Friday, June 29, 2012


Let me just say this teaser is spectacular I love it with all my heart. I could watch it again and again and again. Seriously, I'm excited, but I'll come back and write more tomorrow morning !!! Bye Bye !

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 members and Back !

Super Junior is back during the first week of July, and to pre-start their promotions they have released their first photo teaser featuring (one of my favorite members) EUNHYUK !!!

Concerning the teaser, I will refrain from a true opinion, because with SM disliking or liking a teaser is quite meaningless because they will probably have nothing to do with the actual MV, song, and promotion. Let us just enjoy this first teaser thrown at us and the rest to come.

Their new album will be called ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ and will be released on July 1st.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A taste of Sulli's Acting

While we wait for the release of "To The Beautiful You" in August, I'll leave you guys with Sulli's cuts from "Punch Lady" a movie she filmed in 2007 at the age of 13. In my opinion she's pretty decent :)

Back With a New Image

What do you guys think ?  

Miss a for Marie Claire

Just wanted to share some pictures from Miss A's latest photo shoot with Marie Claire.

Miss A (My new Laptop Background ^.^)
Fei & Jia 

Jia & Min
Goddess Fei

Min & Suzy

More of Girl's Generation in Japan

One of my favorite albums of a k-pop artist belongs to SNSD, but it's not actually a k-pop album but a j-pop album.  Their first Japanese album is on a whole other level compared to any of their Korean work and I love it. This is why I was excited to hear the new song SNSD would be promoting in Japan and was not disappointed.

"Paparazzi" is a good song with an awesome choreography,and I get to hear a lot of Seohyun. It always makes me happier when that is the case, her voice is my favorite in the group and gets better everyday. I also like that the distribution of lyrics is a little better than some other songs SNSD has promoted lately, specially toward Yuri who sometimes fades out.  The dance is awesome, and although their second outfits (black) are kinda strange they still look great.

Check out "Paparazzi" below !

Review: Electric Shock : Smitten with f(x)

f(x) finally surprised me with "Electric Shock" (the album). Although I have always liked the group I had never had the heart to actually love it. Something, usually the music, was pushing me away. To me their music used to sound a little too messy for my liking. It seemed like f(x) was trying to represent youth but usually came up as childish. I kept wishing someone would come in and help them polish their act and they finally seem to be getting there with this new mini.

The title track "Electric Shock" is not as catchy as some of their previous singles, but there was something less messy about it. It seemed to have become a more polished version of "Nu ABO". Although "Chu~♡" remains as my favorite f(x) tittle track, I really like "Electric Shock" specially those slower moments when their voices truly shine and build up for the real action. The MV is average, the set is pretty and the solo shots are nice. The dance has a lot of cool parts in it but I specially like the beginning where Krystal grabs Amber and Sulli, as well as when they couple up.

I'm usually fond of f(x)'s tittle tracks so I was expecting to like "Electric Shock" but what I was not expecting was to like the majority of the songs on the album. Before "Electric Shock" only a few of their non-tittle songs where on my i-pod. Now I'm practically in love with three of the songs on the album.

The first song is "Beautiful Stranger", is a collaboration between Krystal, Amber,and Luna, with a very pop-ish feel to it. Their voices compliment well together making the song a great listen.

Next comes "Love Hate", a song that speaks about the idea of not knowing if what you feel is love or hate, similarly themed to SHINee's "Up and Down".  I tried to explain the feeling it gave to me to a friend and she did not get what I mean, so I will try again : "the song seems like their yodeling...." yeah ... I really like that it's young and fresh but not childish.

The last spot goes to "Let's Try", a slower song with an upbeat and catchy chorus, and a lot of actual singing from the members. This is a perfect time to point out that we get to hear a lot of Amber on this album, most of which is actual singing (thank you SM). Amber has a really nice voice that contrast with that of the other members, making songs much more interesting. This is why I constantly hope for Minho to have longer parts in SHINee songs, there are so many possibilities.

I really like the dynamic of f(x) although it sometimes seems that SM placed very different people together, not giving the group a sort of coherence most of the other SM groups posses. Further magnified by the lack of recognition f(x) has as a group and not only as individual entertainers. On the other hand one thing SM has done right with f(x) since the beginning is defining their music style. Although there are many areas where the need for  improvement is clearly visible, f(x) has kept their style while progressing and polishing it, clearly evident in this album.

Rating 3.6/5 
Most of the album seems to be an upgrade of their previous work, keeping their style but showing growth. There is still room for improvement but f(x) is getting there. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

This is stuck in my head !!!

This comeback really seems to be hinting at epicness ... Wonder Girls are back !