Friday, April 20, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY9: Your Bias in SHINee


I really considered skipping this day since anyone who reads my blog knows that he is my ultimate bias, because I mention it about once a week and I don't want to get redundant.

Anyway today I'm going to focus on Minho's voice. Being honest, it's not the best out there, and in SHINee with Taemin's voice quickly improving it sometimes seems like he can't keep up. All of this of course is true, but there's also another side, Minhos voice is truly sweet and with  more work it would be even better. I don't expect him to come belting out a song like Jonghyun or Onew but his voice has it's own charm.

I think the truth behind his lack of singing in SHINee songs is that he just can't keep up. I don't mean it in the "his voice is so bad he can't keep up way", but in the way that the songs given to SHINee are very very high, and Minhos voice is very low. Once in awhile, when we do hear his voice there is a contrast with the other four SHINee vocals, and personally I love that. I always wait for his parts in songs, even if all he sings are ten seconds. Sometimes I think SHINee's songs are made for Jonghyun, Key, but Minho gets the worse deal out of them all because no matter how much he works for it, his voice is not going to magically turn high.

EXAMPLE: SHINee's Juliette: that song just goes from high to higher.

Anyway, here is treat for myself and for you guys if you would like, a short Minho singing compilation.


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