Monday, December 12, 2011

Running Man: Minho - Siwon - Sohee


The Perfect New Year Gift !!!

I am an avid Running Man fan and have been waiting for SHINee to be on the show since forever.
Now, I finally get to see Minho on it !!!

It seems like the episode will be aired on the first of January !!!

I'm also excited that Siwon (Super Junior) and Sohee (Wonder Girls) will also be part of the show !!!
This episode will be quiet epic ...

It also seems like SULLI is back !!!

Oh and rumors about Hyorin being present are boiling online, although no pictures of her have been spotted.

Rumored Teams ...
Jae Suk, Sohee, Jong Gook
Kwang Soo, Hyorin, Sukjin
HaHa, Sulli, Gary
Siwon, Jihyo, Minho  (WOOHOO !!! MINHO, SIWON, AND THE ACE IN ONE TEAM  !!!)

Hyorin spotted


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