Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CHALLENGE2: Day 6: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group

My favorite Miss A song this time around will be .... hmmm ... "One to Ten" !!!
I'm saving my favorite Miss A ballad for another post.

CHALLENGE2: Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

This is really hard for me, I sincerely like all of SHINee's songs ...

I think I'll go with "Love Still Goes On" form the "Lucifer" album. Seriously I think I've already mentioned this in an older post but I love this song. Plus it has more plays on my i-pod than any other song. It just sounds perfect to my ears  ...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CHALLENGE2: Day 4: Ultimate K-pop Girl Bias

My ultimate Girl Group bias is Seohyun from SNSD !!!
I rarely talk about her but she is one of my favorite people in k-pop.
She is smart, interesting, beautiful, and an all rounder.
I specially like her personality and that beautiful voice of hers ^^

Here is a cute cut form my favorite show Running Man, on SNSD's guest appearance !!!
Seo and Kookie singing Girls Generation !!!

CHALLENGE2: Day 3: Ultimate K-pop Guy Bias

"Dibidibidis My Name is Minho"

Choi Minho is (of course) my ultimate Bias :P

Whoever made this video is awesome <3

Big Bang - Bad Boy

I really really enjoyed watching this music video.
This song is GOOD, probably joining the ranks of the best of Big Bang for me.

  • When I watched the video I couldn't help laughing because I was imagining the people who where watching them film, it must have been a little embarrassing to film that XD 
  • Taeyang looking as smooth as always, and nailing the chorus perfectly!!!
  • I loved the mix of Daseung's vocals with Seungri's in this song, I think Seungri is getting better and better by the day.
  • TOP's little random dance near the end was the cutest thing ever !!!
  • Lastly, can someone tell me what the heck GD is wearing... How does the guy manage to look cool, when he has T.O.P's hair sprouting from his back ?!?


Monday, February 27, 2012

CHALLENGE2: Day 2: Favorite K-pop Girl Group

If you look at my banner or most of the posts on the next page you can clearly see my love for Miss A, 
so I'm not going to write more bout that LOL

Again I'm leaving you with .... hmmm ... Miss A's most recent performance of "Over U" !!!

"I'm So Over U, U, U,U !!!"

CHALLENGE2: Day 1: Favorite K-pop Guy Group

SHINee will forever remain #1 on my list of Boy Groups, and although I may love others, SHINee cannot be replaced in my heart. 

LOL okay it sounds mushy and obsessively fan girly but what can I do :P
I'll just leave you with some Pre-Debut SHINee
becouse Shawols are so SHINee Deprived right now !!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I still have an ongoing challenge that I need to finish (I'm still half way), but I just really like this challenge which I found here, so let's start  ... tomorrow ^^

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 Debuts and Comebacks

I was reading some post on tumblr when I found the following list. It's a tentative listing of debuts and comebacks this year. Everything is fine and all but what really caught my eye was a single name.

Jang Wooyoung (APRIL)

Does this mean that 2PM's Wooyoung will also have a solo career following it the footsteps of Junsu ? Please tell me this is true ^^

Black Soshi

Another pretty awesome SNSD VCR ... Black Swan ...

SNSD - Lucky Day ft. KEY & TAEMIN (SHINee)

This is seriously cute n.n 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nana & Si-Woo

Can a single couple make you change your mind about a drama ?
Nana (Hyorin - Sistar) and Si Woo (Park Seo-Joon - JYP Trainee) might just have done it for me ...
I might have the heart to go and check out the second episode of dream high ... too bad they come out about three minute per episode -_- but they are the cutest thing ever...

Jump to 1:40

Back to Big Bang

I love the feel of "Sunset Glow". If someone never read the lyrics to this song, they would think it was a happy go lucky tune. In truth it's much more than that, and really captures the "old Big Bang" sound. As mentioned before on another post, I hope we get something like this in "Alive".  I am well aware that Big Bang has to evolve and I am all into most of their newer music but this song was just awesome.  I thought my favorite Big Bang song was "Ms. Liar" or "Number 1" but this is just as good in a different way.

1st Concert in Japan : SHINee World

I would LOVE to see this live ...
Their performance level has improved so much over the years n_n ...
I'm the epitome of a proud Shawol.

