Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Bang Wins EMA Award: Worldwide Act

This Saturday I watched the MTV EMA Awards live on MTV only to see Big Bang. Although I am not a VIP, I do love their music and I do love Taeyang LOL So I was excited for them.

 I watched the whole show just to get a glimpse Big Bang once they won their award, because I was sure they would win, I just felt it. Through the show, I saw glimpses of Taeyang because he was sitting some rows behind Lady Gaga and she was very popular - I could see his sunglasses and mohawk ^^

Big Bang looked awesome like always as they received their award, but after it was over I realized I only looked at Taeyang and GD, and a little at TOP. I saw five people walk up there but I did not actually see Seungri and Daesung. I am so biased.

 Taeyang I <3 You LOL

 I could not understand much from GD’s speech since it was in Korean, but Taeyang showed us some of his English which made me so happy. GD had a shout out to Korea going on ^^

Anyway those VIP’s who screamed and voted for them are awesome; let everyone know you love Big Bang!

Even though some people find this award unimportant let’s just say that this show was broadcasted all over the world , there’s bound to be curious people asking who Big Bang is. The least that can happen is that they gain more international fans. Watch BB receive their award below ^.^


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