Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is G.NA just 2HOT to Handle?

There so much hate going around for G.Na's new MV "2Hot", but I just don't see any basis for it. As mentioned before I do think G.NA has a lot of potential, and her latest tracks have not allowed her to shine as much as she should, but that does not discredit her current work. "2HOT" is not a masterpiece by any means but the song is a fun pop track, catchy and entertaining. The same thing goes for  the video and I should not need to mention that it should not be taken too seriously. She looks really cool and manages to remain classy, a la Lee Hyori, even if her dance is sexy. I mean, catchy sells, people going around calling it terrible should probably not be listening to k-pop at all because the majority of the songs out there are like this or much worse. You have to right to dislike it, but why judge it as something it is not.


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