Monday, November 7, 2011

Three to Win

I was thinking, "What things make people love their favorite group?"
So I went ahead and answered that myself.

Personally the top three thing I love about SHINee are :
  1. Their lives sound like the actual CD. (In Ring Ding Dong, they even sang the Ring Ding Dong part!)
  2. Their dancing/ coordination /choreography are better than most k-pop groups.
  3.  They have a variety of music and don't stick to a single sound.
Of course after being a fan there are a lot more things I like about them, like the personality they project, or their looks, but the above three are the essence of it all. Without them SHINee could have become just another group to me, IDK. 

So what 3 thing make you love your bias group, or at least were the hook that made you love them?

Credit foes to the awesome compilation maker DareDBxReborn @ YT I love his videos !!!


  1. Well my bias group was DBSK and I fell in love with them because:
    1) They were all talented. Not one member dragged the group down. And vocally wise, almost god like.
    2) They sounded amazing live. I often preferred the live version over the CD version.
    3) They were all attractive. Lol maybe just my opinion but I didn't find any of them ugly. This is the "just because" reason.

  2. @britahysworld
    I love your "JUST BECAUSE" reason LOL ^^