Wednesday, May 30, 2012

COWBOYS ............. oh and B1A4 !

Okay so I finally got around to watching B1A4's latest video "Sleep Well, Goodnight", and I'm smitten. Yes, you could say they are talking about cheating but if that's the case they are the cutest cheaters out there ... not that I approve of cheating but .... it's B1A4 :P

I also have this thing for cowboys. This is probably why I think their outfits are awesome, of course sometimes they look like little kids dressing up as cowboys but that just makes them even cuter.

Moving on, the song is pretty catchy and has an awesome chorus ! Check It out below ... You are cordially invited to join my cowboy obsession :P

Friday, May 25, 2012



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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is G.NA just 2HOT to Handle?

There so much hate going around for G.Na's new MV "2Hot", but I just don't see any basis for it. As mentioned before I do think G.NA has a lot of potential, and her latest tracks have not allowed her to shine as much as she should, but that does not discredit her current work. "2HOT" is not a masterpiece by any means but the song is a fun pop track, catchy and entertaining. The same thing goes for  the video and I should not need to mention that it should not be taken too seriously. She looks really cool and manages to remain classy, a la Lee Hyori, even if her dance is sexy. I mean, catchy sells, people going around calling it terrible should probably not be listening to k-pop at all because the majority of the songs out there are like this or much worse. You have to right to dislike it, but why judge it as something it is not.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thoughts on JJ Project

I really like these two boys. They are just so cute. Although their tittle track is not my cup of tea the song seems to be growing on me. The MV and choreography is very fun and charming. I like that the concept is not mature or sexy, and that the fact that they are young boys is played upon. Everything about them is young and fun.

Unlike the tittle track "Bounce", I instantly favored "Hooked" and "Before this song Ends"

"Hooked" is a little too busy for me. The background music sometimes overtakes the voices of JB and Jr., specially at the beginning, but there is something about the chorus that is just really catchy and nice to listen to. It reminds me a lot of old chick flick OST's ... you know Hillary Duff and stuff ... yeah ...

"Before This Song Ends" is a collaboration with Suzy of Miss A. Suzy has a really nice voice and I like that all three of them are the same age. It just keeps the young vibe flowing, something that might not have happened if an older JYP artist had worked with them. I just want to add that this song is awesome, my favorite song on the album, and I have hopes for a live performance !

Green Light

This is hands down, the best song on G.Na's new album.

Green Light ft. Jay Park

Although I still believe G.NA's voice is more befitting of ballads, this album is an improvement from Top Girl and the tittle track is very catchy and fun.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Miss A does Wonder Girls

Another pretty awesome cover from the same date 120428 in Bangkok. All of the girls sounded great, but Suzy really stood out, her voice really shines when the choreography isn't too demanding.

SHINee does Super Junior

Sitting here wondering why I haven't seen this before ...
I missed out on so much :'(
Okay, I'm playing, but this is one awesome "Sorry Sorry" cover !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Meaning of Happiness

I really really like the song "Satisfaction" by F.T. Island. Everything here is just superb, and therefore it is one of my favorite F.T. Island songs. Check it out below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is the type of music I like from IU.

Keeping Love Again

"Keeping Love Again" is part of SHINee's release of Sherlock in Japan. The song reminds me a lot of Kiss Kiss, a previous Japanese release, I really like it.

Ulalla Session - Beautiful Night

For those of you who haven't had the chance to watch this MV, let me just say it is plain epic. The lead actress, Park Han Byul, is sent on a crazy trip when her bag gets taken by the wedding singer. From then on things get even more outrageous !

CHALLENGE3: DAY 20: A list of your top 5 maknaes

SM Town
1. Seohyun
2. Changmin
3. Kyuhyun
4. Taemin
5. Krystal

Yay, SM Town ! This was not on purpose, it's just that SM Town has the quirkiest maknaes !

CHALLENGE3: DAY 19: A list of your top 5 dancers

Order: Interchangeable

1. Taeyang
2. Hoya
3. Eunhyuk
4. Taemin
5. Jia
6. Min

Okay, I cheated again, I couldn't make up my mind on top 5 so I did top 6. Jia and Min are some of the few girls in k-pop that actually dance. They are both awesome, and have a lot of experience dancing.

CHALLENGE3: DAY 18: A List of Your Top 5 Male Vocals

K, C, 2AM, O, H
1. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
2. Changmin (2AM)
3. Hongki (F.T. Island)
4. Onew (SHINee)
5. 2AM :P

Okay I cheated. In truth I wanted to add all of 2AM on here, because I love love  love all of their voices. They compliment each pother so well but still manage to have their own color. Changmin gets a spot on his own because I like him on Homme as well :P

CHALLENGE3: DAY 17: A List of Your Top Five Girl Groups

Miss A, KARA, Girl's Day, SNSD, Rainbow
I have to say I do listen to many girl groups, but the feeling is very different from the boy groups I follow. For girl groups, I do not get attached. I may like their music but I might not know the names of their members. As well as skip an article regarding a certain member on a news cite, without much care. There is a lack of attachment present. The only girl group that I have comes close to forming an attachment is Miss A, and even then I have not mustered the idea of having a bias.

No particular order after Miss A.

1. Miss A

2. Rainbow

3. Girl's Day
I hate ow their MV's usually ruin songs. The MV's must be funny but all those special effects just make the song awkward, and not very pleasing to the ears.

