Thursday, April 28, 2011

Korean artist and their Japanese PV's Part1

Two very popular Korean groups have made progress today, in their conquest of Japan. They are 2PM and SNSD, who is already known there. Here are there brand new PV's.

SNSD is back with a great original track for the Japanese market. "Mr.Taxi" is a great, catchy, song with a great beat, which I really enjoyed. The PV on the other hand was missing something in my opinion, although I can't really identify what it is, maybe the effects.  In truth i was expecting scenes where the girls go out or something more. The dance was great, and the style all the girls had, were great for this concept. Straight hair sexy outfits.
Here is "Mr.Taxi", what do you think ???

Top 10 Cutest Guys in KPOP

Dictionary def: attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way 
If there's a guy that makes you smile, and makes you wish you could hug him tightly, then he will probably be here. A cute guy is just lovable ...

Top 10 Sexiest Guys in KPOP

Some People can not be described otherwise. Of course these guys are good looking, and sometimes even cute, but they have this charisma they ensue that cannot be described otherwise. I'ts the first thing you notice about them before anything else ...

Top 10 Most Handsome Guys in KPOP

For us handsome, is defined by prince charming. Men who fall under this category are the dream prince: good looking, well mannered, manly, cute, and charismatic. Nothing less. 

We are Back !!!

So we are back ...
Sorry for not having posted sooner but school gets hectic this time of the year (AP... AP ... AP)
So now that we are back, we will try to post a lot more.
Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy our post... Starting by the three below.
Top 10               Guys in KPOP !!!

Double A <3