Thursday, December 22, 2011

SHINee Comeback ???

So everyone knows that SHINee is due for a Korean comeback anytime soon, because they did not promote at all in Korea this year. Most Shawol's are expecting the comeback for January, and I believe this is becoming more and more true as time goes by. This is because SM has a history of promoting a rookie group at the same time as they promote a senior group, in order to hype up the rookie group even more.

EXO is making their debut soon and therefore SM is most likely to promote SHINee at the same time. The same way TVXQ ( the senior group) promoted Mirotic, a month after SHINee (the rookie group) began promoting their first album SHINee World, or the way SNSD (the senior group) promoted Genie one month after SHINee (the rookie group) began promoting Juliette, and the way SHINee promoted Ring Ding Dong, only three weeks after f(x)'s debut with La Chata. I won't put anymore examples becouse all of you probably got my point :P

Therefor if SM keeps the trend we might see SHINee again around the 25th or 26th of January, one month after EXO begins promotions ^^

Let's just hope I'm right :P I miss SHINee.

P.S. Rumors are going around that SHINee's comeback song is called Superhero !!!
P.S.2. I'll leave you guys with ... the most played song on my i-pod !!! Love Still Goes On <3


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