Friday, July 29, 2011

Teen Top : Don't Spray Perfume

Recently Teen Top returned to the music scene with a new song tittled: Don't Spray Perfume. Although the song has been received negatively by many, because of its playboy message, here at Debonaire Flare: Kpop, we will promote it because we LOVE it^^ 

We really enjoyed this song specially because it is really catchy and the dance is very sexy, in its own way. We actually liked the song a lot more after reading the translated lyrics, which where epic :) The guy is a player who seems like he loves his older girlfriend to death, but then this word comes along: BUT ... and things change. You get the image of a guy who is playing with two girls. The shocking part is that he gives the same perfume to both of his girlfriends, so that the younger one wont find out about the noona. 

The song is funny, charming, unconventional, and shocking all in one, What we think is a good mix.  

Although it's true that the message is wrong, its actually really funny as well. After all we must remember that its just a song, and there are many who sing about worst things. Overall, to enjoy the song, one must listen to it lightly: take the message lightly and without personal offense. Remember, it's just a song. A very good one if we must add.

So what do you think about the song ???

K-pop Guy of the Week - Jang Geun Suk

장근석 Jang Geun Suk
Best known as one of the best Korean Drama Actors.

  • Stage Name: Jang Geun Suk
  • DOB: August 4, 1987
  • Height/Weight: 180cm / 64kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Dancing, singing, and skiing.
His education was attained mostly in Korea, but he traveled to New Zealand for college. Jang has a major in Theater and Film. 
He is a singer, actor, and model.Through his acting skills he has won several awards that he can boast about. ;)
Some Dramas: Mary Stayed Out All Night, You're Beautiful, Beethoven Virus, and Hong Gil Dong among others.
Some Movies: You're My Pet, Itaewon Murder Case, Baby and Me, and Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
 among others.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Miruuku: Our fellow member, and marvelous writer Mizukyu is gone for vacations! ...... Not really! She is in a situation with no internet access though*gasp* Yep, it is pretty tragic. So for now we are left to either write them ourselves, or just leave them as is. She will be back soon! Don't miss her too much! :P Anyhow I MISS Mizukyu and hope she comes home soon. 

Double A: The troubled life of a genius ;) we've all lived it. So in her honor this post will be dedicated to her first bias (who could be called her first love LOL). So here are some pictures and cuts of the evil maknae of Super Junior : Kyuhyun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Best Kpop Songs Ever - Tier 6


11. G.NA ft Junghyung (B2ST) - I'll Back Off so you can Live Better                                                       
This song shows why G.NA became popular. It showcases her vocals and has beautiful lyrics.  The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has decided to leave the man she loves because she understands that he has lost his love for her. She wishes him to be happy and she sees that his happiness is not with her. Even though it hurts her to let him go, she promises herself to forget him. I specially like the chorus since it's really catchy, and relays the meaning of the song. Junghyung's rap also adds to the overall effect of the song, since it gives us insight on what the man in the story is thinking.

credit to gnastarsubs @ YT for subs

12. IU ft Seulong (2AM) - Nagging
Nagging is what this song is all about ^^ The lyrics are written creatively, and specially for a duo. You can clearly hear the females way of telling her partner she loves him, and the response the man gives her. The girl is always worrying about him and although it annoys the guy, at the end he acknowledges that he likes the girl to be that way. She constantly tells him *I nag you because I love you*.
IU and Seulong both have beautiful voices, together, they sound even better.

credit to Billboard100KpopMnet @ YT for subs

Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 15 Kpop Guys to Marry

The three contributors to our blog have decided to create this list. Here are each of our five top Kpop men who would make great husbands, with a short description as to why. Please tell us who has better taste J   

(We have been working on this list for almost 2 months because a certain person could not make up her mind on who to choose (ahem ... miruuku))

K-pop Guy of the Week - Lee Sung Jong ♥

Lee Sung Jong 
Best Known for being the maknae of the idol group Infinite, produced by Woollim Entertainment.

