Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Note: Netizens after blood...

After Tablo's return to the music scene, I was curious as to the mention of a scandal that had caused him to leave Epik High, and had shattered his career. I was expecting anything from Korean Netizens, because they are people who have nothing better to do than hide behind their computers and destroy those who decide to take on the world. The only thing I was not expecting to find was this irrationality, and the destruction of Tablo and his family because of a dumb witch hunt.

I've always had it present in my mind, that a single word from the crowd can ruin you. A single lie made, or a single mistake can scar your life forever. These people jumped the bandwagon, and went as far as to threaten to kill  him and his family. Just because of one single reason, they did not believe he had graduated from Stanford with both a Masters and Bachelors in English in just 3 and a half years, even though officials had confirmed it.

For those of you who would like to read an insightful article that relates what happened to Tablo, go here. You will find an article that was posted on the Stanford Magazine. If you do not want to feel upset don't go there, because this writer tells it as it is.

I personally wish everyone could read this in order to become conscious of how hating someone you don't know, jumping  a bandwagon, and using anonymity to say something we would never say in public, can cause so much damage.This is not just about Tablo, or other stars, but about kids and adults who get bullied everyday.

We should become conscious of our actions, and take a stand. There is so much hate and destruction in the world, why add to it?


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