SHINee - Obsession

SHINee - Quasimodo

SHINee - Life

SHINee - Romantic

SHINee - Ready or Not

SHINee - Get Down

Give Me Everything Tonight

Henry and Zhou Mi deserve solo careers, or at least to get some duet promotions.
So much talent wasted when they only use it a couple of months a year with Super Junior -M. If they where part of SuJu as a whole I wouldn't complain, but that's not the case.

Anyway, this is lovely. Props to all those that worked on this cover.


I checked EXO's page on wiki, and this is what I found.

It really surprised me to learn that the members aren't that young, and are not following the recent trend of members born after 1995. I am greatly relieved ^^ Only two of the member are younger then me and only by mere months, not even half a year.

In truth it really takes more effort to love a group when most of the members are younger that you cough*Boyfriend*cough. But in the end it ends up not mattering, but it is easier :P

P.S. Almost all of the members of SHINee, excluding Onew, are younger than at least one member of EXO. That's pretty interesting because it means that they could have been part of SHINee, or f(x) ... JK JK

P.S.2. Some of these guys are taller than the tallest guy in SM, CHANGMIN. Seriously, and I thought he was really tall.

P.S.3. Concerning the separation of EXO into EXO-K & EXO-M, it really goes to show that SM  expects fans to be rich. Would you guys pay twice for the same album only because they are in different languages, and with different singers? This question goes out to reasonable, poor fans, like me who don't bulk buy and only buy albums when they really love the material or the band.


How do people even know all of the members of EXO ?
Seriously  ...
I've been reading comments on threads where people go all out on their favorite member and their life history and how he's the best rapper, and blah blah blah and I'm just like WTH !

How do they even know what member does what and even identify them with their name ...

I'm good with group names, I usually even know the names of members in groups I don't even follow, but EXO hasn't even debuted, and I'm never going to learn their names just trough their teasers, and maybe some profiles !!!

I feel out of the loop, but oh well. I'll take the sane route and wait until they actually release a real MV and a group picture, in order to go ahead and learn all of the names.

P.S. Although I'm guilty of knowing who KAI is :P 

SPICA - Russian Roulette

This is a pretty good  debut, although it isn't really my style ...
Plus they sound so similar to T-ara (more like the old T-ara) ... really really similar ... or is it just me ...

Teaser #20 ...

Rumors are going around that teaser #20 is the last before the real debut preparations come to play.
Can it possibly mean that EXO will debut this week or next ....
Is it too much to hope for ?
All I really want right now is an actual confirmed debut date ... please.

At least ChanYeol is cute ^^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Bang is Back : Blueeee

I really like this song ...
I like that Big Bang started off their promotions with this song, it's slow, and reminds me a little of Lonely (2NE1) in the way it is presented. It just makes you feel a little sad inside.

The music video was clean and the guys looked hot, nothing outrageous, and it fit perfectly with the feel of the song. I hope this album will have a variety of music, and maybe some old school Big Bang sound, pretty please ^^

Big Bang - BLUE

Monday, February 20, 2012

Miss A "Touch" Mini Album

I want this album ...

So to add to my previous post, after listening to the mini album, these songs aren't really you're typical k-pop songs. They are catchy and somewhat different to Miss A's previous releases, but awesome all the way. Check them out for yourself below ^^

Many think this song should have bene the tittle track, but I think "Touch" is more suited. Although I also love this song.

Rock n Rule
This song has this chick flick feel to it, girl power all the way ^^

No Mercy
A song with a more upbeat feel with, and a catchy chorus. I feel like tapping my foot and moving my head with the rhythm with this song ... and maybe dancing a little :P

Over U
This song like No Mercy has an "I'm better with out you" theme. This has become a signature theme for Miss A's songs. Good thing it never gets old :P

All in all I really enjoyed these songs and found them really catchy. Bias and all ignored, this album and Miss A should be appreciated for the simple fact that they are not vomit inducing cute or trying to pull of the annoying faux sexiness :P
(Although if done well the sexy and cute can be good ... sometimes ... once in while ... with certain groups...)

A true Legit Girl Group : Power Power Power

Miss A "TOUCH" !!!


Miss A released the MV for their tittle track "Touch" this weekend and I'm loving it.

In my opinion the concept is the best the girls have had to date, beating out even "Good-Bye Baby" wich was very beautiful. I specially like Min's look this time around after her unfavorable concept if GBBB, that just didn't fit her.

