Sunday, November 6, 2011

He's How Old ?

As I have stated before I am a really big fan of actor Song Jong Ki. He just has the perfect flower boy image.
So, I was looking through this wiki page the other day and was extremely surprised by what I found.

I really, really, can’t believe he is 26.

Seriously, Song Jong Ki is 26.

If someone had asked me before this for his age the most I would have guessed is 23. I still can’t believe it. 

Song Jong Ki was born in 1986 :O

So are there any other stars that you love but have surprised you with their age, either for looking younger or older then they truly are?

Song Jong Ki Picture spam LOL <3 
Credit to picture goes to someone ... but IDK who :(


  1. No way. No freaking way. Stop playing. I would have guessed 21-23. Looks like someone gets better looking with age~

  2. @britahysworld
    RIGHT !!!
    That was my reaction I had to check like in five different cites to believe it...

    I <3 Song Jong Ki LOL

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