Friday, September 30, 2011

The Best Kpop Songs Ever - Tier 9

#18 - 21 

18. Epik High - Run (Subs credit to windstruck44@ YT)
Epik High is awesome. Anyway I really love this song for its lyrics, but what really catapulted it to the top of my list was the MV. The MV's main character is L form Infinite (who is really handsome :P) who acts out a story that is really heartbreaking. The ending scene is so unexpected, and explains everything that happened in the story, complementing the song beautifully. Take a look and "Run until you can touch the sky."

19. Hong Jin Young - Love Battery (Subs Credit to TwirlyBox@ YT)
This song has a trot feel, but it is very likable, even for those of us who don't love trot. It has catchy lyrics, and a fun beat. The song itself is kinda funny in its meaning, and the MV is senseless, so they fit each other. Might I mention the the MV has Jonghun from FT Island as the lead ^^

20. S.M the Ballad - Don't Lie (Subs Credit to JustDejavuS@ YT)
While reading a blog I frequent, I was reminded of how much I love Henry Lau, and how much I like this particular song from S.M. the Ballad. To me it is even more impressive than Hot Times and that is saying something. I love the way Jino's and Jonghyun's vocals sound together, and Henry's rap is an added bonus. The lyrics for this song are so sexy as well.

21. Infinite - Tic Toc (Subs Credit to kpoprom1@ YT)
I own this CD, so I hear this song often. What I really like about this song is how it starts slowly, and steps it up, and then turns slow again. The rapping in the final minute is complementing to the song, and gives of a different feeling. The lyrics are also quite nice, as they talk about a guy who is daring the love of his life to really leave him, while asking her to stay.

K-pop Award ceremony/ Concert in Las Vegas?

While surfing the internet and some news cite, I found some articles pertaining to K-pop and Las Vegas. There seems to be confirmed plans of  the first ever K-pop award ceremony to take place in Las Vegas on November 25, produced by Billboard and MGM Grand, a hotel chain. I am not so sure as to what the nature of the event but it seems like a concert, and not an award ceremony. This has not been confirmed on the large k-pop news cites such as but it seems legit.

For official updates and sources of the above screen cap check out news here and here.

For News articles take a look here and here.

SNSD Releases MV Teaser for "The Boys"

SNSD has finally released the MV teaser for their next track, " The Boys". The girls look stunning and elegant, but the teaser does not give us a clear feel as to what to expect.

Check out the MV Teaser below.

P.S. I loved their clothing!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toughts on Super Junior's A-Cha

When I first heard the song I was a little scared. It sounded very strange and not very catchy. After hearing it a couple of times I have come to realize that this song is actually pretty good. I prefer it over Mr. Simple, and although the lyrics may sound a little weird , KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung) totally saved the day with their awesome vocals. I also find the dance for A-Cha a lot more attractive than that for Mr.Simple.

For those of you who still haven't give A-Cha a chance watch it below !!!

Dance Version A is also below ...

Excited for Boyfriends Comeback !!!

The album cover for Boyfriends second single has been released, and it makes me really excited. The boys look older and have lost the cute factor and gained some manly charms. I really hope they continue on this track, because as I've said before, they have potential.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SNSD "The Boys" Teaser Photos

All nine teaser photos have been revealed but only two impressed me. These where the pictures of Yoona and Sooyoung, who in my opinion give off a completely different feel.

Yoona seems to portrays a powerful but evil woman, something like the beautiful but dangerous witch in the story, while Sooyoung is the image of purity, and achieves a magical princess like feel. Her hair was a key factor in achieving the effect. The rest of the pictures where not bad but the concepts seem to have contrasted with the members instead of helping them. Some concepts should have been shuffled around for a better effect.

The two pictures are below, what do you think?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boyfriend Releases MV Teaser

Starship Ent. has released the new teaser for their group "Boyfriend". At the moment I am not sure what to think since they disappointed us with their previous teaser. I really have a soft spot for this group although I don't know why, and hope they redeem themselves soon. Other than that we must say that the boys do look very handsome, and have a manlier feel to them. Let's hope for something like "You & I " which was a song I loved.

Anyway here is the track-list and video.

01. You're my lady [Intro] (song playing in teaser)
02. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don't touch my girl) (Actual tittle track) 
03. 점점점
04. 내 여자 손대지마 Inst.
05. 점점점 Inst.

Monday, September 26, 2011

TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee - Seaside Song for SM Town

The following song was released in 2008, if I am not mistaken, for SM Town Live 2008. It was sung by the 5 members of TVXQ, the 13 members of Super Junior, and the 5 members of SHINee. In total there are supposed to be 23 voices :

The video was uploaded last month so I had not had a chance to watch it, but I find it very beautiful  and most ELF's, Shawols, and Cassies will appreciate these scenes. Although I've heard this song before the video makes it so much better.

