Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 17: A List of Your Top Five Girl Groups

Miss A, KARA, Girl's Day, SNSD, Rainbow
I have to say I do listen to many girl groups, but the feeling is very different from the boy groups I follow. For girl groups, I do not get attached. I may like their music but I might not know the names of their members. As well as skip an article regarding a certain member on a news cite, without much care. There is a lack of attachment present. The only girl group that I have comes close to forming an attachment is Miss A, and even then I have not mustered the idea of having a bias.

No particular order after Miss A.

1. Miss A

2. Rainbow

3. Girl's Day
I hate ow their MV's usually ruin songs. The MV's must be funny but all those special effects just make the song awkward, and not very pleasing to the ears.

I'm not really fond of SNSD's Korean music, but I love their Japanese Album <3



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