Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rookie Groups and their Names

WHY !!!???!!!
TS entertainment has revealed the name of their new male groups, that consists of Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Himchan, and three more members.

The name is  ........ B.A.P ...

Seriously ...

Best . Absolute . Perfect

Seriously ...

One of the worst names I've heard until this day ... TS ENT. what's wrong with you ???!!!???


  1. You know....I was thinking the exact thing. I mean B.A.P itself is one thing. It's a pretty funny word actually. "I'm going to bap you on the head." I looked it up and it's actually some type of roll. And then you get to the Best, Absolute, Perfect. I actually skipped over this part when I learned of their name and I thought their name was just gibberish. It just doesn't make any sense in that order. I mean I understand what they could have possibly been going for, but they failed.

  2. @britahysworld I know right !!! I'm expecting a lot from this group, and what if I actually become a fan ... "I Love B.A.P !!!" just doesn't cut it.

  3. Makes me think of rice :[

    But you know, we'll probably get used to it. Everyone was hating on B1A4 and hardly anybody seems to care anymore XD; ...and I loved F.Cuz, but that name was the worst. How was anybody supposed to know to pronounce it as "focus"???

  4. @dramaswhoo True true ... WE will probably not care later ... but for the meantime ... yeah lol

    why did you have to say rice ? Now that's all I can think about when I hear B.A.P lol

    true about your F.Cuz comment makes me think about Z:EA