I had fun trying to see if I could identify the voices and I'm thinking I'm pretty good :P 
So what do you think about the song/ video/ guys/ interactions/ idk? :D


Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Kpop Song Ever - Tier 8

#15 - 17 
(Sorry for the SHINee Overload^^)

15. SHINee - A-yo (sub/video credit to PassionFight @YT)
This song is a favorite of SHINee's fans because of  the fact that ALL of the members actually sing. The song is also very addicting and nice to listen to. The only thing I find confusing in the lyrics, is that I have a feeling they are calling the girl dumb, other than that the lyrics are perfect and the song is just beautiful ^^

16. After School - Shampoo (sub/video credit to Platypiz @ YT)
The lyrics of this song are beautiful in my opinion, although they are somewhat creepy they still have beauty. On the other hand the video was the major downfall of the song, and probably the cause of it's low popularity. This is because the MV has nothing to do with the song.  Therefore, below we have the song and lyrics without the useless video ^^

17. SHINee - Kiss Kiss Kiss (sub/video credit to NevaehChocoMint @ YT)
Kiss Kiss Kiss is a Japanese song, and the lyrics and melody of the song are different from SHINee's previous works. Many have compared this song to something TVXQ as five would have done. This song shows great vocals,and the improvement from many of the members.

Super Show 4 in France ?

SO it seems like Leetuke (Super Junior) has confirmed a date for Super Show 4 in France trough his Twitter, and has maybe hinted at Spain. Here is a Screen Cap and translation.
 Meanwhile the rest of the World is Hoping to host Super Show 4. LA better be on that list, imagine Super Junior LIVE ... EPIC !!! Lucky French and Japanese, oh and the rest of the countries who have experienced Super Show.

Happy Birthday Key

It's a little late, but today was Key's Birthday. Key is a member of the boy group SHINee, for those who are uninformed.  
In honor of this we must have a picture spam !!! Diva Key <3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kyuhyun: Immortal Song 2 ep.13

Kyuhyun is known for his great vocals, and we are always impressed by his singing but after watching episode 13 of Immortal Song 2, I was really really impressed by this particular performance. He performed the song "The Masquerade" wich was originally a dance track by Kim Wan Sun, changing it into a rock song. Of course, he was aided by TRAX's Guitarist Jungmo, who is pretty epic himself.

Watch the Performance Below!!!

This performance won him first place for the episode ^^

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Infinite - "Perfection" Teaser

Infinite's teaser for "Paradise" reminds me of "It's You" by Super Junior, during the sitting scenes :P

Anyway, this teaser is awesome and so different from  the theme of "Be Mine." I specially like the train scenes. Infinite never disappoints ^^ I'm itching to get this CD as well but I already have "Over the Top." I'm thinking of waiting for SHINee's Korean comeback and getting both if the date is close to my Birth Day.

Infinite "Paradise" Teaser Below ^^

SHINee Lucifer Teaser (Jap. Version)

I am so excited for SHINee at the moment. They are my favorite group and are doing great in Japan. I hope they have a Korean comeback soon, they are awesome.

So as the tittle states this post is about the newly released teaser for "Lucifer", which shows the boys (kinda) dancing on a water floor, and can I say its's just perfect. I trust the Jap. producers in off after the first two Japanese MV's to expect something good. Let's expect more and hope for the MV soon ^^
(Please Please Pleas don't pull a Boyfriend stunt on us ;)

P.S. I rarelly fan girl but SHINee is my weakness<3

Here is the first teaser for their third single Lucifer !!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

MBLAQ G.O & Lee Joon for "Armani Exchange"

G.O and Lee Joon of MBLAQ recently did a photo shoot for "Armani Exchange",  the results where really mesmerizing. I was specially captivated by G.O, because he looks so sexy, and manly. Although I am a greater fan of Joon, I have to accept G.O stole the limelight ^^

So what do you think about the photo shoot ? Who do you prefer ?

Check out the rest of the picture below ... ^^

Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of Khuntoria Part 2

I really wan't to know who the next couple in WGM is !!! I hope we get the info today in the preview !!! Any tips on rumored couples out there ???

For know let's mourn for the end of Khuntoria ... ;(  KHUN.VIC. WE WILL MISS YOU !!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 10 Maknaes that Shine on their Own

Maknaes are the most lovable member in the group. Although most are loved the only ones that could make this list where those who shown out of the context of their groups, such as in solo careers, or acting gigs. 

P.S. This list has no particular order. 
P.S.1.The maknaes not mentioned are loved to death an very talented, but have yet to step up their game, or get a good chance to shine.

Top 5 Female Idols in Blonde Locks

Blonde Hair. Who has been able to pull it off ???

