Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Nu'Est "FACE"

Rookie male groups are flooding the scene at the start of this year and Nu'Est is not the exception. This group has five members, with four of them born in 1995, making them one of the youngest groups out there, if not the youngest.

"FACE" is a good debut song simply because it is catchy in off to keep the group relevant. The beat is awesome and the chorus is easy to follow. I am guilty of having the song stuck in my head. On the other hand, the music video is average and not very eye catching, with the use of very dark colors and week fight scenes. I specially have an issue with the obviously fake fight scenes, they are a little laughable. The dance wasn't flashy or powerful, although there where a couple of great dance moves scattered in the bunch. In regards to the fashion and looks, the concept is dark in a pretty boy way, which is befitting to this group, because they are all very pretty boys.

All in all, Nu'Est will probably be the type of group I listen to once in a while, because at the moment I am not a fan. I like the dynamic of the members, and the way they work together, as well as the overall sound and tone of the group, but I still need to see MORE to be sold.

What do you guys thin of Nu'Est and their debut single ?

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  1. I was just in love with the beat of the song because it's amazing to me. The lyrics/song itself, eh average like I posted before. Their debut, personally, wasn't amazing. Like it didn't blow me away, I kind of saw it coming I guess you could say. The group is pretty diverse and pretty close to my age range ^.^ To be honest I can't name anything about the video besides the "dubstep" dance break because the video was pretty not memorable.