Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TroubleMaker !!!

I was happily impressed with this unexpected project group Cube released: Trouble Maker.
The unit group is composed by Hyuna (4minute) and Hyun Seung (B2ST).

I saw many people complain about the lack of promotion of other 4minute members by Cube but Hyuna is the only member that could have pulled this sort of concept off. Not that I am very familiar with the members of 4minute, although I am biased toward Jiyoon because I like her voice, I'm cool with Hyunah. Hyunah has pretty good charisma on stage, and that is most likely the reason she is most promoted, she's just popular.

I wasn't to familiar with Hyun Seung before this, but I now have a growing interest ^^ His voice is so soothing and I am glad that he has the larger chunk of the lyrics ^^

The album is really nice and the MV is interestingly sexy ^^ Check them out below !!!

P.S. Hyun Seung's hairstyle really suits him here !!!

MV/ Track 1
Trouble Maker
Track 2
The Words I don't Want to Hear
Track 3
Track 4
Hyunseung Solo- Amurut


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