Friday, April 13, 2012

EXO - MAMA (Tittle) Review

Yay, so I've been away for some days know, first becouse I was at my grandmas without internet, and later because I forgot my laptops charger -_-, but now I'm finally back and ready to take on EXO ^.^

This post is reserved for the tittle track, I will make sure to tackle the rest of the songs later ^.^

For starters MAMA is a song that can either be a hit or miss. You like it or you don't, as easy as that.

What I really like about the choreography is that it is complicated and flashy, but still manages to keep it's identity apart from other SM groups. The song does not seem very catchy at first but gradually gets stuck in your head. Specially the creepy and eerie chorus. Anonymous Heartless Mindless. It does happen to remind of the old SM days when ID: Peace BTriangle and Don't Don where center stage. Of course this time around the dance is all EXO.

The MV is really really flashy and entertaining. I was a little taken aback by the second half when Kai from EXO-K, and Kris from EXO-M scream, but I got over it :p

I do have to mention that the Chinese version of the song seems more wild and edgier than the Korean version. This is most probably Kris' and Tao's doing and I love it !

Overall, EXO already left an impression with History and What is Love, and MAMA is just a reinforcement of their talents. Out of all the rookies in the past months EXO has the most potential to remain relevant and reach the top.

On the other hand, I must say that although they are good MAMA does not leave the same feeling of a perfect debut that SHINee (REPLAY), CN BLUE (Loner), and 2NE1 (FIRE) left on the fans. MAMA will probably be remembered as a good song but not as an all time favorite.

Any thoughts on MAMA ?


  1. I'm kind of in the middle. Their debut was not my type of sound, like the type of music I listen to so I was already not too fond of their debut from just the audio. I did like the video though. Screamo part still terrifies me though lol. I didn't think my sweet Kai was capable of doing such a thing ^.^ It was a great debut, not as amazing as SHINee's though. They forever hold the title for best debut for me.

    1. Yeah, same here, Replay is my standard for debuts and they are way too high up there. I do think they could have done much much better. Plus "History" left a bigger impression then "MAMA" song wise.