Thursday, January 26, 2012

Se7en - Somebody Else

Se7en is back, well technically, he recently released a Japanese mini album. It's title track is called "Somebody Else". I'm completely taken by the song after listening to it last night and I want everyone to hear it and watch the MV LOL

Se7en is awesome, we Love him <3 <3 <3
Oh, and it doesn't hurt to mention that Taeyang took part in writing this song <3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Commentary #1: B.A.P - Warrior Debut

What did you think of B.A.P's debut?

Hmmm still taking it in lol
I like it, its a little too much, but I feel like this is very promising,
like if they tried to showcase everything they can do and acomplished it, although it's a little messy ...

I see.
I thought it was good.
I was shocked at first,
because they blew my mind.

I mean the more I hear it the more I like it,
but the first time i saw it at least the first minute i was a little taken aback
It just seemed disorganized, but once they hit the chorus it grew on me, plus the dance was epic.

I thought it was good overall.
They did exceptionally good compared to other rookies.

They where awesome compared to other rookies,
but they still have room to grow, I'm thinking their next song will be even better and so on.

Well yeah ^^
Even thought they are awesome,
they're still rookies,
so that seems plausible.

you know what threw me off exacly ?
BYG's rap at the beginning it was so random, i think the placement was off, not bad but like way to strong for the beginning, so once that was over i enjoyed it.
Anyway I really want to see more of them !!!

So yeah, that was our conversation, and we sort off threw our opinion out there :) Anyway we are both looking foreword to seeing B.A.P around, they have surely left a good impression.


Random but what do you guys think about this format ? Should we do this more often ?

Monday, January 23, 2012

V-Shows: New Stars: PART 3

TaDah! It's B.A.P

A perfect example of a concept that is so extremely stupid, that it becomes addictively funny.

B.A.P is a rookie group that is gaining interest for their potential, even before their debut which is to take place later this week. The concept of this show has to do with aliens and conquering the world.

Yes, You heard me, B.A.P are a race of aliens whose planet is in the mist of destruction, and they must find another way to gain energy. Himchan, BYG, and Zelo, have found it trough the scream of fangirls. So, essentially they feed of fangirls screams, and that is the reason they want to become idols. In order to make this happen they call for the help of three more fellow aliens/members. The first episode is full of over exaggerated acts and cheap acting which surprisingly work.

Underneath the cheap concept is the purpose of introducing the members of B.A.P, and even though it is exaggeratedly scripted, even for a variety show, we can still see those glimmers of a true personality from each member.

Watch the first episode of the show with ENG. SUB here. Credit goes to the owner.

Plus, check out the teaser for their debut track "Warrior" below.

V-Shows: New Stars: PART 2

Boyfriends W Academy

In this show the boys are enrolled in an "academy" where they will learn the basics that will allow them to become world stars. The show at first seems really cute and just a little funny, the typical show with not many loughs and so on, but as it progresses it becomes a lot funnier. The members each have their own unique color, and we can finally appreciate the less "in your face members" better known as the maknaes (which I adore anyways).

The first episode shows the members introducing themselves, some in very witty manners, followed by an evaluation in languages, such as English, Japanese, and Thai. The introductions get you giggling, but the moment Jeongmin tries out English, it's a complete fail ^^

The round up of the first episode comes with a physical test that shows us that some members, specifically Youngmin, have no athletic ability whatsoever.

This show is great for fans of Boyfriend because compared to their pre-debut show on Mnet, they are much more confident and active. It is also interesting to see the interactions between the members, specially the teasing ^^

Episode 2 will take a more athletic turn, be sure to watch the first episode with ENG. sub here. Credit goes to the lovely subbers <3

Oh and let me just mention the speaker in the introduction of the show. He is just so creepy and greasy. Everything he says sounds wrong and it's really funny.

V-Shows: New Stars: PART 1

Hello Baby: Seson 5 - MBLAQ

Hello Baby has become a household name (or something like that) and many fans have at least heard about the previous seasons of the show, if not watched it. Personally I can only speak for Season 2, whose cast was SHINee. The show was fun, and the viewer could experience another side to the idols, as they took care of the child.

The idols in charge of Season 5 are MBLAQ. Since most of the MBLQ members are naturally funny, it was no surprise that they had a good start to the show. The boys will be taking care of 3 children, 2 which are girls (the first girls to take part in Hello Baby). All three of the children are three years old, and are half-Korean.

I am looking forward to  the destruction and loughs that will surely ensue, as the members try to take care of the three children. As always I am counting on leader Seungho to be dependable, followed by the somewhat backstabbing G.O., the cute and persevering Thunder, and the destruction that always follows Mir and Joon.

Watch the first episode of the show with ENG. SUB here. Credit goes the awesome subbers.

Something about his voice ...

