Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Review on Upcoming Dramas !!!

I have a very deep love for anything related to fantasy, that's why I'm an avid reader and love movies that have that slice of magic in them. Of course my love for fantasy would transfer to drama world, causing me to be, oh, so very happy at the following two teasers. I may change my mind about these dramas after I start watching them, but for now I'm hooked ^^

King 2 Hearts
Lead Actors: Ha Ji Won & Lee Sung Gi
Air Date: March 14
Story Line: The story is told in our current times with the twist of a still reigning Korean monarchy. The soon to be King (Lee Sung Gi) and a N. Korean spy (Ha Ji Won) are set for marriage in order to create peace. Of course marriage does not always equate to love.
Thoughts: I hope Ha Ji Won gets a really bad ass character here, and I love that Seung Gi seems to portray manliness instead of his usual boy next door look.

Rooftop Prince
Lead Actors: Yoochun & Han Ji Min
Air Date: March 14
Story Line: A King who loses his first love is transported to the future (of course with his royal entourage), where he meets a women who is identical to his dead lover.
Thoughts: The fun of this drama will fall on how Yoochun's character reacts to this world where the monarchy is  gone and he is a nobody. In the teaser we can already see a hint of this in the elevator scene.

Other (No Fantasy):
Fashion King
Lead Actors: Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Yuri (SNSD), and Lee Je Hoon
Air Date: March 19
Story Line: A story about aspiring fashion designers and the typical "reaching the top" theme.
Thoughts: I'm also somewhat stocked for Fashion King, although I am not very fond of the story line. The lead actors look so good together. Not to mention that the male lead is Yoo Ah In. I love the guy. So I'll have to give that a chance as well.

Love Rain
Lead Actors: Jang Geun Suk & Yoona (SNSD)
Air Date: March 26
Story Line: A drama that tells the story of two couples simultaneously, one in the 1970's and the other at present times. The couple in the 70's are actually the respective parents of the couple in present times, but their love is not meant to be. Therefore the story focuses on their kids and how they meet and also fall in love. The old couple and the new couple are played by Yoona, and Geun Suk.
Thoughts: This drama seems like it will be a tearjerker and I'm not really into those things.Anyway, the main couple seems to have good chemistry and it will be interesting to watch.

I'm really hopping to really love at least one of these dramas, let's see which one(s) win out in the end ^^ 
What drama are you guys interested in watching this month ???

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  1. Excited for Rooftop! But all the others sound okay too and I'll probably try them all cuz there aren't many good ones airing right now :)