Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SHINee's Manager = Disgusting

I saw this video on a 6theory forum and was like WTF !!! @ :38 second mark

SHINee's manager was filmed hitting a girl ... AGAIN. I find this quite stupid, why would SM keep a guy that acts so rashly, he will just make SHINee look bad. Too bad SHINee doesn't have a choice on whether to keep him or not. You can't just go trough life hitting people ... this guy is crazy. I know that the first time he did it was supposedly because the girl was touching one of the members but that's still no reason to hit her. In this video we can see him hit a girl who is apparently just ogling the boys, she's not even in fan girl mode. She should sue him out of his house ... Off with his head !!!

So as the highest rated comment for this video on YT said ..

Ugggh, I hate guys that hit women they are so disgusting. His mom must be proud.

Anyway, to end it lightly, girl's if you meet SHINee beware, don't ask for an autograph you might get a slap instead ... or just check that one of there other two managers is present and not this thing.


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