Thursday, December 22, 2011

Evidence against SM for Obstructing JYJ's Activities

Palm TV broadcasted a segment today which was much anticipated, as they had announced it hours before. They claimed to have evidence on how SM Entertainment was obstructing JYJ's activities. I was skeptical at first when I heard about it. I was thinking that maybe it was just a hoax or that SM would pull it before it was aired, but it I was proved when it was aired a few hours ago.

The evidence was legitimate and to be honest, I was really happy that SM was getting a taste of their own medicine. They have to pay 500,000 to 800,000 U.S. dollars within a year (although SM is trying to reduce the amount,) as it was around the amount that JYJ lost thanks to their obstruction. The reporter submitted documents that showed that the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry and the Korean Entertainment Producer's Association united in the attempt to block JYJ's activities on TV programs. Of course they deny their involvement, but the documents are proof.

Now for my rant: God exists!!!!!! There has been some at least some justice. HAHAHA SM in your face! Although I love all of the idols in the company, SM should put on its grown up pants and leave JYJ alone already. How more childish could they get with all of the underhanded methods they are using to get in JYJ's way. RIDICULOUS and IMMATURE.

Hopefully now they will leave JYJ alone and also let HoMin communicate with JYJ. This stupid war should just end already. Poor boys are probably tired of all the scandals. I'm not saying that they should be back together as one group or anything like that, but just like any other fan, I want them to reunite and at least communicate. One more step to reunification; JYJ and HoMin fighting!


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