Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drama of the Week: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, abbreviated SSK Scandal by fans has become my favorite drama!!!
The plot of the drama revolves around four very different youths that become the best of friend’s trough scandals, secrecy, and love.

These four characters are:

Kim Yoon Hee/ Kim Yoon Shik: A poor girl who forcefully attends Sungkyunkwan a school for men, pretending to be her brother, due to very interesting circumstances. She is not your typical female lead that lies around waiting to be saved, but partakes in living the life of a man in a world where woman have no rights. She has courage, is brilliant and never backs down.
Actress: Park Min Young

Lee Sun Joon: His nickname is Ga Rang, “the ideal husband”, this leading man is nothing less than perfect and this quite annoys people. He never does the wrong thing and always follows his principles to the very end. He is cold and stiff, but he is sweet deep inside. Through the drama his resolve to always do the right thing is constantly tested.
Actor: Micky Yoochun

Gu Yong Ha: A character that sees all and knows all. To him the world is a playground, and he likes to manipulate others for his amusement. On the other hand he is very helpful, and always knows when to be there for a friend. A man that hides himself from the world, an observer, but when he meets the other three he learns a great lesson of bravery.
Actor: Song Joong Ki

Moon Jae Shin: Better known as Geol Oh, or “Crazy Horse” is indeed that, a man that takes action and has a hard and volatile exterior but this is all due to the scars from his past. Trough meeting those four friends he learns to trust others once again. Geol Oh is brave, dependable, but a little ruff.
Actor: Yoo Ah In

These four characters are known as the Jalgeum Quartet or the Jalgeum F4.

I truly recommend this dram for those of you who haven’t seen it. Although it does take place in a historical setting it is fast moving and none of its episodes are boring. Furthermore it is not pure romance, but has action, fight scenes, and developing friendships. You truly get to see all the dimensions of the four leading characters, and there is no way you will not fall for them.

Let the Jalgeum Quartet enter your heart<3 

A Short Teaser.-

The full drama with subtitles can be watched at

P.S. My favorite character is Gu Yong Ha plus I <3 Song Joong Ki, for those of you who have already watched SSK Scandal who is your favorite character?


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