Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 20: Girl Group Songs

Personally I listen to a lot of girl groups, although I do follow guy groups much more. When I saw a list on a blog I was reading I decided to make my own list of top 20 girl group songs. I hope that trough this list the people who only listen to guy groups can find a group or at least a song they really like, and give girl groups a chance.

P.S.This time around I purposely omitted collaborations, solo singers, songs in Japanese, songs in English, and duets, although there are many I like.

20. Miss A - Love Again

19. Orange Caramel - Standing in this Place

18. A-Pink - MY MY

17. Chi Chi - Longer

16. 5dolls- Good For You

15. Girls Day - Cupid

14. f(x) - Beautiful Goodbye

13. T-ara - Why are you being like this

12. Girl's Day - Nothing Last Forever

11. Nine Muses - News

10. KARA - Follow Me

9. Rainbow - Sweet Dream

8. Miss A - Lips

7. 5dolls- Without You


 6. Rainbow - Mach

 5. Miss A - One to Ten

4. SNSD - Into the New World

3. KARA - Lupin

2. After School - Shampoo

1. Wonder Girls- STOP

So, any song you guys liked ?

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  1. I know all the group, but not all the song^^'
    I might look up for some of those song