  • Stage Name: SungJong
  • Nickname: Diva Maknae, Kkap-Jong
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Position: Vocal, Maknae
  • Hobbies: Collecting Toys
Family Background
  • Born September 3, 1993 
  • Born in Gwangju
  • Younger brother and parents
    MV Cameos

    • Epik High - Run, along fellow members Sungyeol and Woohyun

    TV Shows
    •  Sesame Player Season 2 (Infinite) HIGHLY RECOMENDED

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Super Junior Comeback 2011

    Yes, finally after a year and some, Super Junior is coming back! Their comeback is highly anticipated by ELF's such as myself. It seems strange to think of it as a year, since they were working on Super Junior M. The amount we saw of them was very scarce though, as they did not perform in any of the 4 music shows. So we miss them! The teaser photos have started to be revealed (we have a lot of members to go...) and have Eunhyuk's, Donghae's, and Leeteuk's photos out! Have you seen them? I bet, but even if you have or haven't its more fun to seem them compiled so we can try and figure out the concept...

    I get it! its VERY colorful! Even the official website's background is filled with a random array of segments from the color spectrum! (It took years for my computer to load it...) But honestly, I'm puzzled by this bizarre type of concept they've "thrown" together for Super Junior.  I keep wondering what was going through the member's heads when they told them, 
    Manager: "Wear this!"
    Suju: "Ok, but What is this for?" 
    M: "Your comeback! Duh!"
    S: *stops dressing* .............. "Super-Junior-waiting-for-a-year-and-some-comeback?"
    M: "You want another sub-group comeback?"
    S: "...."
    M: "Hurry and get changed! ^^ "
    S: *thinks "ELF, this is a test, real ELF show your true Colors, We're sorry for the test T-T

    That's not how it went, but that's what I imagined. The next few days are going to be full of surprise concept photos that I will tease and tease until I finally figure out what's going on.
    Super Junior Fighting!
    With this I sign off, until tomorrow, I'll keep updating this post as I relief my mind that is being played with by S.M. Entertainment.

    Miss A is Back !!! First Stage !!!

    So last time I said I would write more on Miss A's comeback since they are after all my favorite girl group, so here it goes.

    I was extremely impressed with the overall concept of the comeback. The girls are looking beautiful, confident, and sexy. The song is pretty good and catchy, "Good-by baby, good-bye". The video is beautifully made and the scenery and cuts are different to what has been seen before from Miss A. Personally this is my favorite MV done by the girls.

    I always have one problem with JYP when Miss A performs, but that (thankfully) din't happen on their comeback stage. That problem is those horrible outfits they use to perform. They have nothing to do with the style of their songs, and have nothing attractive at all.

    Why do Fei's and Suzy's outfits have pockets on their boobs ???
    Can anyone tell me what this has to do with the ballerina concept ???

    I thank the coordinators, JYP, and anyone involved with the stage costumes, for allowing the girls to wear the cool clothing from the MV. I guess i will have to resign myself when they go back to the ugly costumes after their comeback stages :(

    Other than that, the girls performance was great and demonstrated why Miss A received so much attention as rookies a little over a year ago.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Sexy Picture for this Week!

    Honestly, the first thing I thought was, "PERVERTS!!! THEY'RE under 18 for god's sake!" But could not help my laughter after it. I wonder what they're comeback theme is for this. They're legs are very sexy though. (I know it's wrong since I'm older than most of them, but its just too sexy/funny.) What were they thinking?! And as a friend of mine said, we hope it doesn't get banned in Korea, since they are sometimes very touchy.
    I hope you enjoy viewing this photos!!!

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Infinite Rleases First Album Preview !!!

    The boys of Infinite will be back with 10 NEW tracks on July 22 ^^
    Although it has been reported that Woollim Entertainment had to throw away 30,000 copies of the album due to a printing error, it seems like they will be keeping to their previous announcement and release the CD on the given date. We anxiously await the release of the album here at Debonaire Flare: Kpop, since we are all fans.
    Infinite Fighting !!!

