Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cassie's & ELF's are BFF's ?

So I was watching TVXQ's epic MV, MIROTIC, for the billionth time when I ran into the following comment, and the responses it received. let me just say that it was hilarious.


I guess that was the biggest mistake that SONE could have made, she pitted ELF's against Cassie's, and that's something that just doesn't work. I guess she could have gotten some sympathy from Cassies if she hadn't mentioned SuJu or spelled Yoochun's and Yunho's, names wrong -_-

Anyway Like a fellow blogger said in one of her post's, SuJu and TVXQ have a similar history, maybe that's why ELF's and Cassies stick together...

Anyway I found this funny ... but I find MIROTIC much more interesting ^^
Maybe this was just an excuse to put Mirotic on the blog ... jk jk

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  1. Yeah I fully agree with this post! I am an ELF, and I felt really touched that Cassie considered ELF as their family, I mean it isn't something that is common among fandoms :) I love how Cassie and ELF's relationship is just like DBSK and SJ, they consider each others as brothers (i guess in fandom this mean sisters since most of the fans are girls?) Haha I just realised how many years ago this post was, and I think it deserves more views and responses. CassiElf Hwaiting! ^^