Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: C.N Blue [EAR FUN]

One of my favorite groups in K-pop is C.N. Blue, but to be honest, I was somewhat disappointed by their first full album, FIRST STEP. I felt like most of the songs sounded the same and did not really connect with me, plus in my opinion they didn't really suit C.N Blue. After listening to their third mini-album EAR FUN, I'm glad to say that they are back on track, sounding awesome. This album has a clearer sound, the music does not drown out the lyrics and they complement each other well..

My favorite track out of the six is "Still in Love". Out of all of them this deserves to be in the ranks of the best of C.N Blue along with "Love Light" and "Love Revolution" (song tittles with "Love" where not intentional!) I specially love when Jonghyun takes the chorus in songs, his voice is just so sweet and peaceful, and makes a really awesome contrast with Jong Hwa's more distinctive and stronger vocals. Plus, Stabirabi Rapststabira is the catchiest chorus coming second only to Oetoriya Oetoriya Ddaridiriddaradu.

This song could be considered the second tittle song after "Hey You" and it's music video is very personal and actually fits the mood of the song. No flashy camera effects or lightning. We just have the guys of C.N. Blue in their practice room jamming out.

Next up is the tittle track "Hey You". This song is much more flashier than the previous mentioned, but it still follows the same "clean" sound (for lack of words). It's not as catchy as "Still in Love" but it is nice to listen to and inspires some hard core head boobing. Like usual Jong Hwa and Jonghyun sound great. All in all the song is good an easy to the ears, and fitting as a tittle track.

The MV for the song is the opposite of the MV for "Still in Love", and as a tittle track it is expected. We still see the members playing their music but in a much more glamorous way. The presence of C.N. Blues star quality in all it's glory.

Next up is song number three, "Dream Boy". The first time I heard this song, I thought "This song would have been perfect for a Drama OST." It just has that feel from the "You're Beautiful" or "Heartstrings" period. This song will probably not stay in my mind for a long time but it's nice to listen to.

"Rock n' Roll", is another of my favorite songs from the album. This song is different form the accustomed C.N Blue sound. It is much more lively and crazy but that makes it special.

"Run" is also pretty good, and almost took first place in this album for me, but "Still in Love" was to hard to beat. Like "Rock n' Role" this song is also lively in it's own way and just fun in general.

The last song in the album is the Korean remake of the Japanese version of the song "In My Head". "In My Head" is powerful in off to have been a Japanese single, and one that I really love. It is not any less impressive in Korean, although I do have a preference for the Japanese version, which in my mind sounds sharper.

All in all C.N. Blues album was great. What do you guys think about the album? Do you have a favorite song?

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  1. Yes I love this album ^.^ It's like pure amazingness. The "stabirabi rapststabira" part in the beginning really drew me in to love Still in Love. Definitely my favorite track on the album.