Monday, April 2, 2012

CHALLENGE3: 20 Day Kpop Bias Challenge

CHALLENGE3: 20 Day Kpop Bias Challenge

This here is my next challenge, and I'm excited to start. I've made several changes from tho originals, and made it my own ^.^ You can find the place where this come from here.

I only added groups for which I had a sure unwavering bias. That is why this challenge mostly consist of male groups since I don't really have biases in girl groups. I don't even have a bias in Miss A, my favorite girl group.

Start Date: 4/2/2012

End Date:

Day 1: Your bias in Big Bang: Taeyang

Day 2: Your bias in DBSK: Changmin

Day 3: Your bias in Infinite: Hoya

Day 4: Your bias in SS501: Kyu Jong

Day 5: Your bias in Teen Top : Changjo

Day 6: Your bias in Boyfriend : Kwangmin

Day 7: Your bias in FT ISLAND: Seunghyun

Day 8: Your bias in f(x): Krystal

Day 9: Your bias in SHINee: Minho

Day 10: Your bias in T-ara: Eunjung

Day 11: Your bias in CN Blue: Jonghyun

Day 12: Your bias in 2AM: Jinwoon

Day 13: Your bias in SNSD: Seohyun

Day 14: Your bias in U-Kiss: AJ

Day 15: A list of  your favorite solo artists:

Day 16: A list of your top five boy groups:

Day 17: A list of your top five girl groups:

Day 18: A list of your top five male vocals:

Day 19: A list of your top five dancers:

Day 20: A list of your top 5 maknaes:


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