Monday, November 28, 2011

IU is BACK !!!

IU is back as awesome as ever !!!

I will write more about her album after I finish hearing all of her songs but in the meantime here is the MV for her tittle track "YOU & I."

I love this MV because it reminds me of the epicness of Good Day. I like that there are many differnt moods trough the song, such as sadness, happiness, and the joy of youth. I also love that recurring theme with birds; first the parrot, and now the goose. Lastly, IU's dances are simple but always befitting of the song and don't distract from her vocals, but compliment them.

Personally I think IU is the type of artist that is impossible to dislike. She is cute, fun, beautiful, and a very very good singer. She is just likable to put it in simple words.

What do you guys think about the MV or IU in general ???


  1. This is actually the first song I've heard by IU. I think I'll be looking out for her more ^.^ Lol I can't stop thinking about how cute the goose is.

  2. @britahysworld Right !!! It's so cute, in Good Day she has a parrot ^^