

The evidence was legitimate and to be honest, I was really happy that SM was getting a taste of their own medicine. They have to pay 500,000 to 800,000 U.S. dollars within a year (although SM is trying to reduce the amount,) as it was around the amount that JYJ lost thanks to their obstruction. The reporter submitted documents that showed that the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry and the Korean Entertainment Producer's Association united in the attempt to block JYJ's activities on TV programs. Of course they deny their involvement, but the documents are proof.

Now for my rant: God exists!!!!!! There has been some at least some justice. HAHAHA SM in your face! Although I love all of the idols in the company, SM should put on its grown up pants and leave JYJ alone already. How more childish could they get with all of the underhanded methods they are using to get in JYJ's way. RIDICULOUS and IMMATURE.

Hopefully now they will leave JYJ alone and also let HoMin communicate with JYJ. This stupid war should just end already. Poor boys are probably tired of all the scandals. I'm not saying that they should be back together as one group or anything like that, but just like any other fan, I want them to reunite and at least communicate. One more step to reunification; JYJ and HoMin fighting!

SHINee Comeback ???

So everyone knows that SHINee is due for a Korean comeback anytime soon, because they did not promote at all in Korea this year. Most Shawol's are expecting the comeback for January, and I believe this is becoming more and more true as time goes by. This is because SM has a history of promoting a rookie group at the same time as they promote a senior group, in order to hype up the rookie group even more.

EXO is making their debut soon and therefore SM is most likely to promote SHINee at the same time. The same way TVXQ ( the senior group) promoted Mirotic, a month after SHINee (the rookie group) began promoting their first album SHINee World, or the way SNSD (the senior group) promoted Genie one month after SHINee (the rookie group) began promoting Juliette, and the way SHINee promoted Ring Ding Dong, only three weeks after f(x)'s debut with La Chata. I won't put anymore examples becouse all of you probably got my point :P

Therefor if SM keeps the trend we might see SHINee again around the 25th or 26th of January, one month after EXO begins promotions ^^

Let's just hope I'm right :P I miss SHINee.

P.S. Rumors are going around that SHINee's comeback song is called Superhero !!!
P.S.2. I'll leave you guys with ... the most played song on my i-pod !!! Love Still Goes On <3

EXO - K/M Member #1

I will try to closely follow this debut for today ... (and probably only today). I will probably not post at all starting tomorrow, until after New Years. This is because I'm going to be at my grandmas house and that place and it's vicinity is devoid of an internet connection ... so sad ... lol.

Member #1
January 1994 
It is still not confirmed if he belongs to K or M but probably K.
Let me just say he's smooth, I still need to see more of them and their music, but until now with only one member out they seem promising ... Check out KAI's teaser yourself !!!

Some Pictures:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CHALLENGE: DAY 12: After School

DAY 12
Group: After School

This MV and song are both great and it is generally thought of as the best song AS has ever promoted.
The whole theme of this video is pretty unique, entertaining and eye catching. The dance is different and the introduction is just so cool.
This is quite hard for me because I do not follow AS a lot, but I really do like the song, "Shampoo", so here is the live. Playgirlz please suggest better lives or a particular song you love by After School !


DAY 11

Okay so for this challenge Double A has asked me to participate, since I have more... let's say... expertise in the "BIG BANG area."  So here we go! - Mizukyu

This one was hard to choose, since all BIG BANG songs are awesome, but alas, there is only one winner, which is "Number 1" from one of their Japanese albums. The beat is awesome, making it extremely catchy and it's in English, so that's a plus.
My favorite MV from BIG BANG is from their song "Beautiful Hangover," from one of their Japanese Albums. I have to say, the camera work, colors, and  is excellent. Not only that, but the obsession G-Dragon has with his lover seeps out of the screen... and who wouldn't want Taeyang stalking them right? The reason I didn't go for "Haru Haru" or "Lies" is because those are classics, and this might have been a gem some fans never saw.

