Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY4: Your Bias In SS501


When I first started looking trough videos of SS501 I liked Hyung Jun instantly, and I still do, he was very charismatic, but I gradually moved on to Kyu Jong. The first thing that truly called me to Kyu Jong was his voice. His tone is really distinctive and a little strange but beautiful, even when speaking. It is really hard to actually describe his voice ^.^

Kyu Jong's solo album "Turn Me On" reinforced my liking for him. I actually consider it my favorite album out of what the members of SS501 have released as solo artist. He is good looking, a good dancer, and has a great voice, truly bias worthy in many ways. Furthermore, I've seen him act in a Taiwanese drama and he's decent, too bad his character was die hard annoying (but that's Taiwanese dramas for you, exaggerating every character since forever :P). To end, Kim Kyu Jong just seems very sweet in general.


  1. Heehee, go Kyu Jongie! I can't choose between him and Jung Min... I love both their solos!

    P.S: Kyu Jong has never appeared in a Taiwanese drama. If you're talking about a SS501 member acting as a die-hard annoying idiot in a Taiwanese drama, that's Jung Min. Kyu Jong's character in Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil is sooooo sweet, but a bit mean at the start to f(x)'s Luna.

    1. True I really messed up here :P I actually watched cuts of the drama with Luna too, but while I was writing this I was watching Jung Mins drama, lol I guess I had him on my mind :P