About the MV's feel, I've been reading may comments that say it was rather creepy, but that's it's charm.
The dance is also the best I've seen from them to date. Although it does seem a little robotic, it is also fluid and technically difficult, but they pull it off flawlessly. It's hard to imagine any other girl group being able to do this dance as well as Miss A.

In my opinion the song is awesome and super catchy, the chorus and the beat are perfect. Plus, more than a exclusively being a k-pop song, it seems like it would be something that could be heard on the mainstream radio.
♪ You touch my heart baby TOUCH TOUCH, 
You touch my heart baby TOUCH TOUCH 

I hope they get the recognition they deserve for this song, although it will be rather difficult with Big Bang's comeback on the horizon (which will most likely not disappoint either), but still Miss A was flawless and deserves it. Whatever happens I am anxiously awaiting Miss A's first live and Big Bangs comeback, soon very soon. At least I can say that my favorite Girl Group has never disappointed me.

Miss A Fighting !!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miss A "Touch" Teaser 4 Min

Okay this comeback will be awesome !!!

I think Suzy's teasers is the creepiest, but Min's brings the creepiness to another level, as in I'm a little crazy and I see things, more than I touch suits like it was a real guy :P

Love all the teasers !!! Love all of Miss A !!! Waiting for the comeback excitedly !!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

U-Kiss - A Shared Dream

I love how Hoon is getting his chance to shine, I really think he's one of the more "in the back" members because he's rarely in the limelight. I must mention that Kiseop makes a great angel, and Kevin in a bathtub is a plus (although both of these things seemed really random to me in the video). Concerning the song, it's really beautiful and  confirms the fact that U-Kiss has what it takes to succeed.

I really think this was a very well done ballad.. U-Kiss Fighting !!!

LOL My blog seems to be turning into a Miss A and U-kiss paradise these days :P

Miss A "Touch" Teaser 3 Fei

Here is the teaser for goddess Fei !!!
Tomorrow we will have gorgeous MIN !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss A "Touch" Teaser 2 Jia

Perfect ...

U-kiss - Forbidden Love

U-Kiss has released their second Japanese single, Forbidden Love !
I have to say I like the song and the dance (although it is a little out there at times XD), plus it somewhat reminds me of Tick Tack.
Even more important I love when I get more of Kiseop :P jk

What do you guys think about "Forbidden Love" ?

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Theme !!!

Yay!!! Since I'm on the miss A comeback train, I had to have a change of scenery. How are you guys liking the banner and colors ? ^^

The Members of U-Kiss

More Info

Leader – Main Vocal
Age: 22

Main Dancer – Vocal – Visual
Age: 21

Main Rapper
Age: 20

Rapper – Dancer
Age: 20

Age: 20

Lead Vocal
Age: 20

Maknae – Dancer – Rapper
Age: 17

Credit for gif's goes to kimchiramen on tumblr.

U-Kiss had two more members (Kibum and Alexander) before the addition of AJ and Hoon, but for the sake of new fans these are only the current members. ENJOY ^^

Hey Hey Hey : U-Kiss

There are many unappreciated groups in K-pop, some of them are just bad, others have the talent but lack good material, and still others are hitting all of the marks and are still undervalued.
With last years release of their album "Neverland", U-kiss became the third type. The material and their delivery where both perfect and above average, but it still hasn't reached the ears of many. Therefore, this post is dedicated to a couple of U-kiss songs that in my opinion are way too good to ignore.



Man Man Ha Ni

On the Floor

Light it Up

Baby Don't Cry

Talk To Me

Next up is a little post on the names of the current members and their age  ^^

More More More More Miss A

So if you look at the last three post it may seem like all I have been writing about is Miss A, but I'm excited :P 
To make up for not updating more I'll throw in some u-kiss into the mix in the next post :P
So here is the track list for the upcoming mini album "TOUCH" !!!

01. Touch 
02. Lips 
03. Rock N Rule 
04. No Mercy 
05. Over U 
06. Touch (Newport mix) 

More More More Miss A

This weekend Miss A released their concept pictures for their upcoming single "Touch" and captured a delicate yet powerful image.
Check them out below !!!