Here are the Top 5 Female idols, who have rocked Blonde Locks !!!
Here we go !!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Minho vs. Kyuhyun

Okay so I was browsing Youtube and I found this clip from the Idol Athletics which is sooooo FUNNY!!! Just thought that I should share it for some amusement =]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More on ZE:A - Members !!!

Credit to rightful owner .

but first ....

... so here it is as promised.

My Opinion on ZE:A

So I've been learning about ZE:A, and I have come to the conclusion that it's really depressing to be a fan of these boys. The problems not that they're not good but their company is horribly useless. ZE:A is not accessible to new followers becouse there's just a huge lack of promotion. The only thing that has kept ZE:A on the map is Kwanghee's antics, and although I sometimes find him annoying, he is the sole reason ZE:A is somewhat known.

From the songs I've heard, I gather the group has good dancers, good vocals, and good looking members. I actually like them, but I guess they will never have any recognition with a company like Star Empire. I mean Kwanghee is the face of ZE:A right know, and he's not much of a "face", if you know what I mean. Siwon is the face of SuJu, Yoona is the face of SNSD, Kikwang is the face of Beast, Sulli is the face of F(x), and so on .... they make sense, Kwanghee doesn't.

I have watched some shows with ZE:A and the boys are really entertaining, cute, and funny. I really, really, like them. At this point I'm not a fan, just a follower. I will probably keep checking out their shows and activities. May I mention that i consider this group to have some of the best looking members in kpop, and the majority of them are so handsome.

I guess Star Empire dosn't know how to take care of their children... Children of the Empire ...

I will probably end up giving ZE:A a spot on my i-pod because their songs are really catchy, and likable. I hope thye get more recognition.

Here are some songs by ZE:A, what do you think ???

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kyu-line is the best

Kyu-line conformed of Super Junior's Kyuhyun, TVXQ's Changmin, and SHINee's Minho, is back.

 Kyuhyun has recently released a picture of the three together, which equals love.
 Minho is my all time favorite, Changmin is my favorite in TVXQ, and Kyuhyun is always in my tops in          Super Junior, although I can't say I have a favorite. 
Therefore I love this picture <3 Here it is for all fellow Kyu-line lovers <3
Aren't they handsome <3

End of Khuntoria

It has been confirmed that two couples will be leaving WGM. These are the Khuntoria couple, and the KwonOh Couple. 

I'm sad :( for Khuntoria but i don't care about the other couple :P 

GIF credit to owner !!!

I guess it was their time to leave the show, at least I will still have the Brave Couple and WooJung Couple :)

So who do you guys want as the next WGM couple ??? 

I wish I could have a member of Miss A on there !!! MIN !!! MIN for WGM !!! 
I don't really care who the guy is but I really want an idol idol couple !!! 
I've also had it in the back of my mind, that I want to see more of Seungri, although he's not my favorite in Big Bang :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Karas Coming back ... Part 2

Kara has released a second teaser for their album "Step" , as well as Leader Gyuri's individual teaser. I am really digging the sound of this song, and the teasers point at an awesome comeback! Check out the teasers below ^^

U-kiss Releases MV for Neverland

MV - The MV was interesting, and kept you watching.
Song - The song is different, but not very catchy. It also lacks the intensity of their previous hits, like "Man Man   Ha Ni", and "Shut Up". Overall the song is a little disappointing, although it seems like the type that grows on people quickly. (EDIT: It grew on me the third time I listened to it, now I feel like singing it !)
Dance - I think this song will look great live because the choreography is very intense ^^
Fashion - I love that they have returned to dark styles, instead of their "flower boy" look. I also love their hair, it looks messy in a good way . (They look really sexy.)

Here is the MV, check it out for yourselves.

Picture Find: Song Joong Ki & Suzy (Miss A)

I found this picture while browsing online and I fell in love with it. As our readers may know, I'm a fan of Miss A, but I have never mentioned that I'm a fan of actor Song Joong Ki. I think he's the cutest thing ever, and I love him on shows !!!
This is a promotional picture for the 2011, 20's choice awards, held a little over a month ago, where the couple MC'd. 
This picture has a lot of chemistry, almost as if they really where a couple. It reminds me of a summer couple heading off to a wedding or party. ^^

Any opinions as to the photo, couple, or each of them individually ???

Infinite Wins #1 on M! Countdown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Infinite has won their first award show, since their debut !!!

I was really hopping for a win from Infinite because I'm a really big fan, and their song was awesome.
 That win is  finally here!

P.S. What makes it all the better for me is that I ordered their CD at the beginning of the week!!!

P.S.2.To all those fellow Inspirits who are always crying because Infinite has no recognition, I believe this is the point where they have made their mark. Let's keep supporting them, and stop wining, because Inspirits should keep their good name, as a peaceful fandom. 

So here is last nights performance and the awarding !!! Infinite Fighting !!!