Friday, October 14, 2011

Girl's Generation "The Boys" MV Teaser

30 sec. Audio- credit for translation- oumae27 @ YT

About the English version of the teaser, and song clip:::::

I have just been asking myself this about the English teaser:
"Why (if this song was written by someone who is american, and written in English) does the chorus sound so awkward?"

In the 30 sec preview, as a native English speaker I'm a little confused as to what the girls are actually saying, because of their accents. I guess the lyrics aren't bad once you read them.

About the accents I am looking foreword to Jessica, Tiffany, and even the perfect maknae Seohyun, to make the song justice. It's not that the others have bad voices, since the first to sing in the teaser is Taeyeon the main vocal, but the song just sounds a tad bit weird. Yoona also sounds good.

If the disk is sold in a store near me I will probably buy it because they are SNSD after all, but I'm still not sure if I will like it, let's see whats to come ^^ Let's hope for the best.

About the Korean version of the teaser:::::

I really liked the dance and the song, because it reminds me of a mix between Super Junior, f(x), and the old SNSD. Those girls that could kick ass with their dancing in "Into the New World" and "Girl's Generation."

The lyrics, although I'm not sure as to their meaning, sound very smooth in Korean, Thank God.

I'm actually excited for their Korean Comeback!!! YAY !!!

SNSD- "Into the New World"


  1. I've avoided this just because I'm not a big fan of SNSD. I don't dislike them though. I have to say the song reminds me of something Beyonce would sing. I actually understood most of what they were saying.

  2. What is up with SM Entertainment? What is with the SOUND EFFECTS in the videos?! I just noticed them...