    Track List
    01. “Intro – Over the Top”
    02. “Be Mine”
    03. “One Third”
    04. “Tic Toc”
    05. “Julia”
    06. “Because”
    07. “Time”
    08. “Amazing”
    09. “Crying”
    10. “Real Story”

    credit woolliment @ YT & allkpop

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Simon and Martina meet f(x) and Super Junior !!!

    Simon and Martina are well known names to the kpop fandom oversees. They are a young married Canadian couple, that live in Korea. They also have a weekly show on You Tube called Kpop Music Mondays (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ^^). Okay, so Simon and Martina , participated in Star King some weeks ago and have just recently released two videos with Super Junior and f(x) on the show. I found this really fun, and cute so here it is.

    This is the actual cut on Star King ^^

    Simon and Martina's official website is and their YouTube channel can be found here. ^.^

    Simon, Martina keep up the good work, you guys are extremely fun to watch !!! :) I'm sorry your part at Star King was shortened so much !!!

    P.S. Please vote for Miss A - Good-bye Baby for Kpop Music Mondays !!!

    Miss A is Back !!!

    Loving Miss A, Loving their New MV !!!
    Miss A Fighting !!!
    more tomorrow ...

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    K-pop Guy of the Week - Lee Gi Kwang

    Lee Gi Kwang

    Gi Kwang is a vocalist and main dancer of the boy group B2ST and also started his career as an actor. Charming and handsome, he is seen as the most popular member.
    • Real Name: Lee Gi Kwang (이기광)
    • Stage name: Gi Kwang, AJ (Ace Junior)
    • Born March 30, 1990
    • Born in Seoul, South Korea
    • Age: 21
    • Height: 174 cm.
    • Weight: 58 kg.
    • Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer
    • Hobbies: Watching movies, sports, and dancing
    • Trainee Years: 4 years under JYP Entertainment

    • Transferred to Cube Entertainment from JYP Entertainment
    • First debuted as a solo singer with the name AJ
    • Has acted in High Kick Through the Roof and My Princess
    • As a solo artist he was seen as the next Rain
    • Ideal woman is f(x)'s Victoria
    • MC on Music Broadcast Show Inkigayo
    Gi Kwang is said to be one of the only idol of the idols, which means he has the looks, charisma, body, and smile all put into one, but they say that he has an Achilles Heel; his height. I beg to differ of course, that it just makes him the perfect person he is, but it depends on your preference.

    Here are some videos and pictures of Gi Kwang being the 4 Dimensional man he is!

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    The Grace - Dana & Sunday : One More Chance

    I really really LOVE this song. Specially the lyrics !!!

    The song can be interpreted to mean many things and has various allusions, from Adam and Eve to Amazons. Interpretations range from plastic surgery to the power of women. Props to the writer !!!

    I am officially a new fan of The Grace. Before, I just heard about them as label mates to SuJu, TVXQ, SHINee, F(x) and SNSD, but had no interest to look them up, fortunately they have reached my radar ^.^

    Here is the official video, and below is the one with English lyrics !!! Enjoy and support !!!

    Credit to  LoveKpopSubs5 @ YouTube

    2PM Cass Tik Tok Music Drama

    Okay, so recently I was just surfing the web just looking for a drama and I read a comment on a website that recommended this MV, saying it was great and had great acting. It intrigued me and I searched it up to find out it was a Cass adverstisement with actress Yoon Eun Hye who has played the main female roles in Coffee Prince and Lie to me. It made of two parts and has a great plot, so I felt like sharing it with you guys. Enjoy!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Kpop Rant 3: My Dog and Kpop

    The typical words that just activate the kpoper in you:  I’ll be back, hot summer, infinite, shiny, sorry.

    Well I took it to the next level. My brother just got a 2 month old Pit Bull Blue Nose for his birthday and we had to find a name for him. All the names that came to mind where idol names (aaah the extent of my obsession LOL) … of course, knowing my brother he would never allow his precious dog to be named after a kpop idol. He thinks I’m weird for liking them anyway. So I tricked him into it.
    Instead of going for a Korean name I went for a group with  very westernized names. The 5 TVXQ members have some of my favorite names in kpop: Hero Jaejoong, U-know Yunho, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Max Changmin. So now our dogs name is Max. People think oh a typical dog name right, ja ja ja, but I think Max, Max Changmin. So our dog is actually named after my favorite TVXQ member. J
    Here is MAX. Isn’t he cute !!!

