Monday, November 7, 2011

Comeback: Wonder Girls

So Wonder Girls came back this week and I have to say I am liking their music.
Personally I am not a fan of Wonder Girls because I prefer Miss A's style, and WG don't really fit my taste.
About their tittle track, i'm not sure how it would be received in the states.

Anyway, their tittle track Be My Baby sounded a little childish to me at first but it has something that grows on you. Listen to the song four times and it will just get stuck in your head.

The MV had the same problem for me, it was a little too childish, but the dance moves are fun and will probably look great onstage.

Watch the MV below !!!

Wonder Girl's - Be My Baby English Version
I have to say I love the English version of the song, it's just so catchy.
Furthermore WG have improved their English enormously, even compared to a few months back.
I am becoming a fan of Hye Lim specifically, the girl's voice is charming. Not the best in the group, but very charming. Her english while singing could almost be said to have a perfect american accent.

P.S. Hye Lim is the girl that starts singing at the :44 mark !!!

My Favorite Track of the album is actually ...
"ME, IN"  and I'm happy that they are going to promote it as well, this song would have gone to waste otherwise !!!

I also liked the following songs ...

Hye Lim's solo song ft. San E - "ACT COOL" (this song is so fun)


So what do you guys think about this comeback? Voice your thoughts people !!!


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