Thursday, December 22, 2011

EXO - K/M Member #1

I will try to closely follow this debut for today ... (and probably only today). I will probably not post at all starting tomorrow, until after New Years. This is because I'm going to be at my grandmas house and that place and it's vicinity is devoid of an internet connection ... so sad ... lol.

Member #1
January 1994 
It is still not confirmed if he belongs to K or M but probably K.
Let me just say he's smooth, I still need to see more of them and their music, but until now with only one member out they seem promising ... Check out KAI's teaser yourself !!!

Some Pictures:


  1. He's like a cross between L and Sungjong of Infinite. :P

  2. @Anonymous
    I've been hearing so many crosses for him LOl
    but this one is new !!!

    Many are saying he looks like Taemin, but I find his nose the main point of his face.