Friday, December 2, 2011

Missing SHINee

I Miss SHINee ...
Seriously, they have not promoted in Korea in a whole year, and although they have been extremely active with concerts and in Japan, It's still not the same :(
There is nothing like seeing them perform a new song on stage.
Like many fellow Shawols I want them to hurry and come out with new material soon, but I still hope that they get some rest, because they have been extremely busy ...
All that is left at the moment is to wait for the release of their Japanese Album.

In the Meantime enjoy one of their hundreds of epic performances ^^
JoJo ...


  1. Thanks for sharing some Shinee with us Shawols. JoJo is a nice song for the holidays ^^

  2. @Anonymous I know I love all their songs, but JoJo just has that wintery feel ^^