Saturday, March 31, 2012

EXO and D.O.

I have a confession to make ... I'm becoming really really biased toward EXO's D.O. His picture folder on my computer is growing swiftly, and he still hasn't debuted ^^

Of course the only picture folder larger than that is Minho's (my ultimate bias) and SHINee's in general.

Yeah I'm so biased and what ?!?!?

This merits a D.O. Picture Spam ^^

Oh Yeah ! I forgot to say I also have a thing for LAY ;)

On another note, EXO will finally debut on April 9, with a mini album. I was really hoping for a full album but a mini is much better than a single. Either way I will probably become poor soon. I still have to keep in mind Infinite is having a comeback in May, and SHINee will be back again in July or something like that. My only consolation is that SM does not put songs from mini-albums onto full albums (only singles) so I won't be buying the same thing twice if I decide to buy EXO's mini album and their full album later this year ^^

I haven't really gone around to watching the showcase that took place today but I've seen the main highlight that was uploaded on SM's official YT channel and things are looking great. The last song is the rumored tittle track, "MAMA".


  1. Is he one of the main singers? Because I think that's one voice I can really point out ^.^ I must say I'm excited to hear of their debut, I've been truly waiting for a quite a while. I haven't watched the showcase either, and I don't plan on it because I really want to be surprised with the songs on the album.

    1. Yes ! He's the Lead vocalist for EXO K ^^
      I';m also really excited ... just waiting for SM to bring the Boys out already !