This is one of BIG BANGS best performances, no doubt. They always go the extra mile for their fans as their performances are always top notch. Their performance for "Tonight" really is just spectacular, as G-Dragon brings out the whole essence of the song by playing the acoustic guitar.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rookie Groups and their Names

WHY !!!???!!!
TS entertainment has revealed the name of their new male groups, that consists of Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Himchan, and three more members.

The name is  ........ B.A.P ...

Seriously ...

Best . Absolute . Perfect

Seriously ...

One of the worst names I've heard until this day ... TS ENT. what's wrong with you ???!!!???

Friday, December 16, 2011

Take it YURI !!!

I was reading that Yuri, SNSD, was offered the main female role for the drama "Fashion King", and I just wanted to convey my thoughts on it.

Yuri, accept it, come on it's Yoo Ah In!!! The guy is perfect, just accept it !!!


Just Kidding, but anyway I really do hope that Yuri accepts this role. On the other hand I fear that SM will not allow it because "Fashion King" is set to air as a competition to "Love Rain", Yoona's drama. I'm not really excited about "Love Rain", probably because I dislike sad dramas and Yoona's drama just seems to have this very sad aspect to it. Plus I prefer Yoo Ah In to Jang Geun Suk (Although Many Disagree LOL) ... ^^

Yoo Ah In <3 Picture Spam ...

Plus... Let's add Yuri into the MIX ...

Great Drama Couple in the Making !!!

Eunhyuk&Dongahe Unit Group !!!

Eunhyuk and Donghae have released a unit single called "Oppa Has Risen", a song with a very 80's feel, and the moves to go with it.

The performance, dance, lyrics, outfits, and the guys themselves are hilarious. Check out the song and live performance below ^^

I have a feeling that whoever wrote this song also wrote "Ooops !!!" and some of the other very funny songs Super Junior has performed, specially because they are full of self praise !!!

P.S. I think Super Junior is one of the only groups that can perform this type of music and still look great ^^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Onew !!!

Another SHINee Birthday ^^
Today was the Birthday of SHINee's leader Onew ^^
Doesn't everyone love Onew ????
To honor this cool guy and lovely vocalist, let's appreciate his solo at the London showcase ...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Running Man: Minho - Siwon - Sohee


The Perfect New Year Gift !!!

I am an avid Running Man fan and have been waiting for SHINee to be on the show since forever.
Now, I finally get to see Minho on it !!!

It seems like the episode will be aired on the first of January !!!

I'm also excited that Siwon (Super Junior) and Sohee (Wonder Girls) will also be part of the show !!!
This episode will be quiet epic ...

It also seems like SULLI is back !!!

Oh and rumors about Hyorin being present are boiling online, although no pictures of her have been spotted.

Rumored Teams ...
Jae Suk, Sohee, Jong Gook
Kwang Soo, Hyorin, Sukjin
HaHa, Sulli, Gary
Siwon, Jihyo, Minho  (WOOHOO !!! MINHO, SIWON, AND THE ACE IN ONE TEAM  !!!)

Hyorin spotted

Sunday, December 11, 2011


DAY 10
Group: SNSD

My favorite SNSD song is no other than "Let it Rain", from their first Japanese album. I love this song and it's one of the most played tracks on my i-pod.
Choosing a favorite MV was hard, and I was tempted to be biased and choose Gee because of Minho but I won't :P
Rather I will choose the MV of their promotional song "Chocolate Love" , because it is one of my only favorite songs by SNSD that actually has an MV... well that and "Into the New World."
My favorite live by SNSD is that of "The Great Escape" because the choreography is different from the typical SNSD choreography, it is quite fierce in a subtle way, and it is really entertaining to watch because the it is not repetitive. May I add that I prefer the Japanese music SNSD has produced compared to most of their Korean work.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter is Here !!!

Winter is finally here !!!
And I finally got around to re-decorate the blog, what do you guys think ?

Keeping with the mood ...
Love Letter - Happy Pledis MV

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Minho !!!