Plus gorgeous maknae SUZY's MV teaser was released today <3 The MV teaser shows Suzy stepping barefoot in a room with roses and caressing a man's suit. The feeling is rather eerie and a little creepy. It ends with a flash of the other three members laying in a bed of roses.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss A Teaser Photo

Miss A has announced a comeback for the end of the month, and they are ready to join the fray that will surely ensue with Big Bang's comeback, also later this month.
Of course like most K-pop fans I'm excited for Big Bang, but Miss A is my favorite female group, and they have won my love <3

Below is a teaser picture from their MV just released today <3
Let's hope they continue on their hit after hit streak.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SS4 - Walkin + Henry & Zhou Mi Solos

I've been watching SuJu fan cams from Super Show 4 in Osaka and Seoul, and am totally impressed. I hope they can come to the U.S. soon.

There is a certain performance that I found and love, check out the epicness and cuteness <3

Plus to add some LOVE for Henry and Zhou Mi, here are their solos <3

MiMi <3

Henry <3

I'll probably post the other solos tomorrow or when I feel like it ^^

EXO - What is Love

At first I was a little wary of EXO because I got bored due to so many teasers -_- but after the prologue song was released i'm back on track to liking them.

What is really annoying me are all the people who are bashing them for a pore debut when that song, "What is Love" should be considered another teaser for four of the members. It's not right to compare a "filler" song in an album to an actual tittle track, we haven't even seen them perform. Plus the MV is a compilation of most of their teasers, and although it has a very shaky probably non-existent story line, its high quality.

People should give them a chance...

In truth the song opened a little window to let us see what EXO can be trough those flawless vocals. After this song we at least know that two of the members in both Exo-K and Exo-M can truly sing.



P.S. I've been thinking wouldn't it be the most epic reversal ever if KAI ends up being in EXO-M, it would actually be pretty smart of SM to promote a member from a group that will probably not be seen in Korea much in order to give them popularity and awareness. But probably not, Kai looks to much like Taemin to send him to China JK JK, not that I mind if he stays. What i mind is that Lu Han in in Exo-M and probably Tao too. I can't stop thinking back to my precious hypothesis and hope that Exo-M don't become a part of S.M.'s dungeon, along Zhou Mi and Henry.

F.T. Island - Severely

So I've been trying to catch up and write about all this videos form the past days and up next is F.T. Island. Don't complain because I still have some left :P

I rarely have complains with F.T. Island so let's just go straigh to praise (and if I do It will most likely have to do with the hair of a certain member >.< ).

1. I love Hongki's acting and voice, the boy has talent.
2. I love the rest of the boys, specially Seunghyun, but that is for another post.
3. I loved the song the second time around, because the first time I watched the MV I was only thinking ...         Awww poor Hongki ;(

So check out the MV yourself, that is if you haven't !!!

Let This Die

Brian is back with a mini album that is just plain awesome. His tittle track "Let this Die" does not really have that K-pop feel, on the other hand it sounds so much like A-pop. I would not be suprised if I heard this song on the radio in America.

In resume, it's a song for a grown man that knows how to sing, and bring the heat on ... LIKE BRIAN <3

ENG Ver. ft Aziatix

KOR Ver. ft Tiger JK <3


Block B is HOT

Block B is back with their second mini album and their tittle track "Narina".

It's been about three weeks since I got into Block B and they have totally grown on me. When they first debuted I didn't have the urge to go and look them up, but after some time has passed I've gone back and found their old videos.

People should check them out, they have this very rebellious aura around them which makes them really attractive, and their songs are super catchy, but not in the bubble gum pop kind off way.

I'll Leave You Guys with their MV "Narina" !!!

Se7en - When I can't Sing ...

Another Se7en post so soon after the last one, but I can't help it Se7en is awesomeee !
If I  had to pinpoint his awesomeness, I'd have to say that the guy is classy as can be, there aren't many artist that can emanate that feel.

So a I'm little late, but Se7en released his MV for "When I can't sing", from his Korean mini album, and it convinces me even more that he is perfect :P

Anyway, this song is produced by J.Y. Park, and talks about a singer who wonders if the love of his life will still stay with him, even after he has lost his fame, his voice, and his moves. I'm glad this song went to Se7en because he has a knack of knowing just how to deliver those sad meaningful lyrics. I don't think we really need a translation to feel the emotions of the song.

Check out the MV below <3

Plus we even get a short cameo by GD :P