Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bang & Zelo: Never Give Up

TS Entertainment trolled us LOL
Everyone was expecting the song to be bad ass, but the teaser for Bang & Zelo's single had nothing to do with the song and video!!!
At first I was like "what is this ???", but after hearing the song a second time and reading the lyrics, I'm loving it.
This is a "feel good" song  and was meant as a present for test takers in Korea, so it makes sense that it has this sort of sound!!!

On to to other matters I really like Zelos voice, and Bang Yong Guk is as flawless as always. These guys are really becoming something interesting. Personally, I would like to see something stronger from Zelo, but this was not disappointing, he is really cuuteee !!!

Check out the Eng sub MV below (credit to kpoprom1 @ YT)

So what do you guys think ???


  1. excuse me but
    its a different teaser

  2. @Anonymous Actually, to be correct it's not a teaser for anything, but an intro to the single. You can find the song from the "teaser", and it is not a full song. Although it would be cool to have a full song.

  3. I didn't listen to the teaser but I liked the song! Zelo is a little cutie ^.^