Thursday, October 20, 2011

SNSD "The Boys" Comeback (PART 1: The Album)

I might be a little late to address this comeback but I decided to wait to listen to the whole album before voicing my opinion.

Anyway, let's talk SNSD.

First of all THE BOYS was not that good of a song to be a tittle song. There are other songs on the album that I did love. Although I have to mention that I like THE BOYS in Korean, because it has a nicer flow, than its English counterpart. What really kills THE BOYS is actually the awkward placement and sound of the chorus. SNSD songs are iconic for the catchy choruses, but this was not befitting to continue the legacy of Gee, and Genie.

I would have preferred another track from the album to be the tittle song. I think OSCAR, which reminds me so much of TVXQ's  Mirotic at the beginning because the of the sexy beat and of BoA's Eat you Up, would have done better. The chorus is also pretty catchy. maybe it's to similar to the above mentioned?

Another song that I would have loved to see performed is TOP SECRET, because it seems like It could befit a very good concept. Furthermore it is really likable, although it might not be catchy in off to make a hit.

I also found SAY YES a very cute song, if not title track material. It has an old fashion chic flick sound track feel (or something like that?) ^^ Same goes for LAZY GIRL.

HOW GREAT IS YOUR LOVE is also a very good ballad that people should listen too.

Overall I think the album is good, what do you guys think ?

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  1. I wasn't looking forward to their comeback and I'm not really impressed with it. At least their promoted single. I didn't like The Boys, the song at least. I must admit the video was quite nice but the song just fell short to me. I will get to listening to the full album eventually...So I can't give my full analysis on it.