Thursday, May 10, 2012

Infinite " The Chaser" Teaser ^.^

I'm really excited for Infinite's comeback later this month (May 15).

Something about Infinite I really like is that they have a trademark sound, and although there songs may be different, there is something that tells you, "that is Infinite". This is evident in the teaser for their tittle song "The Chaser" which was just released today. It is also evident that we will be getting another awesome choreography. I like the scenery and colors of the teaser, and I'm glad that they are back with an MV where their dance is evident, because although I like the song "Perfection" the MV was rather dull. The choreography for that song is one of the best Infinite has done, and it could have been showcased better ^.^

Below is a teaser for their tittle song, "The Chaser" ->

P.S. The only thing I wasn't really feeling was Hoya's hair, but he's my bias so I'm already over it :)


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