In honor of Choi Minho's Birthday, I was inspired to create the following collage, which has now become my computers background.
Just wanted to share it with you guys !!!
Happy 20th Birthday Flaming Charisma ^^ 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Infinite - Lately/ White Confession

Christmas is getting closer and closer and with that comes the release of some great Christmas songs from our favorite groups. 

Infinite like many has released a Christmas single called "Lately" also known as "White Confession."

Although it is undeniable that this song has the Infinite feel, it also has something fresh, the spirit of Christmas maybe ?

I can imagine hearing this song while drinking hot chocolate and having fun with friends and family. It portrays the true spirit of Christmas, the companionship. 

Check out the song below and tell me what you guys think !!!

Drama of the Week: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, abbreviated SSK Scandal by fans has become my favorite drama!!!
The plot of the drama revolves around four very different youths that become the best of friend’s trough scandals, secrecy, and love.

These four characters are:

Boyfriend - I'll Be There

Boyfriend has released their third single album !!!
Their title song , "I'll be there", is a really upbeat track that talks about the longing for the person you love after a break up, and the efforts to fix things.

At first I was taken aback at the beat, it seemed a little awkward with the first scene of the music video which is the break up, it just seemed way to happy. Nevertheless the song is very likable and easily grows on you. The video in itself is really cute and I can see that Boyfriend is stepping it up with the choreography, it's becoming much more flashy, and I can see the individual colors of the members.

I came to the conclusion that this is not a Christmas song, but for the sake of the season the winter feel has been incorporated into the MV.  This song could have been released in summer and still sound great ^^

Like I said before this song grows on you and these boys do too <3

Check out the MV below and tell me what you guys think !!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SNOW !!!

So I was feeling a little jealous of the WordPress people who get snow on their blog,
so I went out and found my own LOL
Next Step - Decorate this blog to show the winter spirit !!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kyu Line is Back

I Love Kyu Line !!!
Kyuhyun, Changmin, and Minho recently made a call to Shin Shin Ta Pa , and it was quite cute and hilarious. It would be almost safe to guess that they where all drinking but it seems like Max was the most drunk when the call was received.
Check out the call with Eng. Subs below (credit goes to chokyuhyunism @ YT)

On other matter I was unaware that Changmin's line in Hug had to do with being jealous of a cat LOL
A blast from the past ... Hug (credit goes to xjunsuloverx @ YT)

Oh and for those of you who want to hear the song they asked to be played ...
Super Junior - Storm

Partying with these guys would be awesome LOL

Missing SHINee

I Miss SHINee ...
Seriously, they have not promoted in Korea in a whole year, and although they have been extremely active with concerts and in Japan, It's still not the same :(
There is nothing like seeing them perform a new song on stage.
Like many fellow Shawols I want them to hurry and come out with new material soon, but I still hope that they get some rest, because they have been extremely busy ...
All that is left at the moment is to wait for the release of their Japanese Album.

In the Meantime enjoy one of their hundreds of epic performances ^^
JoJo ...

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry _ Answer

I know that for fans of Super Junior this song is a gem, but to many of those casual fans it is more than likely hidden by the mega-hit of the original Sorry Sorry.

So in order to promote it a little more, here is Sorry Sorry -Answer.
This song showcases the vocals of K.R.Y and really transfer that sad emotion to the listener.

P.S. I love this song !!!

So what do you guys think ???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bang & Zelo: Never Give Up

TS Entertainment trolled us LOL
Everyone was expecting the song to be bad ass, but the teaser for Bang & Zelo's single had nothing to do with the song and video!!!
At first I was like "what is this ???", but after hearing the song a second time and reading the lyrics, I'm loving it.
This is a "feel good" song  and was meant as a present for test takers in Korea, so it makes sense that it has this sort of sound!!!

On to to other matters I really like Zelos voice, and Bang Yong Guk is as flawless as always. These guys are really becoming something interesting. Personally, I would like to see something stronger from Zelo, but this was not disappointing, he is really cuuteee !!!

