Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Kpop Dance Covers

So I know it's been a long time since i blogged, and I apologize. These college applications take so long and it's stressing! But enough of my complaints XD let's get on with the post shall we?

I was on Youtube looking up tutorials for Kpop dances and I stumbled upon some covers that are phenomenal! Here are some of the few which had me jumping in my seat like a fangirl.

If you guys have seen any covers around, put down in the comments! Videos like these really need to be seen and appreciated!

Seungri's VVIP:

Holy cow did these girls steal the show! Dancing Seungri's song with heels is a feat worth of praise :D

TEEN TOP's Supa Luv

These girls are just awesome. Their synchronization was just perfect!

SHINee's Lucifer

You have to love these guys for being able to dance this almost with perfection. Additional points for the Taemin look-a-like!

DBSK's Mirotic

Ohhhhh the classic Mirotic... could not be forgotten, especially since these boys are practically a mini DBSK! They have the moves, the looks, the charm, and even the fangirls!

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  1. Hope from this time you will be regular. How about this YouTube channel for Kpop Dance Tutorials ?