Thursday, March 8, 2012

EXO - History

EXO's second prologue "History", was not exactly what I was expecting but I am not disappointed. In truth I expected to see a smooth dance video but this is not bad. It shows a fiercer side to the boys.

Many say that EXO has already debuted because they have released two full songs and MV's but If you ask me, a real debut is a song intended for promotion. What EXO has released until now are songs that had the purpose of showing fans the groups diversity and talent. "History" is not single material at all when talking about S.M because it is not catchy in off.

Concerning the MV, the setting was a little strange, but these guys are from outer space so whatever. The dance was really nice and powerful. The singing voices of the members are pretty good along with the rapping. Although the set was strange, it was nice to see something a little less polished from S.M. and not the normal spiffy clean backdrop. Something else I must point out is that the camera effect on their crotches was just plain weird. ^^

What do you guys think ?

I like how both groups have their own feel when singing the exact same song. EXO-K is smooth and charming, while EXO-M is mysteriously charismatic.

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  1. I would have liked a smooth dance number as well but it's a nice change. I didn't dislike it yet I didn't love it. It was alright with me. But I do think EXO K/M is showing us that they can be diverse and we shouldn't expect the predictable from them.