Monday, May 21, 2012

Thoughts on JJ Project

I really like these two boys. They are just so cute. Although their tittle track is not my cup of tea the song seems to be growing on me. The MV and choreography is very fun and charming. I like that the concept is not mature or sexy, and that the fact that they are young boys is played upon. Everything about them is young and fun.

Unlike the tittle track "Bounce", I instantly favored "Hooked" and "Before this song Ends"

"Hooked" is a little too busy for me. The background music sometimes overtakes the voices of JB and Jr., specially at the beginning, but there is something about the chorus that is just really catchy and nice to listen to. It reminds me a lot of old chick flick OST's ... you know Hillary Duff and stuff ... yeah ...

"Before This Song Ends" is a collaboration with Suzy of Miss A. Suzy has a really nice voice and I like that all three of them are the same age. It just keeps the young vibe flowing, something that might not have happened if an older JYP artist had worked with them. I just want to add that this song is awesome, my favorite song on the album, and I have hopes for a live performance !


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