Check out the Eng sub MV below (credit to kpoprom1 @ YT)

So what do you guys think ???

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TroubleMaker !!!

I was happily impressed with this unexpected project group Cube released: Trouble Maker.
The unit group is composed by Hyuna (4minute) and Hyun Seung (B2ST).

I saw many people complain about the lack of promotion of other 4minute members by Cube but Hyuna is the only member that could have pulled this sort of concept off. Not that I am very familiar with the members of 4minute, although I am biased toward Jiyoon because I like her voice, I'm cool with Hyunah. Hyunah has pretty good charisma on stage, and that is most likely the reason she is most promoted, she's just popular.

I wasn't to familiar with Hyun Seung before this, but I now have a growing interest ^^ His voice is so soothing and I am glad that he has the larger chunk of the lyrics ^^

The album is really nice and the MV is interestingly sexy ^^ Check them out below !!!

P.S. Hyun Seung's hairstyle really suits him here !!!

MV/ Track 1
Trouble Maker
Track 2
The Words I don't Want to Hear
Track 3
Track 4
Hyunseung Solo- Amurut

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Super Junior - MAMA Performance

This performances just stole the night in my opinion, it was extremely cool !!! 
We got to see Superman, Sorry Sorry, and Mr. Simple performed uniquely^^
Plus, the way each of the members entered and the look Siwon gave the camera at
 the beginning was awesome !!! <3

Monday, November 28, 2011

IU is BACK !!!

IU is back as awesome as ever !!!

I will write more about her album after I finish hearing all of her songs but in the meantime here is the MV for her tittle track "YOU & I."

I love this MV because it reminds me of the epicness of Good Day. I like that there are many differnt moods trough the song, such as sadness, happiness, and the joy of youth. I also love that recurring theme with birds; first the parrot, and now the goose. Lastly, IU's dances are simple but always befitting of the song and don't distract from her vocals, but compliment them.

Personally I think IU is the type of artist that is impossible to dislike. She is cute, fun, beautiful, and a very very good singer. She is just likable to put it in simple words.

What do you guys think about the MV or IU in general ???

MINHO MINHO MINHO : Sharing the Minho Love

I really want to spam some pictures of Minho I obtained online :P 
So here it goes !!!

Ooooh and an apology for not posting last week but i was busy and lazy ^^






I resisted the Temptation of making the pictures extra large :P

Strange Habits ?

This is weird but I just noticed that I slightly bow when I shake someones hand in greeting. -_-

This is most likely a side effect of observing and enjoying Asian culture ;)

I console myself by thinking that at least I don't say "Omoooo !" LOL

Are there any other quirky habits you guys have adopted from Asian culture? 
If so what are they?

A Gif for your time !!! Credit to rightful owner !!!
BB and TVXQ are HOT

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I Love HoMin here (and everywhere ^^), this song just has this really nice feel to it.
Their voices sound really well together, and although I was a little concerned to see if they could pull this song off live, because of the arrangement, I am happy they can.
They sound beautiful and look handsome.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Short Story : Miss A

Today I search Miss A on goggle and it brough back some memories LOL

I still remember last year when Miss A where rookies. My friend Miruuku and I where in our Engineering class at school, with nothing to do.

We got the shock of our life when we goggled Miss A on our laptops.

Now that I think about it, it was rather stupid to Google "Miss A".

As some of you can imagine we got a picture of Min (I think), a picture of of the whole group, and a naked woman. Yep, that was horrible.

One year later and I can finally search the words "Miss A" without being scared of getting naked women all over my screen. Thank you Miss A for becoming popular ^^ LOL

Monday, November 21, 2011

2NE1 Scaring New Fans Since 2009 -_-

OK so I know 2NE1 is supposed to have their own style and all that, but I can't help thinking their clothes in the following picture looked old, cheap, and have no class. Even though I am sure they are more expensive than anything I could ever own in my closet.