I'm not really fond of SNSD's Korean music, but I love their Japanese Album <3


CHALLENGE4: DAY 16: A List of Your Top 5 Boy Groups

SHINee, Infinite, C.N Blue, F.T Island, TVXQ

1. SHINee
I really really like SHINee. From their choreography to their voices, to their members. They are a group I can have faith in, and be sure they will deliver.

2. Infinite
I love this group for constantly giving us quality music and for those amazing dance routines. Everything about Infinite (on stage) screams perfection, and that image is really beneficial for an artist.

3. C.N. Blue
C.N Blue has some of the catchiest music around without sounding cheap, and many times that is really hard to achieve. I specially love the mixing of JongHwa's and Jonghyun's voices.

4. F.T. Island
The fist k-pop group I ever listened to. They constantly release good music and are excellent performers. Their ballads are some of the few I can appreciate, although I am not a ballad person. Hongki is specially brilliant on stage and really let's himself go.

5. TVXQ (HoMin)
For me TVXQ is HoMin. I was never attached to the original line up, because when I found k-pop they where long gone. JYJ dosn't really hit home for me because I'm not a ballad person, and if the song is the least bit stagnant I quickly loose interest. Back to HoMin, Yunho and Changmin are very impressive stage wise. Although I may not be fond of all of their songs , they always look powerful on stage, and it seems they really put experience to play. I also want to add that I love all of their Jap. music.

Honorable mention to "Boyfriend", I love this group over all the rookies in 2011, which happens to be a very unpopular opinion, but I don't really care. People only remember their debut and don't see the potential ready to be released. Like I mentioned before I need an album like now :)

Plus "Big Bang". There is something about BB that doesn't really grow on me, but I do like a lot of their music and all of their members. It's just that, when something is overly complimented it looses their shine for me... don't you think ?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 15: A List Of Your Favorite Solo Artist

G.NA, Hyori, SE7EN, Han Groo, IU
Ummmm this is hard, I don't really listen to that many solo artist so here is my list anyway...
This is in no particular order

1. Lee Hyori :
Hyori's voice might not be the best out there, but she knows how to work with what she has and always manages to sound great. She is also an awesome performer.

(this video might be really creepy, but the song is beautiful)
(i suddenly realised I hate clowns)

2. Han Groo:
Han Groo isn't very popular and is somewhat a rookie, but I happen to relaly like the few songs she's released ( like 6 ?). I hope she gets to release more music in the near future.

3. G.NA:
G.NA sometimes annoys me with her music choice (or her companies). It seems like they try to ignore the fact that she can do so much with her voice. Gladly her first mini album exist to show us all what she can do. With that said some of her new songs are to my liking, while others not so much.

4. Se7en:
Concerning Se7en, I think he's somewhat like Hyori. He doesn't have the best voice out there either, but he makes the best of it and the results are usually impressive. My favorite aspect of his music is that he really manages to show emotion, maybe this is why I prefer his ballads or pop songs compared to his more upbeat (hip hop?) music. The former actually pull me in while the later don't really hit home for me (ahem ahem Digital Bounce). Of course I'm still discovering Se7en's music, 9 years worth is a lot.

5. IU:
I have a love hate relationship with IU. Her music is a hit or miss for me, I either love it or it bores me to death. In my opinion, she's a very good singer and I am fond of some of her songs, but sometimes her voice sounds to monotonous and instead of being impressive it just sits there. I still really like IU, but I have a tendency to scout trough her songs and find those that are to my liking, and just forget the rest.

( Surprise Surprise, IU's first song, in my opinion it is flawless, although it has a very creepy video)

An honorable mention to Kim Kyu Jong, who I LOVE but decided to forgo in this list because he's only released one solo album, and he's "technically" not a soloist, but who knows. As well as to Seo In Guk, who I'm barely beginning to explore and seem to like very much.

CHALLENGE3: DAY 14: Your Bias in U-Kiss: AJ


Originally, the member that I favored in U-kiss was Kiseop, although I never got around to actually picking a bias in the group. After AJ joined I liked him as well, but I was iffy in having a bias in U-Kiss because I couldn't choose between him and Kiseop. I had already given up, when I realized I was already biased (although Kiseop still receives a percent of my attention) :P 

Anyway, AJ is very talented, he's the best rapper in U-kiss and has a decent singing voice. He's also pretty handsome, and interesting. He speaks English pretty well for someone who has never lived abroad and the most important thing ... he penned the rap for 0330. For those of you who may not know, he was the culprit who wrote "don't deny our r^2 pi" LOL

He's just awesome like that.

Leaving you guys with my favorite U-Kiss interview, by Simon and Martina, they seem so natural here, and their personalities really shine trough ...

Infinite " The Chaser" Teaser ^.^

I'm really excited for Infinite's comeback later this month (May 15).

Something about Infinite I really like is that they have a trademark sound, and although there songs may be different, there is something that tells you, "that is Infinite". This is evident in the teaser for their tittle song "The Chaser" which was just released today. It is also evident that we will be getting another awesome choreography. I like the scenery and colors of the teaser, and I'm glad that they are back with an MV where their dance is evident, because although I like the song "Perfection" the MV was rather dull. The choreography for that song is one of the best Infinite has done, and it could have been showcased better ^.^

Below is a teaser for their tittle song, "The Chaser" ->

P.S. The only thing I wasn't really feeling was Hoya's hair, but he's my bias so I'm already over it :)

Back Back Back

Yay ! I'm Back ! School was too hectic these past weeks but after completing finals yesterday I'm ready to return to blogging :D

For now I'm leaving you guys with a very handsome trio...