    The typical words that just activate the kpoper in you:  I’ll be back, hot summer, infinite, shiny, sorry and now MAX. 

    MBLAQ's Mona Lisa

    Track List:
    01 Ojos Frios (Bandoneon By 고상지)
    Instrumental introductory song that gives a feel for the album's highlighted song.
    02 모나리자 (Mona Lisa)
    I love the song! Its a song that you just want to sing along with and dance to.  (Can't wait for the comeback stage!!)
    03 모르겠어요
    A bit of an upbeat song that you won't get tired of, it sounds like an OST. :)
    04 알면서 그래
    This song is a bit seductive in the beginning, but turns to a

    'normal' love song after, still seductive.
    05 One
    This song is very uplifting, even though its another love song.
    06 말하지 말걸..
    A sad love song, with feeling of regret and longing, especially because of the violin.

    Overall, it is a great album and definitely worth buying and listening to, then again its MBLAQ, its expected ;) Please support MBLAQ by buying the album! Buy through YesAsia!

    Drama of the Week: Secret Garden

    Secret Garden is a really good drama that deals with the mundane and the extraordinary in a very classy way...

    Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is a rich, good looking man, who is a little cold, and unforgiving. He is manipulative and always obtains what he wants. His plans are to marry a women in his class level, never once considering loving her.

    Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), is a stunt actress who receives little recognition. She lives a interesting life although it has always been hard for her, since her father died when she was young. She has no money, no house of her own, and no expensive clothes.

    Ra Im has nothing Joo Won would want, and his character instantly repels Ra Im, but destiny has it that their stories meet and become one.

    A women who has fallen for the man that cannot truly appreciate her +
    A collision with magic + A change of bodies + Parental opposition
    = An Amazing Must See Drama

    For all the skeptics out there ...  this drama is really good, don't give up on it with out watching it, just because you do not want to follow the crowd. This might be the only time following the crowd is acceptable :)

    Warning: Obsession with Hyun Bin may be a secondary reaction to watching this drama

    Here is a taste of the amazing OST

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    K-pop Guy of the Week - Niel

    Ahn Daniel

    (Not so long ago...)

    • Stage Name: Niel
    • Nickname: "Fish" (the animal he looks like)
    • DOB:  August 16, 1994
    • Position: Vocals
    • Hobbies: Music Appreciation
    • Blood Type:
    • Height/Weight: 177cm / 54kg
    Indeed there is something about his voice that I really like, so I hope to seem more from Teen Top. To me, he seems like the easiest to get along with from the group. Though I cannot say much right now, I hope to come back to this post and edit it after we see more from him!

    Out most memorable moment with Niel rests in this video. :) And the after effect of this sour dance moment.
    Niel, Fighthing! 

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Drama of the Week: Shining Inheritance

    Synopsis: "The series is about a woman, Go Eun Sung, who is appointed as the heir of a big food company, by an old lady (Jang Sook Ja) she helped. Jang Sook Ja was touched by Eun Sung's compassion, and brings Eun Sung to home and announced to her family that Eun Sung was going to live with them and appoints her as the heir of her food company instead of her own grandson, Sun-Woo Hwan. The drama maintained its top spot in viewer ratings for ten consecutive weeks in Korea."-

    I had never seen Lee Seung Ki in action, and on the net people always talked about Shining Inheritance, so I decided to watch it. To be honest I plunged in to view with high expectations, and I am glad to say, I was not disappointed; AT ALL.

    The OST is really fits the scenes and makes the viewer get extremely into it. There is a song especially by K.Will "Love is Punishment" which makes your heart feel warm but in pain at the same time.