It's even more evident when they are standing beside other idols -_-
See below:
left - right
Hyuna (4minute), Minzy, CL, Park Bom, Dara, and Leetuke (Super Junior)

Seriously, If I knew nothing about Kpop and I saw this picture I would think these girls have issues.
They even look extremely creepy. Minzy and Park Bom look particularly scary. CL seems to have escaped the 80's and Dara's hair is just a no no. Furthermore Minzy does not look like an 18 year old -_-

Hyuna and Leetuke look nice and professional since this was the Youtube award ceremony after all -_-
Too bad I can't say the same for 2NE1

So what do you guys think about 2NE1's fashion and outfits ?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is my favorite song from everything JYJ has produced ... EMPTY ...

They lyrics are so catchy and I love their voices in this <3 REPLAY

credit to 3alex1210264 @ YT for vid.

Friday, November 18, 2011

T-ara******Cry Cry

For those of you who haven't watched T-ara's Cry Cry MV do it now ^^

Personally I found that the MV had a great story line, that actually makes you feel something.
More than A Music Video this turns into a mine Drama/Movie.
I have to accept that I'm a softy for sad stories and this is not an exception.
Take a look at the 15 min MV below !!!

There will be a second part to this MV released in December !!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

JYJ and their Perverted Songs

The only JYJ songs I have on my i-pod are some of the ones on their English album. This is because I am not a fan of most ballads and their album had some faster paced songs, unlike the Korean album.

While I was listening to the songs I remembered something I noticed long ago, some of their songs are soooo perverted. Seriously.

Here are two very pervy songs, I mean if you don't pay attention to the lyrics, they sound good, but the lyrics just make me cringe.

Be The One 
Honestly this songs chorus makes me lough, I just imagine a weird guy going "Baby be the one", because of that voice LOL

Be My Girl
This one is not that apparently pervy, but theirs some underling messages present (;
It is also amusingly cocky.

Oh God the hidden and not so hidden meaning of these songs is pure gold.

P.S. I bet all of you thought I was going to talk about this ... LOL...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rookie 3 Course Meal : Hey MYNAME, You Got a Message !

Rookie 3 Course Meal : PART 3

Out of the three groups I have presented MYNAME seems to be the most popular, they hit the nail of popularity straight on. In other words they did all of what is expected from  "good" rookie. They have an energetic choreography, a good concept, and most importantly a catchy song.

The Members (credit for info goes here)




Jun Q.


Man, these concept photos are creepy especially Seyong, but they are interesting. Good thing they don't hide how handsome the boys are ...

Their song "Message" is below


Rookie 3 Course Meal : Want to be Taken ?

Rookie 3 Course Meal: PART 2

So Taken is also a rookie group consisting of 6 members, I am not so sure as to what to think about them at the moment because their debut song leaves me baffled.

Taken "Young Boys"

The lyrics for the song are mostly atrocious, except for the "I'm the top, greatest korean wolf" part, which I actually like, oh and the chorus which is really catchy and dance-able.

The choreography is pretty cool and energetic, and the music is really fun, especially at the 1:00 minute mark.

Then again the "I'm young boy, i'm a young boy" really throws me off -_-

The Members (credit for the info goes here)

Sunwon Leader 






Like I mentioned before, I'm still not ready to make a decision on them, maybe after I see more of their work?


Rookie 3 Course Meal : AA Anyone ?

Rookie 3 Course Meal: PART 1
AA (Double A)

Okay, I'm not talking about the name I use to blog, but about the rookie group that goes by that name. I've been reading their name on a blog I frequent and I decided to give them a chance. In all honesty they have something that makes them likable and  want to keep looking at them.

The Members (Credit for info and pictures goes here)





Real Maknae


Their debut song is called "So Crazy" ... below.
As many have mentioned the moves are too feminine for a boy band but they sure are addicting. Many fan girls are appreciative of that particular move, I'm not going to tell you which, go look at the video yourself :P

I think they have potential and aren't going to fade out like the majority of the rookies this year, let's give them a chance ^^

P.S. I LOVE Hoik's Voice !!! <3