Thursday, March 15, 2012

CHALLENGE2: DAY 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Overexposed and overrated are different words that often get confused. K-pop is flooded with over exposed people but rational fans know that most of them are lacking talent here and there. That means these people who are overexposed are not necessarily overrated (talent wise).

An idol I think is overrated is Park Bom. Specially by fans of 2NE1. If I had to say it straight out 2NE1 runs on CL's fumes and her performance skills. Sometimes it seems that the concepts of 2NE1 are meant to fit CL and not the members as a group. Bom's place here is as lead vocalist but her voice is not what it is said to be. I mean, I like her tone to a point but her voice and technique are rather week.

Boom's weakness are lives, and although fans of 2NE1 usually accept it, they die making excuses (although usually legit) for her. They think people are saying that her flaws are a reason to dislike Bom, but it's not. If you like someone then go ahead and like them. There usually is no particular reason to like an idol , but it is not rational to say that they are the best singers out there (ex. my ultimate bias is Minho but I will never say he is a great singer or powerful rapper because that would be a lie).

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  1. I sooo agree with this. Especially now that I actually listen to 2NE1, Bom is not that great of a singer. Her voice sounds so average to me that when I listen to a 2NE1 song, I can't even tell which voice is hers.