    The actors are extremely phenomenal. Lee Seung Ki is able to develop his character so well, from making the viewer dislike him, but then as the drama progresses and he matures,you begin loving every single thing he does. The main actress also makes you feel her pain and sadness all through the drama, and to be honest she's not hate-able. It's not everyday that you find a heroine who isn't a pain in the butt all the time. The one who I will most remember from this drama though, is the step-mom. My god is she one of the best actors in the drama; the viewer learns to hate her more and more throughout the whole drama to the point of thinking inexcusable things that you would be happy happened to her.

    All in all, I am glad that I began to watch this drama. It had me hooked the whole time and deprived me of sleep and of being active since it kept me hooked to the computer the whole day, seriously 24/7. This drama is definitely recommended for all types of people!! It's easy to find online so i'm sure you guys won't have trouble searching for it. Seriously, do not miss out!

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Kpop Rant 1 or maybe 2 hmmmm ???

    Okay so I was watching Dream Team Hallyu Star Special Part 2 and i was mesmerized by Minho's charisma he is plain awesome. All the girls there where lieke "WOOOOW", and "WUUUUUUUUUUUUU", and "AAAAAAAA". I was like "yes yes yes Minho you can do it! FIGHTING !!!" , and of course he did it becouse he is flaming charisma Minho !!! I was also suprised by our Maknae Taemin who did great and looks alot more manly :) Minho !!! Taemin !!! SHINee!!! Fighting !!! SHINee COMEBACK SOON PLEASE !!!

    Oh and Super Junior was there too but they where mostly a failure, none of there members made it trough while Minho and Taemin rocked Dream Team !!! Not hating on SuJu they where still funny. LoVe SuJu !!!

    Okay so here is SHINee's cut on Dream Team ... jujutaem thanks to for subbing !!!

    So after I saw the full episode I went to a thread and found myself with this epic video once again. Minho's solo performance at the SHINee World concert, I wish I could have been there !!! I did the next best thing ... Downloaded it :) Enjoy, I will say no more. Okay ill say one word ... SEXY !!!

    I also found a really cute picture I had to share .... since i'm in the mood after redecorating the site...
    CUTE Isn't it !
    Kyuhyun and Siwon

    Oh and also miruuku might kill me, but I really like this picture (of course its not even in the same league as the video above, but its good). Here is Siwon for all of you out there .

    OK so bye I might keep writing if my boredom returns. Beware !!!

    Best K-POP Songs Ever - Tier 5


    9. Super Junior K.R.Y - FLY                                                              
    Fly is a song that was created in order to promote Superstar K, a show where aspiring singers compete. The cool thing is that the lyrics of this song can be applied to absolutely all of your dreams. It is a really happy song that pushes you to reach the sky, and fly :)
    When I hear this song I feel really energized and happy. K.R.Y is known for their awesome vocals and this song is not an exception. Furthermore, I love hearing the boys sing happy songs.

    credit to thesuitelife147 @ YT for subs

    10. Ft Island - 널 갖겠다 (I'll Have You)
    Break up, and true love, are the themes of this song. It tells the story of a couple who breaks up, but the guy is convinced that she is his true love and he has to get her back. He goes trough various steps to realize this, like meeting girls, but understands he can't forget her.
    I really LOVE Hongki's voice, it is so mesmerizing and enjoyable. The vocals fit extremely well with the feeling of the song, longing and pain. Ft Islands songs are soooo gooood that it won't be surprising if they end up appearing on our list alot more times.

    credit to Platypizz @ YT

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    K-Pop Guy of the Week - Jung Yong Hwa♥

    Jung Yong Hwa 
    Best Known for being the lead vocal, and leader of  the boy band C.N. Blue, as well as his acting career prior to debut. 

    • Stage Name: Yong Hwa
    • Nickname: towel guy/ milk guy( Your'e Beautiful), 
    • Age: 22
    • Height: 180 cm
    • Position: Lead vocal, Guitarist
    • Hobbies: Appreciating Music, Playing Piano
    Family Background
    • Born: June 22, 1989
    • Birthplace: Seoul
    • Parents and older brother(4 years older)
    • Moved to Pusan at the age of 2, where he was raised 
      TV Shows
      • We Got Married along with Seohyun (SNSD) (2010-2011)
      • Your'e Beautiful (2009)
      • Heartstrings (2011)