Kim Kyu Jong
I love his voice so much.
I don't know what it is exactly, since I know Heo Young Saeng and Hyung Joon have clearer and maybe even stronger vocals, but his voice is just so perfect to my ears ^^
I don't really know Korean but I think it probably has to do with his pronunciation?
Or maybe it's just the tone of his voice ? IDK

Anyway enjoy the awesome song below (which I stupidly never talked about before on the blog -_-)
Kim Kyu Jong - "Yesterday"
That voice + that song + that dance + that man = Perfection LOL

Oh and just to add into the mix, Two awesome songs by SS501's subgroup, Triple S.
(Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Joon)
I'm Your Man & Because I'm Stupid <3

P.S. Those Fan-chants are so powerful O.O

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I can't believe it took me a year after it was released to find this song. I've heard other Co-Ed School songs before but not this one, and let's just say that I'm completely in love with the song. If CCM (Home of T-ara, Supernova, Davichi, CO-Ed) knows how to do something, then that for sure is putting out great ballads ^^

Co-Ed School -  I Love You A Thousand Times

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dream High 2 : Is it worth it ?

"Dream High's" attractive was undeniably the idols, and how they took a stab at acting, but what really made the story worth loving was the many folds each character was hiding. Without each characters back story "Dream High" would just have become another dance movie, with the obviously bad/ good characters, who had no possibility to grow or redeem themselves in the viewers eye. Thankfully the producers and scriptwriters were able to create sympathetic characters, each with a struggle and a desire to reach greatness.

From the moment the teasers where released it was evident that dream high would be more than pretty girls and hot guys singing and dancing, because there was something more important, a sense of seriousness to the story. The idea that the main theme was struggle with ones self, as well as the world.

On the other hand "Dream High 2: already has a completely different feel, and it has not even aired. If I had to describe what the teasers and photo transmit to me, it would be something like "Bring it On 545: Idol

I am hooping to be mistaken and plesently surprised by a drama worthy of being a squeal to the original, and not just another bubble gum story, that will only be remembered as a terrible fail, and fade into the background, as many sequels do.

Before someone tells me that "Dream High 2" and "Dream High" are meant to be different stories, I know that. What I am trying to get at is the fear that this story will be shallow, and not have that sentimental factor that made many of us a fan of Dream High.

DO any of you share my fear ? or are you all up and ready to take on "Dream High 2" ?

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's War ...

MBLAQ- "It's War" MV was released today and its just WOW !!!

When Mona Lisa came out I liked the song but the MV was meehh. I was hoping fan predictions where wrong and that MBLAQ would not stay with that concept, and I'm glad they didn't because this song is awesome !!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is Being Pretty Everything ?

Fat Cat, a fairly new female artist released her second single and I happen to really like the song. Check it out below !

P.S. Does anybody think that the tone of her voice is similar to that of Park Bom ? No ? Maybe?

Teen Top - Crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy

Is it a little late to talk about Teen Top's comeback ?
Who cares !!!

So Teen Top recently made a comeback with the song "Crazy", and being honest it isn't the best song ever. Although, I must say that once I listened to it about five times I was won over, it has the power to grow on you. The MV on the other hand is really good and entertaining. The story line is far from over dramatic but it's just perfect in it's own way, and Teen Top's dance is really cool, and flashy. Furthermore, there is a larger variety of embers actually getting lines!!! YAY !!!

Check out the MV below, featuring 4minute maknae SoHyun !!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SNSD - Time Machine

I Love this Song ...

"Time Machine" by SNSD was released as a track of their repackage album, The Boys, Japanese version.

If you haven't had the time, give it a listen.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SM Orchestra: The Sound of Hallyu Wave

Like I've mentioned before I've been gone and trying to catch up with the K-pop world (today I went trough 30 pages in allkpop :0).

Anyway I missed the year end shows and have watched just a few performances (since i was more interested int he WGM special :P).

Although, I haven't watched much I was very impressed by SMTown's performance at the KBS Gayo Daejun, and would like to share it with you guys, although all of you have probably already seen it.

Henry: I Love You <3 I'm glad he was allowed to perform in Korea for a change.
Jungmo: He is always so Hot when performing !!!
Changmin and Taeyeon : WoW epic voices.
Victoria: This is the sort of dance she was made for, she looks so graceful.
Siwon: Love this drummer.
Seohyun: She looks so graceful on the piano.
Eunhyuk, Taemin, KAI: Great Dance number ^^

Too Many to Mention <3 Loved them All:
SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), TVXQ, TRAX, The Grace, and now Exo ...

If anyone wants to recommend anymore performances please do so in the comments below ^^
I've only watched the EunHae and SHINee performance of Oppa Has Arrived, and the KBS joint dance number for SNSD and SuJu ^^

1 Year Anniversary

I'M BACK !!!
So I finally have internet access after being away for more than a weak, I missed blogging !!!

As a comeback post I wanted to celebrate Debonair Flare: Kpop's one year anniversary which took place the 29th of December.

I remember that last year Miruku and I decided to work on the blog on New Year's Eve because i was bored and could not go out after having medical surgery on my nose LOL

After that Mizukyu joined us, and later for a long time it was me alone because of miruukus college work and her leaving town, but mizukyu is always there to give a hand !

I would like to thank everyone who reads our post, and specially those that comment, every comment makes us want to keep this blog going.

I love blogging and I love K-pop, that just means I love my blog !!!