Thursday, May 10, 2012

CHALLENGE3: DAY 14: Your Bias in U-Kiss: AJ


Originally, the member that I favored in U-kiss was Kiseop, although I never got around to actually picking a bias in the group. After AJ joined I liked him as well, but I was iffy in having a bias in U-Kiss because I couldn't choose between him and Kiseop. I had already given up, when I realized I was already biased (although Kiseop still receives a percent of my attention) :P 

Anyway, AJ is very talented, he's the best rapper in U-kiss and has a decent singing voice. He's also pretty handsome, and interesting. He speaks English pretty well for someone who has never lived abroad and the most important thing ... he penned the rap for 0330. For those of you who may not know, he was the culprit who wrote "don't deny our r^2 pi" LOL

He's just awesome like that.

Leaving you guys with my favorite U-Kiss interview, by Simon and Martina, they seem so natural here, and their personalities really shine trough ...


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